Calendar of the Sun for Jan. 11th

Calendar of the Sun
11 Wolfmonath

Hecate’s Day of the Midwives

Colors: Red and black
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a black cloth lay many long red cloths, three red candles, a clay bowl of well water filled with stones, and a knife.
Offerings: Give aid to a midwife.
Daily Meal: Bread and soup.

Hecate’s Midwife Invocation

Call: Hail, Hecate, Three-Faced Goddess!
Response: Hail, Hecate, Lady Underground!
Call: Hail Maiden Moon-Pale, leader of the Hounds!
Response: Hail Grandmother of Wolves and Toads!
Call: Hail Old Woman, Witch who stirs the cauldron!
Response: Hail Hecate, Midwife Crone who aids those in need!
Call: It is by this title that we call you today, Lady!
Response: For you are the friend of every mother in labor…
Call: But especially those who have been cast away.
Response: The homeless, the husbandless, the scorned…
Call: Those whose children will not be born into happy homes…
Response: Those whose children may be taken from their mother’s arms…
Call: Those whose children are born in anguish of the heart…
Response: Those who did not wish to see their bodies swell…
Call: Those who did not wish to open the door of life…
Response: Those who find themselves torn with pains unwished.
Call: It is to you that they turn, Old Grandmother…
Response: It is your hands that soothe them, Mistress of Underground Rivers!
Call: It is you who casts no judgment upon them.
Response: Teach us, Grandmother, how to keep from judging!
Call: Teach us how every chance for life is sacred…
Response: No matter how ambivalent the circumstances.
Call: Teach us how every moment of birth is worth assisting…
Response: No matter how unworthy the vessel.
Call: We are all bound by the thread of blood shed at our birth.
Response: We are all bound by the pain of our entry into this world.
Call: Hail Hecate, Grandmother of Blood and Pain,
Response: Challenge us to think beyond our own simple labors.
(Take the red cloths and pass them through your hands until all are joined together.)
Chant: Hecate, Cerridwen, Dark Mother Let Us In
Hecate, Cerridwen, Let Us Be Reborn


Deity of the Day for July 12th is Taliesin (Welsh)

Deity of the Day

Taliesin (Welsh)

A sun deity reincarnated as Taliesin. While tending Ceridwen’s cauldron Gwion Bach savoured 3 drops of inspiration intended for Afagddu, in her rage the sow chased him until in the form of a black hen she swallowed Gwion who had transformed himself into an ear of corn, once she gave birth he was cast adrift to be found by Elphin who named him Taliesin meaning radiant brow. He is identified as a 6th century bard and associated with both Merlin and Amergin. Like Merlin the sun God spent a period of madness in the woods, often he would boast of his poetic and magical skills. Taliesin appears regularly in the Arthurian legends sailing with him to recover the hallows of Britain from Annwn and accompanying Merlin with the wounded Arthur to the Isle of the Blessed. Prince of Song; Chief of the Bards of the West; a poet. Patron of Druids, Bards, and minstrels; a shape-shifter. Writing, poetry, wisdom, wizards, Bards, music, knowledge, magic.