Calendar of the Sun for Monday, June 4th

4 Lithemonath

Iris’s Day

Colors: All the spectrum of the rainbow.
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a cloth of rainbows set a vase of irises, several flags of rainbow colors, and colored pinwheels.
Offerings: Sing into the wind.
Daily Meal: Brightly colored vegetarian food.

Invocation to Iris

Hail the Many-Colored Messenger!
Hail the Maiden that follows the rain!
Hail the goddess on bright wings
Whose appearance is hope in the future.
All hail lightness of heart
And a smile flung into the oncoming wind.
Winged one,
Rainbow’s child,
Spreading your colors
Across the sky,
Bring us hope
Bring us joy
Carry our wishes
Far onto the winds.
Winged one,
Smile upon us
With your many-colored eyes.

(Each takes up a flag or a pinwheel, and a procession is formed to the outside of the house, in the yard or garden. As each hangs their flag or plants their pinwheel, they say to the sky, “Hear me, Iris; I sing my message to you. Take it where it needs to go.” Then they sing a series of notes, or a short song, which contains the message they would like to go to the Powers That Be. Then one member who has the skill should play a tune on pipes or flute, and all should join hands and dance in a circle to honor the Rainbow Maiden. For the rest of the day until Hesperis at least, all should dress in brightly colored clothing, if possible.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]