Calendar of the Sun for June 3rd

3 Lithemonath

Bellona’s Day

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth set a single red candle, a sword, a spear, a bottle of Italian wine, and a brass trumpet. At the beginning of the ritual, a blast is blown on the horn.
Offerings: Defend what you value.
Daily Meal: Beef.

Invocation to Bellona

Hail Bellona, Lady of War!
Hail, Virgin of the bright trumpets!
Hail, Virgin of the brass mouth of battle!
Hail, sword-wielder and shield-maiden!
Hail, defender of open gates!
Hail, protector of the weak!
Hail, lady of battle-rage
Whose strength is unbending!
We honor you today, Lady Bellona,
In the hopes that we shall never need your services,
And yet we honor your value
When all hope of peace is lost
And we must fight for what we hold.
We who follow the path of peace
Must honor the honorable warrior,
For there are many kinds of battles,
And many kinds of warriors,
But courage and honor are base truths
Which are never valueless.
And so it is that we hail you, Bellona,
Dame of trumpets and drums,
Whose music is the cries of the fallen
And the shouts of the victorious.
Defend our gates from harm,
Lady in shining armor,
And may we always be worthy of your aid.

(A blast is blown again on the trumpet. Each steps forward and salutes the altar to the beat of a long slow drum.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]