Calendar of the Sun of February 3rd

Calendar of the Sun
3 Solmonath

Festival of Sulis Minerva

Colors: Blue and white
Element: Water
Altar: Set with a blue cloth and lay upon it a great earthenware bowl filled with well water, in which are laid several crystals. Around it place a dipper and many cups, and a blade.
Offerings: Secret offerings whispered into the cups and poured back into the bowl.
Daily meal: Nothing to drink but spring or well water all day. Light, cold, raw vegetarian food except for fresh-water fish and crayfish.

Invocation to Sulis Minerva

Lady of the sacred well
And holy spring,
You whose cold waters
Cleanse our hearts
And clear our minds
Of the collected grime
Of everyday life,
You who inspire us
With one sip from your flowing stream,
You who hold our secrets
And give us respite,
Keep us clean and flowing,
Water bearer, water giver,
Like the purest spring,
And may our depths
Echo with your song.

Chant: Sulis Minerva Aqua Vitae

(All circle about the altar and receive cups, into which water is ladled out from the bowl. Each takes a sip of the water, whispers, “Hail Sulis Minerva”, and then whispers into their cup some private personal offering that they agree to make to Her. They then pour the water back into the bowl, and it is poured out as a libation to Sulis Minerva.)