Finding the Goddess

Finding the Goddess
By: GrannyMoon
“How did you find the Goddess”? I have asked this of many people and usually the answer
I receive, “She found me”. Now how is that possible you ask?
I have studied witchcraft and the occult since a teen. My lessons came from the late
great Dr. Leo Martello himself. I did not join the feminist movement in the 70’s,
as I was up to my ears in dirty diapers and dirty dishes.
However, I did order my herbs and other supplies from a tiny shop out in California,
calling itself, “The Feminist Wicca”, it was run by a rather unknown witch by the name
of Z. Budapest. You could buy all the best herbs there in those days!
However, I did not follow the Goddess in those days, I thought of her as consort
to the God. The God and Goddess were so important to me, how warm, beautiful and sexy
they made me feel! My husband and I were young, two wild horses, we could run and play
with the best of them! Youthful, fresh and full of life. Giving love to our children
and loving life in general, so beautiful and health abounded! They were not sick a day
in their life and I thanked the God and Goddess for this.
The years passed with the birthday’s of the children marking time. We grew older
as did our parents, friends and relatives. I didn’t notice the silver in my mother’s
hair or the gray in my own. But it was there. Waiting.
Grandparents passed away, then our fathers. While we mourned their deaths, we coped.
We had new life, new careers,new hope, in our children and in ourselves.
Somewhere in the midst of marking time with my children, grandchildren appeared.
I hadn’t noticed that my children had grown, my girls had become myself.
The Maidens into the Mother. How was this possible?
As I was analyzing that fact, I lost my mother to a horrific disease. How in MY perfect
world could this happen? This was MY mother! What a bad joke, it couldn’t be true.
But it was true. The warning signs were there, but I had chosen to ignore them.
I felt that I had let her down, how could I let this happen to her? I was an orphan,
I was parent-less, thrown to the wind like chaff from wheat. Cast into the sea,
without a life boat.
As I was beseeching the Gods, the Crone slipped in unannounced. I did not recognize her.
Gone was the youth, the fresh beauty was replaced by aged beauty and kindness.
Who was this divine woman?
The Goddess, the Crone, offered herself. We had become one, when I wasn’t looking.
She offered me love and compassion, understanding and wisdom. She helped me to realize
that all things must pass. That death and dying was just as important as birth and
re-birth. We all must be prepared for the end, for it will surely come.
The Goddess filled my heart and my very being to the core. I felt oneness with all
Women, I now know that we are all connected. My heart overflows love and compassion
for my sisters of the universe and for myself. They are my Mother and I am theirs.
We Are One… We Are Goddess.

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  1. Beautifully written. i am so moved by this. 🙂 it makes me proud to have the goddess in my life at such a young age, things like this only make me feel closer to her. 🙂


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