Your Magickal Spell for Wednesday, June 6 – Keep Your Cool Potion

Your Magickal Spell for June 6th

Keep Your Cool Potion

This magick potion helps you beat the heat, whether it’s physical or psychological. The secret ingredient is aquamarine, a pale blue gem whose name comes from the Latin word for seawater.

You Will Need:

  • An aquamarine
  • A chalice
  • Spring water

Best Time To Perform The Spell:  Any time

The Spell:

Wash the aquamarine with mild soap and water to remove any ambient vibrations and/or dirt. Collect the ingredients needed for this spell. Cast a circle around the area where you will do your spell. Place the aquamarine in the bottom of your chalice, then fill the chalice with water.

Swirl the water in the chalice in a counterclockwise direction to charge it, while you chant the following:

“I am healed

In body and mind

Of imbalances 

Of any kind.”

Remove the aquamarine. As you drink the potion, imagine you are immersing yourself in a refreshing pool of water to help you keep your cool. Open the circle. Store unused water in the fridge, preferably in a clear glass bottle, and keep some on hand for emergencies.

Additional suggestion:  You can also soak a clean cotton cloth in this magick potion to make a cooling poultice. Lay the cloth on your forehead to ease a headache or over your eyes to soothe eyestrain.


Water Magick – Potions, Brews & Elixirs

Potions, Brews & Elixirs


Potions brews and elixirs are all essentially the same thing, with a few small differences. Potions are made from liquid ingredients or worked into a liquid base. Elixirs usually have crystals added to the liquid for extra power. Brews usually require some sort of heating process. (Soup and tea are both brews.)



You’ll need a few large apples, cinnamon, yarrow, spring water, salt, and a enameled or cast-iron saucepan.
These are often associated with love and passion.
If it is to your orientation, it is often helpful to bless or consecrate these components.
Concentrate on your goal while preparing this potion:
Slice the apples place them into the saucepan, coat with cinnamon, and cover with yarrow.
Put in enough water to submerge the contents and add a small sprinkling of salt.
Stir clockwise on low heat, incanting a love charm of your own making.
Bring to a simmer for about 90 minutes, strain and place into a dark jar.
Put a few drops into your favorite aftershave or cologne and wear it every 4 days.
The magic stays after the scent fades.

New Moon Vitality Potion (Storm Moon)

New Moon Vitality Potion

(Storm Moon)
Drink this potion to bring new vitality to your body, mind, and spirit.
You will need a blender, one cup of apple juice, one banana, one tablespoon of honey, three tablespoons of vanilla protein powder, four tablespoons of vanilla yogurt, four ice cubes and a straw.
Blend this apple juice, banana and honey together. As you do, chant:
“Fruit and flower nectar of the divine,
Please strengthen my spirit, body and mind.”
Add the protein powder and yogurt, and continue to chant:
“Fruit and flower nectar of the divine,
Please strengthen my spirit, body and mind.
Add the ice cubes and blend thoroughly. Pour the Wellness Potion into the glass and sip slowly with the straw. Before you take each sip, repeat:
“Every drop of this potion vitalizes my every cell
And keep my spirit, body and mind well.”

Fast Money Wash

1  teaspoon cinnamon

5  cloves

1  tablespoon orange zest

1  teaspoon ginger

1  teaspoon nutmeg

3  drops pine essential oil

Combine all ingredients, empowering them one by one by stating aloud the specific function each will perform. For example, if you were to use rosemary as an ingredients in a memory potion, you would need to say, “the rosemary will serve as a memory enhancer, ” or something of that nature. Then bless the ingredients on your altar. Let the mixture rest in a dark area for a week. Take it out once a day, shake it, bless it and then return it If possible, change this potion under a full moon during its week of rest, to magnify the magickal properties it contains. The power of a full moon is present for three days before and three days after the actual of the full moon. After a week, add the mixture to a bucket of warm, clear water for washing. Important note:This wash seems to have the side effect of making those that come into contact with it hungry. It smells wonderful.

The Cauldron

The Cauldron

The Cauldron has a mythological based on the Celtic traditions, and another on popular beliefs. It has been associated with witches from the begining, as the place where the infamous potions were boiled. The symbology takes it both as a tool of transformation (elements enter it in one state and leave it in another) and as an image of the mother’s womb.

Celtic mythology tells us about the Goddess Cerridwen, who cooked in her cauldron the potion for wisdom for a year and a day, curiosly the same time one needs to serve as an acolite before being formally initiated. There are many mentions to the witches’ cauldron, and among the most famour we can name the one featured in a scene in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, when they make a potion as Macbeth decides his future as a traitor. Another legend taken from the Mabinogion tells us of a cauldron that has the virtue of bringing dead warriors back to life.

The cauldron we’re talking about here doesn’t need to be enourmous like we see in the movies. It’s still somewhat easy to find cooking pots very much like we need, even though they’re not the average nowadays. During rituals, depending on the size, we can either put it on the altar, or on the floor, to our left.

The uses of the cauldron varies. As representing the Primal Womb, is obviously feminin, belonging to the element of water. But as it’s solidly built, and usually isolated from the floor by three legs, we can use it, for instance, for every ritual that requires a small fire, or the burning of an element (paper or candles), without worries about security risks. It’ll be usefull in every case we need to symbolise a transformation or rebirth. Also, when full of water it can symbolise the element, though we’ll generally use the chalice. Another of it’s ritual uses can be as a place to discard every material used along the ritual, for instance matches or ashes, to keep them off the altar.

As with all tools, but with this in particular due to it’s possible uses, we must remember to scrupulously clean it after it’s use.

If necesary, it can be replaced by a small metal bowl if we need to burn something, or with the chalice if we just need it to contain water.