Meditation to Meet Your Earth Guide

Meditation to Meet Your Earth Guide


Set up a simple altar with a green or brown candle and herbal incense. You may wish to use a green altar cloth and your pentacle. Cast your personal circle. Take several slow, deep, cleansing breaths and relax your whole body. Close your eyes. Allow your breathing to show and become regular. Take deep, slow breaths. Visualize the gateway to earth. Make the gate as elaborate as you wish, using any material that you desire. To open, does it swing wide? Does it lift up? Does it dissolve? Keep focused on your breath, and allow the gate to open. Relax. Walk through the gateway and down the path. Take a moment to observe the world around you. The grass is a beautiful emerald green. There are flowering tees and shrubs everywhere you look. The nearby hillsides are covered with flowers and green healthy grass. As you walk, you notice a figure in the distance. Walk toward it. Stay focused on your breath. Standing in front of you is your guide for exploring the elemental realm of earth. It could be an animal, a human or a mythical creature. Greet your guide. Listen to what he has to say. When you have heard all you wish, thank him. Always respect your guide, as he will be with you a long time. Slowly walk back up the pathway to the gate. Focus on your breath. Walk through the gate and see it close. Allow yourself a few more deep breaths and then open your eyes. Write down what you learned in a journal for safekeeping. Close your circle.


4 thoughts on “Meditation to Meet Your Earth Guide

  1. Hello, as a solitary witch, I have sought a site that would speak to me and your site has done this. Your description of an earth witch is what my goddess has been telling me over and over again. I lost sight, figuring I must follow a more tradition path of Wicca, but you have shown me that is not the case. Thank you for a beautiful home where I can learn and grow. Blessed be. Tinthia


    1. It is wonderful to have you with us, Tinthia. I am so glad you are making us your new home. You have made me very happy. We have always strived to make this a home on the net for all Witches and other Practitioners. A safe haven to come and be with people of like mind. To forget the cares of the world outside, to feel safe, to learn, to socialize, do whatever you like. Thank you for your comment. It is deeply appreciate and I am so glad you joined us. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Again, welcome, dear sister!
      Lady A


  2. As a solitary, eclectic witch for upwards of 50+ years, I am so grateful for your site – it is truly a blessing in the world of “pop” witch/wicca sites.


  3. As I read your view of a earth witch I start laughing . In a good way. I have been searching for a answer to what path is mine and what am I? You described my way perfectly. I read a lot, and I was searching for a way and finally after a few years I have found my way. So i thank you for this gift. My the Goddess watch over us, teach, and light the path. Merry meet..


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