Weekend Lunar Love Horoscopes for May 6 – 8

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Emotional Lunar Tides

 May 6 – 8

Emotions hover close to the surface this weekend with the Moon in the supersensitive sign of Cancer. This is Luna’s home sign, making feelings stronger and ups and downs more likely. Generally, the nurturing Cancer Moon is good for familiar places, home cooking, cuddling, nostalgia, old movies and all those sweet protective things that make us feel safe.

Friday looks mellow until late at night when the cautious Cancer Moon crashes into an explosive 90-degree square with unsettling Uranus. This planet of shocks and surprises doesn’t flow well with tender Cancer, making this a time when flexibility is essential. Sudden changes of plans and moods don’t foster a sense of intimacy, although a wild night or impulsive fling with an inappropriate person can seem compelling to some.

The road doesn’t look any smoother on Saturday, starting with a snarky Moon-Pluto opposition in the morning and continuing on with a tense lunar square to Saturn later in the day. These transits are more about digging into the depths of our emotions, bringing unresolved issues to the surface or burying them with distractions and denial. Yet this can be a productive day for those willing to tackle tough problems. This cosmic atmosphere lends itself more to responsibility than playfulness as even minor concerns could block out the Sun with dark clouds of doubt.

Several stressful lunar transits give us a lot to talk about on Sunday and, if we’re honest about our feelings, barriers to intimacy could be blown away. Making a fresh start within ourselves and with others is a worthy reward for all this hard work.


Wishy Washy

This magickal wash is thought to bring about your wishes

1  tablespoon sage

1 tablespoon vanilla

1 tablespoon sandalwood

Combine all the ingredients in pan, empowering them one by one. Bring to a boil, and boil for 3 minutes, Add the mixture to cold wash water. Say, “My wishes will come to me, take care of myself and my family. With harm to none and good will to all, mother, mine, bear my call. Bring these desired goals to me, so that me and mine will blessed be.

Fast Money Wash

1  teaspoon cinnamon

5  cloves

1  tablespoon orange zest

1  teaspoon ginger

1  teaspoon nutmeg

3  drops pine essential oil

Combine all ingredients, empowering them one by one by stating aloud the specific function each will perform. For example, if you were to use rosemary as an ingredients in a memory potion, you would need to say, “the rosemary will serve as a memory enhancer, ” or something of that nature. Then bless the ingredients on your altar. Let the mixture rest in a dark area for a week. Take it out once a day, shake it, bless it and then return it If possible, change this potion under a full moon during its week of rest, to magnify the magickal properties it contains. The power of a full moon is present for three days before and three days after the actual of the full moon. After a week, add the mixture to a bucket of warm, clear water for washing. Important note:This wash seems to have the side effect of making those that come into contact with it hungry. It smells wonderful.

Floor Washes

A floor wash is made by adding specific herbs, oils, crystals and other ingredients to water and then using the solution to wash a surface. The reasoning behind this practice is to infuse the surface with the vibrations of the wash, so that it will then attract or dispel the corresponding energies. For example, if you were owed payment for services and the check was late, you might want to wash your mailbox with a money-drawing wash.

Traditional methods call for you to scrub the floor on your hands and knees. The repetitive motion and low concentration level needed allow for a shift in consciousness to take place. Incorporating a chant as you wash will boost the powers of the wash and help your goal to manifest even faster. Remember to be as specific as possible in the wording of your chant.