Beltane Rite

Let's enjoy the beauty of Spring!
“Oh Earth-Mother
We praise thee
That seed springeth
That flower openeth
That grass groweth.
We praise thee
For winds that whisper
Through the shining Birch
Through the lively Pines
Through the mighty Oak.
We praise thee
For all things
Oh, Earth-Mother, who gives all life.”

– Beltane Rite by Shadow Weaver Grove ADF


A Beltane Ritual

Blessed Beltane

A Beltane Ritual

(May 1)


If possible, celebrate Beltane in a forest or near a living tree. If this is impossible, bring a small tree within the circle, preferably potted; it can be of any type.

Create a small token or charm in honor of the wedding of the Goddess and God to hang upon the tree. You can make several if you desire. These tokens can be bags filled with fragrant flowers, strings of beads, carvings, flower garlands-whatever your talents and imagination ation can conjure.
Arrange the altar, light the candles and censer, and cast the Circle of Stones.

Recite the Blessing Chant.

Invoke the Goddess and God.

Stand before the altar and say, with wand upraised:
O Mother Goddess, Queen of the night and of the Earth;
O Father God, King of the day and of the forests,
I celebrate Your union as nature rejoices in a riotous
blaze of color and life. Accept my gift, Mother Goddess
and Father God, in honor of Your union.
Place the token(s) on the tree.
From Your mating shall spring forth life anew;
a profusion of living creatures shall cover the lands,
and the winds will blow pure and sweet.
0 Ancient Ones, I celebrate with You!
Works of magic, if necessary, may follow.

Celebrate the Simple Feast.
The Circle is released.



Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
Scott Cunningham


On June 6, We Pause To Honor The Greatest Generations & Their Sacrifices They Made for Our Freedoms

Come and stand in memory

Of men who fought and died

They gave their lives in Normandy

Remember them with pride.

Soldiers, Airman, sailors

Airborne and marines

Who in civvy life were tailors

and men who worked machines.

British and Canadian

And men from USA

Forces from the Commonwealth

They all were there that day

To Juno, Sword and Utah

Beaches of renown

Also Gold and Omaha

That’s where the ramps went down.

The battle raged in Normandy

Many lives were lost

The war must end in victory

And this must be the cost

When my life is over

And I reach the other side

I’ll meet my friends from Normandy

And shake their hands with pride.


We can never say thank you enough for your service and your sacrifices you made.

For saving the world and our way of life from an evil tyrant and madman.

Some gave the ultimate sacrifice, some lost brothers in arms,

But they all put their courage on the line

and today we celebrate all of those who are part of the Greatest Generation!

Thank you,

The Witches Chronicles


Poem by Juno Veteran

From The Site, “Combined Operations.”

June, The Sixth Month of Our Goddess, In The Year 2019

“See what delights in sylvan scenes appear!
Descending Gods have found Elysium here.
In woods bright Venus with Adonis stray’d,
And chaste Diana haunts the forest shade.
Come lovely nymph, and bless the silent hours,
When swains from shearing seek their nightly bow’rs;
When weary reapers quit the sultry field,
And crown’d with corn, their thanks to Ceres yield.
This harmless grove no lurking viper hides,
But in my breast the serpent Love abides.
Here bees from blossoms sip the rosy dew,
But your Alexis knows no sweets but you.
Oh deign to visit our forsaken seats,
The mossy fountains, and the green retreats!
Where-e’er you walk, cool gales shall fan the glade,
Trees, where you sit, shall crowd into a shade,
Where-e’er you tread, the blushing flow’rs shall rise,
And all things flourish where you turn your eyes.”

– Alexander Pope, Summer


June is the sixth month of the year. Its astrological sign is Gemini, the twins (May 21 – June 21), a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury It is named for Juno the principle Goddess of the Roman pantheon and wife of Jupiter. She is the patronage or marriage and the well-being of women. This is one reason June is the most popular months for weddings.

June is a month of plenty. Mother Earth is young and fresh the air is sweet with the age-old scent of freshly cut hay. Honeysuckle covers old fences and fills June afternoons with its perfume. In the fields, corn and wheat reach for the Sun. In the garden, bees dance among the roses and larkspur. In June anients prepare for the return of the Sun on the main holiday of the month, the Summer Solstice or Midsummer, the longest day of the year. The gentleness of spring has given way to the powerful heat of summer.

Various cultures pay homage to Sun Gods this time of year. In some places summer is just getting started and the hottest months are yet to come yet after the solstice we don’t even notice the days beginning to get slightly shorter. This is the time for enjoying the splendor of summer playful picnics and hikes through the woods, long nights beneath the stars, tending gardens and flower beds. Roadsides are a riot of color, and herbs such as St. John’s wort, vervain, and yarrow can be used in herbal amulets. This is the time of year to honor the faeries–leave offerings for them of ale, milk, fruit or bread before cutting flowers or herbs, and they may help your garden grow.

During the celebration of Summer Solstice or Midsummer, hoops were set ablaze, through which livestock and humans would pass as an act of purification. Herbs such as vervain rue were cut on Midsummer and hung over doors and barn stalls to provide protection. The wild white daisies that bloom now along country lanes and in meadows were considered magickal, for they represented the Sun. By mid-month, the heat of summer begins which gives June’s Full Moon its name the Strong Sun Moon. The beauty of summer’s first Full Moon is rivaled only by another glowing token of June, the twinkling firefly.

—Excerpt from Llewellyn’s Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac
Ember Grant

June’s Correspondences

Festival: Summer solstice (Litha). Symbols include the sun, fire, sunflowers, vegetables, and oak leaves.

Moon name: Strawberry Moon, because it’s the height of the strawberry-picking season. Other names include Planting Moon and Green Corn Moon.

Astrological signs: Gemini, May 21–June 20; Cancer, June 21–July 20.

Birthstones: Pearl and moonstone.

Nature spirits: Fire spirits and water nymphs.

Animals: Bees, butterflies, and squirrels.

Birds: Goldfinch and house martin.

Trees: Oak.

Flowers: Dog roses, ox-eyed daisies, wild orchid.

Herbs: Yarrow, fennel, and St. John’s wort.

Scents: Honeysuckle, rose, and lavender.

Colors: Red, orange, gold, and yellow.

Goddess: Cerridwin.

Powers: Strength and energy from the sun; blossoming confidence and beauty; dedication.
Other: The Queen’s birthday trooping of the colors, the longest day, Environment Day, and the beginning of exams.

–Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year
Mandy Mitchell

Symbols for the Month of June


June’s Festivals

Summer solstice (Litha). Symbols include the sun, fire, sunflowers, vegetables, and oak leaves.


June’s Sign of the Zodiac

Gemini(May 21–June 21)

Cancer(June 21–July 20)


June’s Celtic Tree Astrology

 Huath (Hawthorne) (May 13 – June 9)

Duir (Oak) (Une 10 – July 7)


June’s Runic Half Months

 Odal (May 29 – June 13)

Dag (June 14 – June 28)

Feoh (June 29 – July 3)


June’s Birthstone

 Pearl and Moonstone


June’s Birth Flower

Dog roses, Ox-eyed daisies, Wild orchid.


June’s Goddess



June’s Folklore

“A calm June puts the farmer in tune.”

“June damp and warm does the farmer no harm.”

“Summer doesn’t start till the elder is in flower.”

–Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year
Mandy Mitchell

Pagan Calendar of Events for June

Month of Juno – Dedicated to Roman Goddess Juno, partner of Jove (God of Happiness), protector of marriage and family.

June 2 – Juno Regina’s Day (Roman)
– Sin’s Day (Norse)
– Shapatu of Ishtar (Babylonian)
– Seamen’s Day (Icelandish)
– St. Elmo’s Day

JUN. 5: Earth Mother Day—honoring Gaia/Tailtiu/Mother Earth. Calling forth good harvests.

JUN. 11: – Feast of Matuta (Roman)
– Matralia (Roman)
– Fortuna’s Day (Roman)

JUN. 13: Feast of Epona – The Celtic Horse Goddess honoring the Goddess of the Horse [Otherworld Guide].
– Athena’s Day (Greek)
– Minerva’s Day (Roman)

JUN. 14: – Vidar’s Day (Norse)
– Birthday of the Muses (Greek). Music, the arts & inspiration “born”

JUN. 16: – Night of the Teardrop (Egyptian)

JUN. 18: Roman Day of Anna – Goddess Danu to the Celts. Early Christian-Pagans made sure Anna entered the Kristian story, making her Yeshua’s grandmother, Mary’s mother.

JUN. 20: – Iron Skegge’s Day (Norse)
– Festival of Edfu (Egyptian)
– Kuan-Yin Day (day she became a Bodhisattva)

JUN. 21: LITHA SABBAT: Summer Solstice; celebrating Fullness of the Year, Midsummer’s Ever: offerings to the Other People.
– Day of Cerridwen and her Cauldron (English/Welsh)
– Day of Aine of Knockaine (Irish)
– Day of the Green Man (Northern Europe)
– The Great Mother (British)
– Alban Hefin (Druidic)
– Waa-Laa Ends (Native American)
– Litha (Wiccan)
– All Hera’s Day (Roman)
– Ishtar’s Day (Babylonian)
– Astarte’s Day (Canaanite)
– Aphrodite’s Day (Greek)
– Yemaya’s Day (Brazilian)
– Aine’s Day (Irish)

JUN. 23: Day of the Lady and Lord of the Sidhe—Otherworld aspects of the Divine.
– Day of the Fairy Goddesses – Aine, Ana, Anu, Danu
– Celtic Day of the Greenman – Herne, Cernunnos, Lugh

JUN. 24: TEMPLAR HOLY DAY. In the Roman calendar this day was thought to be Summer Solstice. The Church renamed this pagan holiday to St. John the Baptist Day. Templars revered it highly. On Jun 24, 1314 a mysterious band of knights joined Robert the Bruce of Scotland on the battlefield making his victory at Bannockburn possible. These knights could only have been the a troop of disbanded and now in-hiding Templars who had fled to western Scotland. St. John’s day was used by Freemasons in 1717 to found the first public (non-Scottish) Order of Freemasonry in London. Masonic teachings are said to descend from the esoteric Christianity of Templarism. St. John the Baptizer was beheaded because he wouldn’t give in and sacrifice his principles. This is a Templar ideal, as is the constancy and regularity — order out of chaos — of the solstices and equinoxes. So for both reasons, Christian and “pagan,” we observe this day.
– Feast of the Sun (Aztec)
– Midsummer Bride (Swedish)
– Inti Raymi (Incan)
– Lady Luck (European)
– Burning of the Lamps at Sais (Egyptian)

JUN. 25: Parvati Praise Day – Women’s Festival for Earth Mother

JUN. 27: Day of the Lares: Household Deities (/Roman) – honored and tended —cleanse/rededicate household – Altars/shrines.

JUN. 29: Shiva Day: Lord of the Dance invoked for blessings

JUN. 30: Sumerian Day of Aestas: Corn Goddess

For those unfamiliar with glamour as form of magick, there are two versions. Version one is what you probably are thinking about–a falsehood. You have magickally changed your hair, your eye color, perhaps even your entire form simply by using your will. I haven’t done this recently, and you probably haven’t either. Next

The more useful definition is what make you interesting and exciting to yourself and others. Think about something you are currrently working to achieve in your life using Witchcraft and mundane means–a career move, a love interest, travel, adventure. Now think how glamour could help you to achieve this goal. Do you need a door opened for you? Do you need someone to take an interest in this goal to assist you? Do you need to be in the right place at the right time? Your glamour magick can help you with that. After all, if you are fascinating and intoxicating, who could resist you? Not even the universe herself, right?


Glamour Candle Magick

Get out your glitter, your feathers, and your hot glue gun! It’s time to make some magick happen.

You will need:

Rose essential oil
1 vigil candle (found in the Latin section of your grocery store or better yet in our Magickal Boutique) in the color of your choice
Dried rose petals, crushed
Glitter in the color of your choice
Decorations for the outside of your candle, feathers, crystals, markers that work on glass, hot glue. decoupage glue, old magazines, tiny mirrors–wherever your visions takes you
Small piece of brown paper bag
Small bit of ribbon or yarn
Matches or a lighter

Wear something that speaks to your intention. Distill your intention for your work into one sentence, and create a small temporary altar for your intention wherever you generally do magick. Add your craft supplies for your working in front of it. Invoke your goddesses, ancestors, and spirit in front of your altar and make offerings of the thing they like.

Chant that sentence out loud while you put the candle in your pot on medium heat on your stove with a little water at the bottom. When the top begins to melt, shut off the heat. Add your rose essential oil first, then your rose petals, then your glitter. Pour energy for your intention into the candle by putting your hands a safe distance above the candle. When cool, take the candles

Decorate your candle in your sacred space while keeping your intention in the back of your mind. Put on music, that will help if you would like, or enjoy the silence. Center yourself. Write your sentence on your piece of paper bag without letting your pen leave the paper. If it does, get a new piece and start again. Lick your thumb and press it to the paper. Fold it seven times toward yourself. Tie your petition paper around your candle. Spark your intentions.

And so it is.

–Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar 2019
Article by Deborah Castellano

Witchy Ways to Celebrate June

Decorate your home and altar with fragrant blooms, and light candles to represent the sun.

Cnnect with the fairies by leaving an offering of milk, honey, or sweet bread under a bramble bush. Sit in the quiet of sunrise and sunset to see the Fae folk.

Spell for purification by creating a Midsummer fire and making a protective talisman of summer herbs. Cast illness aside by throwing a pouch of herbs into the cleansing flames.

Come together with others, either in person or online, to celebrate the longest day. Make a connection.

Get out and about, and find both an oak and a holly tree. Bow in respect to both at this time of their yearly battle.

-Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year
Mandy Mitchell

We are Witches
We walk the path of the Old Gods
From this moment forth
We will not walk alone
Together, we will worship
Together, we will practice our Craft
Together, we will learn and grow
We vow to work, from this day forward
In perfect love and perfect trust
According to the free will of all
And for the good of all
Creating only beauty
Singing in harmony
Our song upon the Earth
Love is the law and love is the bond
in the name of the Goddess and the God
So do we vow, and so mote it be.

–Circle, Coven, & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice
Deborah Blake

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Today’s I Ching Hexgram for Jan. 24th is 50:The Cauldron

50: The Cauldron

Thursday, Jan 24th, 2013






The cooking pot symbolizes nourishment and rejuvenation. Sooner or later, good comes to those who do good; joy comes to those who bring humor to others; opportunity comes to those who persist in their dreaming. Rejuvenation is a returning to innate desires — and a re-charging of batteries through the fulfillment of these wishes. This reading suggests nourishment and transformation for people of goodwill. Great good fortune and success are indicated for nourishing relationships.

Healthy, regular sustenance is important, as symbolized by the cooking pot, which provides nourishment to all. When a cycle of humanity reaches its peak, each person’s sustenance comes in the form of his or her deepest needs and highest aspirations.

Rejuvenation means that men and women of talent and insight are being properly nourished and valued. When a society or group is functioning properly, these people are supported, and encouraged to contribute to their best abilities. A fresh approach to old habits is indicated in a period of rejuvenation. Look for ways of putting new life in old forms. Only when great vitality is present can breakthroughs be achieved.

Today’s I Ching Hexagram is Jan. 23rd is 28: Excessive Pressure

28: Excessive Pressure

Wednesday, Jan 23rd, 2013






Something is out of balance. This hexagram points to some pressure that is threatening stability and needs correcting. But if a dam is about to burst, moving out of the way is the first priority.

When a person in a sagging mine shaft feels the earth begin to tremble, it is time for quick, instinctive action and nimble footwork. At a time like this, only extraordinary measures will work. When the roof is collapsing, run first, choose your destination later.

Extraordinary times bring out the best and worst in people. Natural disasters bring with them stories of great heroism — but also looting and rioting. When the pressure is on, powerful moments present opportunities to make positive gains. Everything is in a state of flux. One can either move towards positive change and improvement or towards stagnation.

This may be the moment you’ve been waiting for. Although a current challenge may seem to be more than you can handle, remember that a flood reaches its high-water mark for only a few brief moments, and then begins to subside. Action must be taken now to ensure opportunities for success later on. You will never discover the true extent of your own abilities until you, at least once in your life, dive into a crisis with complete abandon, dedicating every ounce of your energy, every fiber of your being, to the cause at hand.

Dare to win.


Today’ I Ching Hexagram for January 21 is

24: Returning

Monday, Jan 21st, 2013






There is a turning point that recharges you and eventually brings success. This hexagram is associated with a turning back of long nights towards more light, the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the seasonal change when our hours of daily light begin to increase again. This is the beginning of a turnaround; a time of letting go of the old and making way for the new; a time of new beginnings. Ironically, it all starts with rest.

Don’t move too fast. The new momentum is just beginning; the turn-around demands that your energy be recharged by adequate rest, so that your life force will not be spent prematurely. This principle of hibernation, of allowing energy to renew itself and be strengthened by rest applies to many situations — recuperation after an illness, the slow return of trust after period of estrangement, the careful development of new relationships after a splitting apart of old ones.


Today’s I Ching Hexagram for January 15th is 17: Following

17: Following

Tuesday, Jan 15th, 2013


Following brings supreme success. You may not be able to change the direction of the wind, but by frequently adjusting your sails, you can arrive at your destination.

Those who would acquire a following must speak the language of their followers. Those who would be loved must become the envisioned lover of their beloved. Those who would prosper must bend with natural forces and the pressures of society. In matters of principle, stand firm; in matters of style and taste, swim with the current.

In all human affairs, change is constant. In order to stay fresh, old ideas and patterns must continually be discarded in favor of new ones. Only by being adaptable to the demands of the time can the highest good emerge. Only by adjusting to changing circumstances can you prosper. Remain flexible, and you will gain the confidence of those around you. Bend and you shall not break.