Protection Tea

Protection Tea

1 tablespoon Irish or English Breakfast tea
2 teaspoons elder flower
1 teaspoon linden flower (tila)
1 teaspoon valerian
2 teaspoons burdock root
1 teaspoon comfrey
1 teaspoon hyssop
2 teaspoons rose hips

Your Rune for November 3rd is Mannaz



Your Rune For Today


Now is the time for you to explore your inner self and those of others. Your intelligence and creativity are very well honed at the moment. Cooperation from and with others should be very easy to attain.



Today’s Tarot Card for November 3 is The Chariot

The Chariot

Traditionally, the card usually entitled the Chariot points to a triumphal feeling of freedom, as if the charioteer is being paraded through the streets as a hero (or heroine). The card reflects congratulations for high achievement, and serves as a sign of empowerment.

Huge wheels and frisky steeds speed the rate at which the driver’s willpower can be realized. This kind of charge makes more of the world accessible to anyone ambitious enough to seize the Chariot’s reins. But there is danger in this feeling of freedom, because of the increased rate of change and its power to magnify mistakes in judgment. As a seasoned warrior, the Charioteer is called upon to be extra attentive to the way ahead.

Daily Cosmic Calendar for November 3

If you are looking for a silver lining in the recent cloud cover, you may be disappointed. It is helpful that the Moon leaves void status in Gemini by entering Cancer (12:44AM PDT). Home and family interests wax in power over the next two days. Overall productivity can climb in your main fields of expertise while healing forces are back on the march — thanks to the Moon forming a flowing trine with Chiron (10:57AM PDT).  However, Venus and Mercury decide to play cosmic spoiler roles as they make turbulent waves with two of the three outer planets. Venus forms a frictional contra-parallel with Uranus (7:52AM PDT) while also making an intensity-creating square to distant Pluto (10:28AM PDT). Love bonds and business deals are on shaky grounds. Meanwhile, communications and travel plans may experience delays or disruptions as Mercury forms an off-kilter, 150-degree to the largest asteroid Ceres (3:27PM PDT).  Cooking and baking can keep you busy and out of trouble during the evening hours. Immerse yourself in a bestseller, biography or film classic as the Moon approaches a trine with the Sun in water signs (forming exactly at 1:38AM PDT tomorrow morning).