Protection Bowl

Protection Bowl


You will need:
1 glass jar
1/2 to 1 cup salt
3 cloves garlic
9 bay leaves 7 tsp. dried Basil
4 tsp. dill seeds
1tsp sage
1tsp anise
1tsp black pepper
1tsp fennel
1 bowl

In the morning ideally on a bright sunny day assemble the items.
Place in the bowl and say:

“Salt that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the cloves of garlic: “Garlic that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Crumble the Bay leaves and place in the bowl: “Bay that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the basil and say: “Basil that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the dill and say: “Dill that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the sage and say: “Sage that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the anise and say: “Anise that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the fennel and say: “Fennel that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Mix together the salt and the herbs with your hands, throughout the movement of your hands and fingers lend energy to the potent protective items, visualize your home safe and as a shining secure place.

Pour the mixture in the jar and cap tightly,
Place it in your home with these words: “Salt and herbs, nine times nine Guard now this home of mine”


Spell to Gain Energy

Spell To Gain Energy


You need:

bright red or orange candle
spicy incense
glass of clear pure cold water
bowl of sea salt

If is sunny out you may want to start the spell by going outside for a few minutes and breathing in some fresh air. Sit in front of the candle and say:

Give me energy to happily complete the task I have been given to do.
I will feel better for having done it. The completion of the task will be my reward.

Sprinkle the sea salt around the candle and say:

Give me strength, O sacred Earth.

Pass your hand near the candle and say:

Give me strength, O sacred Fire.

Pass your hand through the smoke of the incense and say:

Give me strength, O sacred Air.

Drink the water down and say:

Give me strength O sacred water.

Now immediately get up and go do your task.

Water Magick – The Importance of Sea Salt

The Importance of Sea Salt


In maritime lore, seawater was thought to cleanse a person thoroughly, absorbing any bad luck, due to the salt content of the water. Throwing salt into a fire for nine consecutive days was thought to break any chain of bad luck, while throwing salt at a person was sure to bring her grief.

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: Stage Two

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: Stage Two


You are now ready to begin endowing the symbol and spoken intention of the spell with power. Here you will use words, actions and visualization to build up this power within the physical symbol.

One of the most common methods of empowering the symbol is to pass it round or through the four elements in turn, so that power builds up within it.

Some practitioners start in the east with the incense. It does not matter as long as you are consistent. It depends whether you want to add your stability (north) at the beginning or end. Some prefer to start with stability and to end with the flowing waters of the west.

Begin with the salt in the north and make three clockwise circles of salt round the symbol, moving the circles outwards.

State again the purpose of the spell and then create an earth power chant, which should be spoken three times, visualizing at the same time what seem to be relevant earth powers. Visualize the power of the element in its natural form and then see that power entering you and meeting your own inner elemental power (like two rivers meeting). You can plan your chants in advance or just let them come spontaneously: they don’t have to rhyme. You can speak the chant as you make the circle, or afterwards for each of the four elements.

Next surround the symbol on the dish with three clockwise circles of incense smoke. Create an incense chant as you make the smoke circles over the salt ones. Afterwards you can also write the purpose of the spell in smoke over the symbol if you wish.

Repeat the process for fire with the candle or, if easier, circle the symbol on its dish clockwise over the candle of the south three times. Create a fire chant and again recite it three times.

Finally you are going to fill the symbol with the power of water in the same way. Make sure the water droplets are over the circles of salt and incense smoke (approximately). Again create a simple water power chant to be recited three times as you make the three water circles.

To bring your enemy evil #2

To bring your enemy evil 2

Dust from the tomb of an assassin’s victim.
India ink
Red wine
Guinea pepper
Chinese pepper
Three needles
Nine pins
Three garlic bulbs
Snake fat
Cooking oil

Write your enemy’s name with India ink on a piece of paper. Pierce the paper with the nine pins and the three needles. Place it at the bottom of a clay pot. Cover the paper with nine pinches of dust, salt and the peppers. Add nine drops of India ink and vinegar, nine spoonful of aguardiente, and the garlic bulbs. Cover the mixture with cooking oil. Insert a wick.

Call a curse on your enemy as you light the lamp. Let it burn for nine days.

Fire and You

Fire and You

by Andy

Standout Box

This is fire. Fire is dangerous. Keep that in mind when fire scrying. Light your fire in an open area, leave space around it. Indoors is okay, but leave a window open nearby for ventilation. Also be aware that your fire alarm will probably go off if you are indoors and don’t turn it off.

Take a large bowl, or cauldron, that won’t burn. I use one of those big silvery metal salad bowls. It has taken on a nice burnished, rainbowy look from all the fires. Put the bowl on the floor or on a low altar. Leave at least two feet of room all around it. Put a towel under it if you don’t want what is beneath it to be scorched. You can surround it with large rocks to keep it from being knocked over if you are going to have people moving or dancing around it or if your bowl has a round bottom. Make sure that any animals and small children are safely occupied elsewhere.

Pour in a cup of rubbing alcohol. Light it on fire with a long match or already lit long candle. The fire won’t roar up instantly, but it will do it quickly enough that you will be grateful for the length of the match. Lighters (the short ones) are a good way to get burnt. I use one of those long barbecue lighters both for safety and reliability in the often windy conditions of outdoor rituals.

One cup of rubbing alcohol will probably get you 10 minutes of flame. Plenty of time for a good vision. Let the flame burn out naturally. Do not refill the bowl while the flame is burning. I lit myself on fire once this way. I was careless and did not respect the flame. It reminded me of respect, completely destroying a Lughnasad ritual in the process.

The flame will probably be between two and two and a half feet high. The higher the alcohol content in the rubbing alcohol the hotter the flame will be. Ninety-nine percent fires will also leave more ash and be more likely to set off the smoke detector. Start with the seventy percent until you get comfortable with it. The first time, it will look much bigger than you expect. Practice before using it in ritual. Start with one half cup and work up.

In case of emergencies, probably a spill, don’t panic. Look at the fire to see if it will actually light anything else on fire. Unlike wax/oil fires, you can put rubbing alcohol fires out with water so keep a lot handy. The alcohol will float at first, but then go out. Smothering with a damp towel also works. Just drop the towel over fire. Ninety-nine percent alcohol will produce more interesting fires, but seventy percent will hurt less if you are burned. A bottle of burn cream or a fire extinguisher, even though you will probably never use them, will greatly reassure the pyrophobes around you.

When I first started doing scrying bowls, everyone told me I had to put Epsom salt in the alcohol, but no one knew why. Epsom salt makes the flames more even and less wild. When using ninety-nine percent, this can produce the occasional ring effect (a ring effect is like a smoke ring of fire), but overall, the effect of Epsom salt is minimal. Using sea or table salt produces random flashes of gold color late in the burn. Using boric acid, instead of a salt, will give a much more pronounced effect turning much of the fire bright green. Epsom salt and rubbing alcohol are both in the pharmacy part of a large grocery/drug store. Boric acid will be by the contact lens stuff (it is a cleaner). Sea salt is by the food.

For the salts, use as much salt as you do alcohol. For the boric acid, put in as much as you have alcohol, then add more until it gets thicker and souplike. Mix the stuff well and let it sit for a while before lighting. Additives usually decrease burning time. None of the additives are good after burning. They will be smelly, crusty, and you will actually have to scrape out some bit of the boric acid. Throw this stuff away after each use.

Here is a list of all the things you will need or may want for the fire scrying: A metal bowl, rubbing alcohol, a damp towel, a pitcher of water, a long candle, matches, or lighter, burn cream, fire extinguisher, Epsom or other salt, boric acid.

Cleansing Stones Using Salt

In a small dish of salt, bury the stone you wish to cleanse and leave it for at least twenty-four hours. Depending on how deeply the stone requires cleansing or purification you might wish to leave it buried in the salt for up to a week. Be careful what kind of stone you’re burying: stones with a high iron content react poorly to salt. If the stone is set in metal, do not use this method, as the salt will corrode the metal setting.

If all you have on hand is table salt, it will do. However, if you’re serious about spellcraft, it’s a good idea to invest in sea salt, a more natural form of salt. The less refined the salt is, the more natural energy it contains. Sea salt is only a bit more expensive than table salt, and easily found in most supermarkets now, as well as drugstores or health food stores. Kosher salt is good, too. Never use rock salt designed for outdoor use in winter, as it is toxic.

Magickal Goody for April 29 is Healing & Uplifting Body Soak

Healing & Uplifting Body Soak

2 cups dead sea salt (can improvise with sea salt)
2 cups of fine sea salt (crushed not the large granules)
2 cups epsom salt
1/8 cup pulverized orange rinds
1/4 cup crumbled peppermint (the leaves not the candy)
2 tbsp of these: Myrrh, sweet orange, and sandlewood essential oils (easy to get and pretty cheap)

Begin on a Friday during the waning moon. Mix salts in large nonreactive bowl. Recite:
“Precious gift from the Mothers of river and sea,”
Grind orange rinds and say:
“Uplift my spirits with your blessed fruit.”
Add to salts and mix well. Stir in crushed peppermint saying:
“In honor of Mother Earth, please hear my plea.”
In seperate bowl blend essential oils, then pour over salt mixture. Put into a screw top container, mixing well. Shake all ingrediants for three days, mixing them well. Do you have a crystal ball or something like one? Try to find something to concentrate on, a mirror, or maybe a shiny object. Focus intently on conjuring up healing power as you mix the soak.
Use two cups per bath. Use cool water. If possible place a gardinia petal or plant on silver or white silk cloth by window or table. Take bath in the evening of the Friday of a waning moon. Burn soothing incense in a sea shell over a hot charcoal.
Now, open your spirit and release your grief, sorrow, despair, whatever you are feeling into the water and into the smoke. As you watch the tub drain when finished, visualize your anguish, pain, sorrow leaving along with the water.

Happy Wednesday, dear friends!

Hello dear friends! I hope everyone is having a lovely day so far. The sun is shining here and it looks like it is going to be an awesome day. I started another post a little bit ago. But I deleted it. The reason I deleted it is because I got to thinking about the old group I use to have. Some of the people in it and some of the things that went on (without my approval and done behind my back). Thinking about these things put me in a very serious mood to say the least. I wanted to talk to you about protecting yourself and also your home. When you are on the internet, you never know who you are dealing with. I had people in that group sending demons after each other, yes, demons.  Now do you see why you need to protect yourself. I am not trying to scare you. I have seen things done that I don’t even want to talk about. But I want to forewarn as many people as possible. This stuff can be prevented and guarded against. First, you need to know how to shield yourself. I think I have something on the blog about how to do this. If I don’t I will post it. Next, it is a good idea to put a shield around your home especially when you are in it. While we are in your house, put up wards. They help immensely and are easily done. Next, I have added my own little ritual here, I take blessed sea salt and put it in all four corners of my home. Doesn’t hurt. Next you can smudge your house with sage. Some recommend white sage but if you can’t get that regular old sage works just fine. That’s what I use anyway.  Good thing I got up to get more coffee or else I would have forgotten this tip. We had spiders super bad and to top it off, one of the women made a remark about my husband that I took very personal. So I got a fresh bottle of Bay Leaves from the supermarket and put them in all four corners of each room in my house. The Bay not only protects your house, it also gets rid of spiders. I have a schedule I try to stick to and certain phases of the Moon help keep me on track. The Full Moon rolls around, it is time to bless the outside of the house. I have about a pint size plastic container that I put sea salt in. Then I take it outside and meditate and pray for a little bit. Should add, you must put the salt where moonbeams will hit it. After the salt has been blessed, I start my house blessing. Stop at all four corner, you can say a chant or prayer. Then as you move from corner to corner, sprinkle salt along the way. Be sure to get your thresholds good.  I know what you must be thinking, my goodness what does her house look like? Normal as yours. Everything is done discreetly. The Bay Leaves in the corners, I am the only one that knows their there. The salt in the corners, the same thing I only know it’s there. You can have a magickally protected home and no one knows it but you. The outside house blessing can be done as needed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be done at the Full Moon that’s my schedule. I also do it when Kiki starts acting crazy. She is super sensitive to spirits and she knows the minute something shows up that isn’t suppose to be there. If you have a familiar that is like that, then you know it is time to do a house blessing.

You will hear me talk about using salt and sage quite a bit. Salt is a super protective item. People take old BOS and seal them with sea salt. I have a Quija Board that I have sealed in salt. If salt is powerful enough to contain evil, then it is fine to bless your home with.  Sage, Bay leaves and Lavender are some of my favorite herbs to work with. I haven’t mentioned the Lavender before, so I will shed a little light on it. Lavender to me, represent peace, calm and serenity. So when I spring clean, I will take Lavender incense and waft it into the four corners of the room. If I have cones, I will leave one burning in that room also. But it just feels so good when you do these things. Your home feels so peaceful and you are so relaxed. It is just an awesome feeling. If nothing else, buy you a pack of Lavender incense and see if they don’t make a difference in your house. Almost forgot, you can buy those Airwick or Glade plug-in fans with the scent attachment. I hope you know what I am talking about, but they have a lavender scent to them. I have those in the kitchen and the minute everyone walks in they feel so relaxed. You can watch the expression on their face change. The problem is, once they get here, they don’t won’t to leave, lol! My daughter went she was dating would get so pissed at here dates. They would come in and sit down in the living room and wait for her. We have two huge windows in the living room that looks out to the pond and they would sit down on the love seat and ask her if they really had to go.  I would laugh my butt off and I would get a steer “MOTHER” from her, lol!

But seriously though, try some of these ideas for your home. A witch has a very strong  aura and this can be sensed by many people, animals and other critters. I forgot that “critter” psychic vampires, yes they do exist. They sense you and they will hone in and try to suck all your energy. I am not trying to scare you, I just want you to take precautions. I don’t want you to be as stupid as I was when I first got on the internet. I admit it I grew up in the sticks and Witchcraft was present everyday but no one sent demons after another. That wasn’t heard of. So when I got on the net, I had a very rude awakening. None of them bothered me because they said they knew I was a very powerful witch, that they could feel my energy and presence. Now if that’s true I don’t know. But what they were doing to each other. We are supposed to be brothers and sisters in the Craft. I would tell them we have enough obstacles out there to overcome, don’t be fighting each other. But please protect yourself, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made. The Craft is a wonderful and beautiful Religion. There are still a few that give it a bad name. But there are more and more of us coming together to stomp out the evil and negativity that is in our midst, in order to show the world what we are truly all about. I know that is my mission. I believe very strongly in my Religion and I do not want anything to tarnish it. We have come to far to let that happen. If you need any help with anything I have posted here, let me know and I will gladly help you. Or if you need help at anytime, feel free to let me know. Till then………..

Blessings to you and yours.