Calendar of the Sun for June 27

Calendar of the Sun

27 Lithemonath

Day of the God of Walls and Ditches

Colors: Brown and black
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of brown and black place the figure of a Chinese mandarin, flanked on each side by a horse-demon and an ox-demon, and a man in black and a man in white, both bearing lanterns, and much incense. Lay also on the table any books of accounting for the House, such as financial logs, car maintenance and mileage logs, etc.
Offerings: Put the House and its boundaries in order, especially the yard and surroundings. All work today should be in repairing walls, doors, windows, plumbing, etc.
Daily Meal: Simple workman’s sandwiches, eaten while working.

Invocation to the God of Walls and Ditches

O great Cheng-Huang,
God of Walls and Ditches,
Lord of Boundaries,
Keeper of the public peace,
We all too often forget that we are not alone
In this world; that each community
Has edges that brush against each other.
Remind us to keep those edges neat and courteous
And our walls and ditches well maintained
Lest floods and creatures stray
Where they are not wanted.
Remind us that courtesy is no mere luxury,
But can be the coin with which one pays those
Who have no choice but to be reminded of your presence.
May you look favorably upon our House!
May your Horse-head Demon and Ox-head Demon
Find nothing to anger them within our domain!
May your watchmen, Mr. Black and Mr. White,
Remind us that sometimes one must
Pay attention to what it black and white,
And not always be distracted by the many shades of grey.
In your honor we toil today,
Lord of Boundaries,
That our own walls shall keep in what should not be seen
And keep out all that may harm us.

(There is no song or chant today; all go straight to their work. Singing and chanting may be done while working, however, and the work need not be done in a solitary fashion.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]