Daily Cosmic Calendar for January 11th

It would be great to report that happy days are here again and that most troubling situations – cosmically speaking – are on permanent hiatus. However, that is not in the 2012 game-plan and even two days from now – on a Friday the Thirteenth! – Mercury will unite with distant, mysterious and secretive Pluto while Venus unites with dreamy and far-out Neptune. With these intense planetary alignments waiting in the proverbial wings, take advantage of the joyful vibes coming from this morning’s Moon-Jupiter parallel (6:25AM PST). If you are not a frequent reader of this calendar, be aware that parallel and contra-parallel alignments are calculated by watching celestial bodies moving north and south of the Celestial Equator whereas zodiacal alignments are calculated in proximity to the great circle known as the Ecliptic. The Moon with Jupiter via a parallel formation is similar to a conjunction of these two bodies in the zodiac, and every lunar union with Jupiter normally offers up golden opportunities, an increase in fortunate tidings, and a reinforcement of the power of positive thinking. If you are awake and alert a few hours before the Moon-Jupiter alliance, it is best to keep your mental faculties serene since Mercury makes a frictional, 45-degree link to Pallas (2:12AM PST). The playful and loving vibrations of Leo Moon continue in force today – although some emotional challenges and psychic tensions can envelope primary partnerships when the Moon opposes Venus (9:29PM PST). Build up dear ones with praise and support instead of criticizing them with words of condemnation.


Cosmic Calendar – July 24

Once you get through the main challenge of the day – a caustic, 45-degree skirmish between Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Taurus (12:08AM PDT) – the universe pretty much gives you a wide-open Sunday to do whatever you want. Yes, any Mars-Jupiter joust can be somewhat jarring and provocative – physically, emotionally and mentally. Therefore, don’t think the Mars-Jupiter encounter is a trifle. Nevertheless, the Sun parallels the Moon at 8:14AM PDT – an alignment that has similar energy to their monthly union in the zodiac. As a reminder, parallels and contra-parallels are solar, lunar and planetary alignments calculated (North and South) relative to the Celestial Equator rather than the Ecliptic (Earth’s path around the Sun). The parallels and contra-parallels reveal a more vertical, power-oriented focus than the zodiacal aspects – which are more relationship-oriented because they are calculated in a horizontal manner along the Ecliptic. Utilize the grounded, practical and pragmatic vibrations of Taurus Moon today to get all your cylinders clicking in gear. Give stubborn behavior patterns the boot. Return to physical fitness routines with enthusiasm. The love boat enters exotic ports of call tonight as the Moon in Taurus approaches a supportive, 60-degree rapport with Venus in Cancer (forming exactly at 1:45AM PDT on Monday). Social activities and the creative arts can also become your personal playgrounds.

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