Calendar of the Sun for November 3

Calendar of the Sun

3 Blutmonath

Day VII of the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris

Colors: Green and black
Elements: Earth and Air
Altar: Upon cloth of green and black set a figure of Isis, a figure of Osiris, a box carved like a sarcophagus, and two large ivory candles.
Offerings: Continue with the project that may fail.
Daily Meal: Beer. Barley. Figs. Dates. Nuts. Flatbread.

Isis Invocation III

Mistress of the Gods
Thou bearer of wings
Thou lady of the red apparel
Queen of the crowns of the South and North,
Thou mighty one of enchantments,
Mistress and lady of the tomb,
Mother in the horizon of heaven.
For Isis the mighty raised her son in secret,
Hiding, running, evading their seeking enemies,
Teaching him always to be strong
And to one day avenge his father
And right the wrong that had been done to Egypt.
At night, Osiris the Good,
Once King of the Gods of Egypt,
Now King of the Dead Underground,
Flesh now gone green as verdure,
Wrapped in the shroud of the corpse,
Came to his son as a ghost
And trained him in the ways of mystery.
So it was that Horus grew strong
And his mother Isis raised him an army,
And one day in the summer of the year
They fell upon Set at the Nile,
And Horus fought him, and Horus won.
And all these things might have gone awry
If not for the unceasing love of Isis
For husband, for son, for justice.
Raise your voices for her, Mother in the horizon of heaven!
Raise your voices for him, Father of the Underworld!

(All cheer, and grain is thrown upwards in celebration.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]