Before We Get Started…..A Question For You???

I have a question(s) I would like for you to think about. Then I would like your opinions, come on now, don’t be shy!

The question: What is your opinion on Reincarnation? How does it happen? Where does it happen? Do we have a place we stay after death waiting to reincarnate? Do you have an opinion on how many lives we are allowed to live? Do we obtain perfection then move onto a higher plane? Or do we stay here, reincarnating forever?

I would like a discussion. This should be pretty interesting if we get quite a few opinions on this topic. There are no wrong answers on these questions. So please, I would love to hear your opinion on this topic!

Thank you!



One thought on “Before We Get Started…..A Question For You???

  1. Reincarnation is a fact. I can review many of my past lives and see people now with whom I have worked in the past. If you can access your Akashic Records, you will see that you are working on concepts from many aspects. (Think of the concept of a glass of water: you get to be the glass, then the water, then the molecules of the glass and the water.) When you open to synchronicity and quest for ways to transition through your lesson(s), these past lives become evident. Now, I seek to discern, mitigate and do no harm. My message this lifetime is one of unconditional love and acceptance. It was not always so. I hope this opinion informs and amuses.


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