Cosmic Calendar – July 24

Once you get through the main challenge of the day – a caustic, 45-degree skirmish between Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Taurus (12:08AM PDT) – the universe pretty much gives you a wide-open Sunday to do whatever you want. Yes, any Mars-Jupiter joust can be somewhat jarring and provocative – physically, emotionally and mentally. Therefore, don’t think the Mars-Jupiter encounter is a trifle. Nevertheless, the Sun parallels the Moon at 8:14AM PDT – an alignment that has similar energy to their monthly union in the zodiac. As a reminder, parallels and contra-parallels are solar, lunar and planetary alignments calculated (North and South) relative to the Celestial Equator rather than the Ecliptic (Earth’s path around the Sun). The parallels and contra-parallels reveal a more vertical, power-oriented focus than the zodiacal aspects – which are more relationship-oriented because they are calculated in a horizontal manner along the Ecliptic. Utilize the grounded, practical and pragmatic vibrations of Taurus Moon today to get all your cylinders clicking in gear. Give stubborn behavior patterns the boot. Return to physical fitness routines with enthusiasm. The love boat enters exotic ports of call tonight as the Moon in Taurus approaches a supportive, 60-degree rapport with Venus in Cancer (forming exactly at 1:45AM PDT on Monday). Social activities and the creative arts can also become your personal playgrounds.

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