Calendar of the Sun for Monday, June 4th

4 Lithemonath

Iris’s Day

Colors: All the spectrum of the rainbow.
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a cloth of rainbows set a vase of irises, several flags of rainbow colors, and colored pinwheels.
Offerings: Sing into the wind.
Daily Meal: Brightly colored vegetarian food.

Invocation to Iris

Hail the Many-Colored Messenger!
Hail the Maiden that follows the rain!
Hail the goddess on bright wings
Whose appearance is hope in the future.
All hail lightness of heart
And a smile flung into the oncoming wind.
Winged one,
Rainbow’s child,
Spreading your colors
Across the sky,
Bring us hope
Bring us joy
Carry our wishes
Far onto the winds.
Winged one,
Smile upon us
With your many-colored eyes.

(Each takes up a flag or a pinwheel, and a procession is formed to the outside of the house, in the yard or garden. As each hangs their flag or plants their pinwheel, they say to the sky, “Hear me, Iris; I sing my message to you. Take it where it needs to go.” Then they sing a series of notes, or a short song, which contains the message they would like to go to the Powers That Be. Then one member who has the skill should play a tune on pipes or flute, and all should join hands and dance in a circle to honor the Rainbow Maiden. For the rest of the day until Hesperis at least, all should dress in brightly colored clothing, if possible.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for June 3rd

3 Lithemonath

Bellona’s Day

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth set a single red candle, a sword, a spear, a bottle of Italian wine, and a brass trumpet. At the beginning of the ritual, a blast is blown on the horn.
Offerings: Defend what you value.
Daily Meal: Beef.

Invocation to Bellona

Hail Bellona, Lady of War!
Hail, Virgin of the bright trumpets!
Hail, Virgin of the brass mouth of battle!
Hail, sword-wielder and shield-maiden!
Hail, defender of open gates!
Hail, protector of the weak!
Hail, lady of battle-rage
Whose strength is unbending!
We honor you today, Lady Bellona,
In the hopes that we shall never need your services,
And yet we honor your value
When all hope of peace is lost
And we must fight for what we hold.
We who follow the path of peace
Must honor the honorable warrior,
For there are many kinds of battles,
And many kinds of warriors,
But courage and honor are base truths
Which are never valueless.
And so it is that we hail you, Bellona,
Dame of trumpets and drums,
Whose music is the cries of the fallen
And the shouts of the victorious.
Defend our gates from harm,
Lady in shining armor,
And may we always be worthy of your aid.

(A blast is blown again on the trumpet. Each steps forward and salutes the altar to the beat of a long slow drum.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for Thursday, Feb. 2nd

Calendar of the Sun
2 Solmonath

Oya’s Day

Colors: Purple, burgundy, dark orange (pottery color), copper
Element: Air
Altar: Lay out the nine sacred items of Oya: the purple cloth, the black flywhisk, the copper crown, the rainstick, the broken pottery rolled up in a woven mat, the earthen pot of candles, the basket of graveyard earth, the buffalo horn, and the glass knife. Burn incense.
Offerings: Plums, eggplants, red wine. The house should be swept thoroughly before the ritual.
Daily Meal: Cooked plums or plum jam. Cooked eggplant. Millet. Red wine. Buffalo meat.

Invocation to Oya

Hail, Lady of the Wind,
Weather goddess most unpredictable,
Whirlwind that sweeps all away
Before its inevitable path!
Hail, Lady of the Rain,
Bringing water to grow
Our crops and slake our thirst!
Hail, Water Buffalo Woman,
Crashing through the underbrush
Unstoppable as fate!
Hail, Carrier of the Container of Fire,
You who can unleash
New beginnings from the ashes!
Hail, Mistress of the Marketplace
Hetaera of the smashed crockery!
Hail, Lady of Death,
Duena de la Cemetaria,
Princess of Graves!
Hail, Keeper of Souls,
Mother of dancing Egungun!
Hail, purifier of the motivations,
In whose mirror we see ourselves,
Who cuts away our illusions!
Hail, Queen of the Air
Whose essence we breathe!

O-ya! He-yi! (This should be accompanied by a drum circle, with trance dancing.)

Calendar of the Sun for February 1st

Calendar of the Sun
1 Solmonath

Brigid’s Day/Candlemas

Color: Red and white
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth light as many candles as you can, as well as a Brigid’s cross, a hammer and an anvil, a pen, a bowl of water, and a sword.
Offerings: Brigid’s crosses, twisted of twine or rope. Acts of creativity.
Daily Meal: Red food.

Ritual Note: Like all the eight high holidays, this day should ideally be spent not enclosed and isolated, but in common with the larger pagan community. This can be done a number of ways, including spending the day elsewhere, at the Brigid’s Day ritual of another group or tradition, or by inviting in those pagans who would otherwise not be able to attend a ritual. Either way, the eight holidays should be a time of remembering the place of the house in the greater community. If the choice is made to go elsewhere, then no liturgy is needed for the day. If the choice is made to bring the greater community into the lesser one, the following ritual can be used:

(First four who have been chosen to do the work of the ritual cast the quarters with blade, candle, chalice, and hammer.)

East: Hail, spirits of the East,
Powers of Air!
I call upon Lady Brigid,
At this Her time of the year,
Lady of poetry,
Inventor of alphabets,
Who knows the secrets
Of the Words of Power.
Clear our minds, Lady,
With every cleansing breath.
South: Hail, spirits of the South,
Powers of Fire!
I call upon Lady Brigid
At this Her time of the year,
Warrior goddess of the sword,
Fighting for that which you call your own,
Creative spark and tempering flame!
Light up our spirits, Lady,
With the heat of your laughter.
West: Hail, spirits of the West,
Powers of Water!
I call upon Lady Brigid
At this Her time of the year,
Lady of healing,
Seeker of the sacred herbs,
Curer of illness and mender of body,
Lady of the Holy Well,
May we drink of your overflowing waters.
North: Hail, spirits of the North,
Powers of Earth!
I call upon Lady Brigid
At this Her time of the year,
Lady of labor, Lady of the smithy,
Goddess who is not afraid to work,
Hammer and anvil,
Patron of artisan and craftsman,
Gift our hands with your sacred skill
That we may always do you honor.

Invocation to Brigid

Lady of the Sacred Flame,
Warrior woman with hair like fire
Smith who shapes us
Into tools to change the world,
Give us strength and voice
And hands that do your work
Willingly, of our own choice.
Lady of the Holy Well,
Healer woman who knows wounds
Careful hands who stroke us
Into hearts that change the world,
Give us eyes that see true
And hands that offer help
Willingly, in honor of you.

(Each comes forth and gives thanks for something which has come to them in the past year, and asks for something that they wish for Brigid’s aid in achieving. As they do this, they light the candles one by one, singing the Brid chant. Then the quarters are dismissed and the visitors go to feast in the kitchen.)

Brid is come
Oh Brid is come
Brid is welcome
Welcome Brid

Calendar of the Moon for January 16th

Calendar of the Moon
16 Beth/Poseideion

Dionysia Agrous II: Askolia

Color: Purple
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a purple cloth set a five purple candles, a wreath of grapevines, a jar of wine, a basket of raisins, the figure of a goat, and the figure of an erect phallus, wound with ivy.
Offerings: Wine libations, and a comedic mystery play to be presented to guests invited in.
Daily Meal: A fine lunch for guests, with wine and Greek food.

Askolia Invocation

Hail Dionysos, Lord of Theater!
For as the world is a stage,
So the stage is the smaller world,
And upon it we may witness your miracles.
May our minds be broadened
And our souls touched
By what we do witness here.
Hail, Dionysos, Lord of Sacrifice!
May our offering by taken kindly
In the spirit in which it is given.

Chant: Io Dionysos Io Dionysos

(This invocation serves as the opening to a comedic mystery play, to be presented to a group of invited guests. Its subject matter can be variable, although The Bacchae is always appropriate. Afterwards, the basket of raisins and the jug of wine is again passed, and libations made.)

Calendar of the Sun for Jan. 11th

Calendar of the Sun
11 Wolfmonath

Hecate’s Day of the Midwives

Colors: Red and black
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a black cloth lay many long red cloths, three red candles, a clay bowl of well water filled with stones, and a knife.
Offerings: Give aid to a midwife.
Daily Meal: Bread and soup.

Hecate’s Midwife Invocation

Call: Hail, Hecate, Three-Faced Goddess!
Response: Hail, Hecate, Lady Underground!
Call: Hail Maiden Moon-Pale, leader of the Hounds!
Response: Hail Grandmother of Wolves and Toads!
Call: Hail Old Woman, Witch who stirs the cauldron!
Response: Hail Hecate, Midwife Crone who aids those in need!
Call: It is by this title that we call you today, Lady!
Response: For you are the friend of every mother in labor…
Call: But especially those who have been cast away.
Response: The homeless, the husbandless, the scorned…
Call: Those whose children will not be born into happy homes…
Response: Those whose children may be taken from their mother’s arms…
Call: Those whose children are born in anguish of the heart…
Response: Those who did not wish to see their bodies swell…
Call: Those who did not wish to open the door of life…
Response: Those who find themselves torn with pains unwished.
Call: It is to you that they turn, Old Grandmother…
Response: It is your hands that soothe them, Mistress of Underground Rivers!
Call: It is you who casts no judgment upon them.
Response: Teach us, Grandmother, how to keep from judging!
Call: Teach us how every chance for life is sacred…
Response: No matter how ambivalent the circumstances.
Call: Teach us how every moment of birth is worth assisting…
Response: No matter how unworthy the vessel.
Call: We are all bound by the thread of blood shed at our birth.
Response: We are all bound by the pain of our entry into this world.
Call: Hail Hecate, Grandmother of Blood and Pain,
Response: Challenge us to think beyond our own simple labors.
(Take the red cloths and pass them through your hands until all are joined together.)
Chant: Hecate, Cerridwen, Dark Mother Let Us In
Hecate, Cerridwen, Let Us Be Reborn

Today’s Runes for July 27th is Hagalaz

Today’s Runes

Stone Runes are most commonly used for questions about the natural world and things beyond human control. Hagalaz is the rune of hail. Hail is a destructive and elemental force, so one can expect this rune to represent the disruption of one’s life. In the harsh northern winter there is a halt to activity, and so delay or hindrance is frequently associated with this rune. The opposite of chaos is yet more chaos, as illustrated by the fact that this rune cannot be reversed.