Herb Sachets and Gifts

Herb sachets are used to fragrance the house, as wards of protection and defence and can even be carried on the  person, in addition to herbs, flowers, spices, leaves, and so on, they may also contain stones, charms or crystals, all imbued with Magickal energies. Some people even create totem bags which also contain pictures of their loved ones, a lock of hair or many other things which link them to those they care about. Herb sachets make excellent gifts or ways of working Magick for others. Much of the work of the Witch is for other people. I sincerely the posts in this section will inspire you to do a little “Magick” today!

Sachets can be made from almost any natural fabric; it does not have to be specially bought for the purpose. Whilst silk squares look very attractive, you can recycle old clothes or cloths, or anything else you have to hand.

Make sure the fabric is thoroughly washed and if you have any doubts about is psychic cleanliness then hang it overnight in the light of the Full Moon before use. The easiest shape to use is a circle, but a square also looks quite attractive. Place your ingredients in the centre and tie up all the ends to create a bundle. To tie your sachet you can use thread cord, ribbon or even twine or string.

If giving sachets away, it is a good idea to make them reasonably discreet – not everyone wants their home to look as though a Witch lives there. Alternatively, you can make the highly decorative in their own right perhaps by placing several sachets onto a strip of attractive ribbon which can then be hung on the wall. Remember whilst making up your sachet to keep your Magickal goals clearly in mind and to imbue it with Magickal power.

If you want the sachet to look decorative then you do not have to stick to single colour fabric, but try to choose something where the right colour for your intention is fairly dominant Alternatively, you can cover the sachet twice, once for the Magickal intent and once with an overlay which is in keeping with the decor of the area it is intended for.