A Prosperity Charm

A Prosperity Charm

To ensure that money will enter the house all year round, take one silver or gold coin for each external door to the house

The coins will almost certainly be gold or silver coloured rather than actually made of the metals concerned.  Then take the same number of circular pieces of paper.  Wash the coin(s) carefully under running water for 10 minutes and then dry them in a new cloth or tissue.  On the paper(s) draw a picture of your family and around it draw pictures to represent all things you need (not want) money for.  Remember to include rent, taxes, light, heat, food, transport, pets, etc.  Wrap each coin in one of the papers and, if you are able, bury one just outside the threshold of each door.  Whilst you are burying the coin(s) say, “I call upon the Old Gods to help us make the most opportunities to bring money into this house.  May those who live here ever have enough for their needs and commitments.  Give each of us the true rewards of our work and may our family be happy and secure in this home.  Blessed Be.” Whilst you are doing this, visualize members of the family with coins in their pockets entering the home.  If it is not possible to actually bury them, then slip them down a crack at the base of the door, or just under the carpet on the inside.  It is important that everyone who enters the house, and all posts, must pass over the coins.

“Never give an empty purse, lest both the giver and taker be likewise coinless.”

January 2- The Real Witches Year by Kate West


Carry A Piece of Good Fortune With You Throughout the Year – Money Talisman

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Money Talisman

Items you will need:

Five pumpkinseeds

Three cinnamon sticks

One dollar bill

Green cloth

Green candle

Cinnamon or basil oil

Green ribbon

On a Friday during the Waxing moon, assemble all your items at dusks. Take the candle and rub (prosperity, basil or cinnamon) oil into it while focusing on your bills and debts being paid, see them being paid, picture yourself writing checks and smiling all the way to the bank. Light the candle and take the green cloth, add the pumpkinseeds. Cinnamon sticks, and the dollar bill and fold three times, tie with ribbon. Chant while you work and focus on money coming toward you.

“Dollar bill, work your will.

Pumpkinseeds do you deeds.

Cinnamon sticks, do the trick

Bring needed money & bring it quick.”

Repeat three times burn candle for nine minutes.

Keep talisman in your wallet or purse, and bills to be paid. Expect money to come know it will and it shall.

Charm for Lucid Dreaming

Charm for Lucid Dreaming


Items You Will Need:


Light blue mojo bag


Lemon balm






If you find you need a little help in lucid dreaming, or you want to learn the answer to a specific problem, this charm bag is a great tool It soothes the waking mind and helps your sleeping mind to focus. The ingredients can also be used to feel a dream pillows as well. Make or buy a light blue Mojo or talisman bag. Put in a pinch or two of each of the following:



Lemon Balm

Calendula (Marigold)




During the Full Moon, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge it. Make certain it is tied tightly. Before sleep each night, rub the bag over our third eye (center of forehead) and concentrate on the question, problem or situation. Then place the bag under your pillow. Continue to concentrate on the situation as you drift off. When you wake, jot down whatever you remember in your dream journal. Your question should be answered within the first few nights. This pouch can also help increase your skill at lucid dreaming, by keeping your mind focused on the fact that you are just dreaming.

The Witches Magick for November 24th – Black Opal Charm

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The black opal is widely known as the “Witches Stone” and is prized for its magic
enhancing properties. To increase your magickal power, charge the stone with the
following chant and place it on your altar.


“Opal black, of burning fire
Add the power that’s required
To make my magic hit its mark,
By light of day, or night so dark.”

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Healing Charms


Here are two charms to help heal someone who is ill.  
It works really well for fevers that cannot be broken 
as well as the common flu.  Write the following on 
a piece of white paper and sew it on linen or muslin, 
then hang it around the patient's neck to be worn 
until the illness has abated.


You may also use the alternative:


A Charm To Bind An Enemy


Cobwebs from your house
Black cloth
Recently dead fly
Paper and pen
Long cord
Gather cobwebs from your house. Place them all a tangle upon a black cloth.
Procure then a fly, recently dead, and set it down upon the mass of webs.
These words should then be written down on paper:
North, South, East, West.
Spider’s web shall bind him best
East, West, North, South
Hold his limbs and stop his mouth
Seal his eyes and choke his breath
Wrap him round with ropes of death.
Fold the paper 4 times and wrap it, the fly and webs in the black cloth, forming a small bag.
This should then be bound up with the end of a long cord and suspended from a hook in a dark corner of the home.
Do not disturb it, but let it hang until it is thickly covered in dust.
Then take down and bury it in the earth to work its influence in perpetual secrecy.

Creating Magickal Amulets

Creating Magickal Amulets

by Rev. Paul V. Beyerl

Rev. Paul V. Beyerl has published several books, including The Master Book of Herbalism, and heads The Hermit’s Grove and The Rowan Tree Church, located in Bellevue. This article is an excerpt from A Compendium of Herbal Magick, a work in progress covering the documented historical uses of herbs in folklore, ritual and religions.

The making of an amulet could easily take up the space of a small book, but I will attempt to distill a seven-hour workshop into a few paragraphs.

The words “amulet” and “talisman” are frequently used as if interchangeable. Many years ago, in order to distinguish between them, we adopted the following definitions: An amulet is a container that may be filled with herbs, stones or other things to promote magick. A talisman may be a disk, pendant or solid item, upon which may be depicted sigils or images. These definitions are used in this context only within The Hermit’s Grove and The Rowan Tree Church. It is not suggested that other uses of these words are either wrong or inappropriate.

An amulet is a tool created to help bring about changes within your life. It is a small container that, when completed, has energy or power and is quite magickal. We believe that amulets may be among the oldest forms of herbal magick, when the village wise one, sensing that a plant or stone had power within it, placed it in a pocket or container to carry about.

A “traditional” amulet (traditional outside my community) is one that has a purpose. All aspects of its design and creation are oriented toward the attainment of that goal. The amulet is assembled and constructed within the context of ritual, made very carefully and considered every bit as powerful and sacred as any of your ritual tools. An amulet is given a specific blessing or consecration toward that purpose, just as a novice may be initiated and ever after be considered a priest or priestess.

One of the mysteries of an amulet is that it is a microcosm of yourself, of the person for whom it is made, or of the situation that is the focus of the goal. It is like a small energy cell or battery, containing physical ingredients and focused energies providing a steady flow of energy. An amulet can be designed so that it will continually provide access to the infinite power of the universe throughout its existence. To understand a traditional amulet, give thought to the concept of the cauldron of Cerridwen, that infinite womb of creativity that is the core of the universe. From another perspective, an amulet is somewhat like a black hole, drawing energy from throughout the universe but holding it within, focused, directed solely toward the image that encompasses all aspects of your goal.

Our custom is to begin with a circle cut of leather. It should be at least six or eight inches in diameter. This flat circle is symbolic of a pentacle, that flat, round ritual tool that represents earth, or manifestation within the physical world.

To the practitioner, leather represents a gift of the creatures of the earth, representing elements of sacrifice, touching the mysteries of life and death, and is the material we can find that most closely corresponds to your physical body, which is the temple of your soul. The use of leather should never be taken lightly but is a very sacred and profound choice.

Around the perimeter of the leather circle, a series of holes should be pierced using either a leather punch or, as we have often done, a simple paper punch. A cord (chosen so that the length, color and type of thread enhance your magickal desires) is then threaded through the holes, creating a small drawstring bag.

Choose your herbs carefully. Any herb, including those too dangerous to ingest, can be included. You may also select small gemstones, add a personal piece of jewelry or lock of hair and even scribe sigils, images or words that will focus your will to bring your magick into manifestation. We recommend assembling your ingredients over a period of time. When my leather is complete, I set up a small altar. I lay the leather upon my copper pentacle or upon my altar stone and upon it I set a hand-carved, round wooden container with a flat lid. On days I consider important, I add one herb, replace the lid and set a votive candle upon the top. Sometimes I might cast a formal circle, and at other times I go about my activities, the light from the candle a constant reminder that there is magick brewing and an amulet in the works.

The final day should be one with natural power, whether a Full Moon or a birthday. Your amulet will be more powerful if all aspects of the work have power. Within an intricate ritual both formal and playful, the leather is cleansed and all ingredients placed within it. All movement and sound within the ritual is designed to draw upon the natural forces and connect the amulet with their power. And then, with ritual poetry and song, the leather circle is drawn closed and special candles are used to drip wax upon the opening so it is sealed.

Once an amulet is sealed, it should never again be opened. It is not medicine pouch. When your goal has been accomplished or the patterns of time have reached completion, the amulet must be returned to the universe. My preference is to bury it as a gift to the Mother, but there have been times when one has been placed into a flaming cauldron until reduced to ash, the ash then strewn upon sacred soil. Amulets are a wonderful way to develop your magickal skill, but they should be made rarely. The more lightly you treat this magickal use of herbs, the less likely they are to assist you with their magick. I have an amulet hanging in my truck. We have a household amulet, and I can’t imagine magickal life without a few of these sources of change.

Earth Charms

Earth Charms

Some naturally occurring objects are said to be empowered with extra luck or magickal powers. Those that fall in the realm of earth include four-leaf clovers, petrified wood and fairy stones.

Four-leaf clovers

It is rare to actually find a four-leaf clover. It is universally accepted as an harbinger of good luck to come your way. This belief stems back to the ancient Druids and is Celtic in origin.

Petrified Wood

If you are lucky enough to find a piece of petrified wood, then you are lucky indeed. It holds the magickal properties of secrets, wisdom, strength and transformation. Pay special attention to your dream after finding a piece of petrified wood, as the spirit of the tree may be trying to speak to you.

Fairy Stones

Fairy stones form a natural solar-cross shape. They are known as staurolite. These little stones charms contain vas t reservoirs of power and are wonderful when it comes to helping you maintain balance within your chosen elemental specialty.

Sagittarius Sachet

Sagittarius Sachet
3 parts Sassafras
2 parts Cedar
2 parts Clove
1 part Star Anise
1 part Dragon’s blood
1 part Juniper
Tie up in purple cloth and wear or carry to strengthen the positive aspects of your sign.