This is great! I went from one tiny graphic to a huge graphic, one of those days, lol! So far it looks like it is going to be a gorgeous day today. I got up took my shower and then went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. The window blind was up and there it was, the Sun in all it’s glory. It looks like it is going to be a really beautiful day. I hope the weather wherever you are is the same. I am hoping Spring is just around the corner.

As you know we live out in the boonies, we had some new neighbors move in. They moved about five miles from us in the middle of an old cornfield. I feel so sorry for them. They had to put a new gravel road in to get to the trailer and the road has been flooded for about a week now. Thankfully her parents live right down the road. The daughter either stays there or she ride a four-wheeler back to her house. The hubby he has to walk. Maybe it is just the women around here but we treat our men terrible, lol! She makes her’s walk. I told mine if he isn’t planning on going back to work then he can help with some of the housework around here (like picking up after himself). The kids would get up and go to school and by the time I got back, he would be gone to work. So I had the house to myself and I didn’t mine cleaning up. But now he has got worse than the kids ever were. I don’t get it. He gets up, gets a cup of coffee and get his laptop, sits down on the couch and starts laughing his butt off because he is in a chatroom were they are telling jokes or funnies or something. Then he looks up. A scary site he sees, an angry witch with a dust feather in one hand and a vacuum in the other. Sort of kills his laughing. I guess my memory is worse than an elephant’s, I never forget a thing. Now this is just between me and you, ok! He had went to work and left his main computer unlocked. Well I went down their to dust like I always do on Mondays. He had left his computer on. Well me being the nosey little person I am, I checked his history on the computer. It showed me what chatrooms he had been in. So I clicked on one and he had his name, password and everything saved. All I had to do is just start typing and you would not believe the women that jumped out on the screen the minute his ID showed up.  Perhaps I should be ashamed of myself but one woman just wouldn’t quit. She was let’s say very loveable that day. She asked him (me) when he was coming out to see her. He had the address. Why didn’t he call her the other day? After I had heard all the crap I wanted to the “call the other day” just set me off. I told her that I could call her because I had my wife stuck up my butt all day. She asked me if I was married, he had never told her he was, huh! I told her, “yeah, my wife is such a &itch, you are talking to her right now! What? Who? She left the screen in a heartbeat. The other women in the chatroom wouldn’t even talk to him after that. Wonder Why, lol!

Well I promised not to talk your ears off today. I just want you to know that I have added a couple of new categories. One of them is “The Evil Eye,””Fertility” and next to come is “The Formulary.” It will have how to make certain rare waters and washes.

Wish me good luck, I have to take the cat to the Vet this afternoon. Nothing major, he just needs his rabies shot and an ear mite shot. He just hates to go for a ride in the car and I can’t figure that out. He has never had any bad experiences with car rides. I’ll probably look like I have been in World War V. Anyway I have got to run for now. Have a great day and please keep your fingers crossed for me and the cat, lol. Till then………..

Blessings to you and yours!