Simple House Cleansing and Warding

Simple House Cleansing and Warding

Author: Rev. Jennifer “Jay” Bull

Since home is where the heart is it behooves us to make sure that our homes are cleansed and blessed on a regular basis. Why? Because all of us have the capacity for healthy energy and unhealthy energy. A bad day can be brought home with us and muck up the energy of our home.

Have you ever been having a really great day and then someone came in who was angry or in a temper? The energy of the home takes a nosedive more often than not. Even after the bad mood has passed this unhealthy energy sticks around, just as the positive energy sticks around. Therefore it is a good idea to make sure that the house is cleansed and blessed frequently. There are many ways to accomplish this, but as with most spells, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

The first step is to actually physically clean your house. This is something that many of us put off (I know I do!) but really helps quite a bit. By physically cleaning your house you are doing a great deal to make the energy in the home much healthier and brighter. Also, the feeling of accomplishment after cleaning the home is a great way to raise energy for a house cleansing and blessing. If you are going to take the time to magically cleanse and bless your home, you should also take the time to physically cleanse your home as well. The magical and the physical work best together.

Floor Washes – A lot can be said about a good floor wash. Washing your floor clears up negativity and often has the house smelling great. The extra-added bonus is that in order to wash your floor, you have to pick up the clutter that accumulates. Clutter is a magnet for unhealthy energy. Floor washes can be made to bring in luck, love, money, health, happiness, protection, cleansing or anything else your heart desires. You can make your own floor wash by adding essential oils or herbs to your regular floor cleanser. If adding essential oils, you might want to try out what different oils smell like when combined together and with your cleanser before washing your whole house in a particular scent. Essential oils are easy to use because you only need to add a few drops of each oil to your bucket.

If adding herbs, I generally choose multiples of three, 3, 6 or 9 being the most common, but any number would work. I will boil the herbs to make a tea and then strain out the herbs using a coffee filter or strainer. I will add a portion of the tea mixture to the bucket I am using on the floors and then a portion for a spray bottle. Then I will mop the floors, or scrub them, depending on my mood.

In hoodoo, you scrub the floors on your hands and knees, which I will do sometimes, but due to a twitchy back and angry knees, I generally prefer to mop. After mopping I will then using the spray bottle to mist over the areas, such as carpets or rugs or furniture that I could not clean with a mop.

Many shops, such as Lucky Mojo or in my area, The Country Goddess, have floor washes in stock that you can purchase and use. Lucky Mojo’s Chinese wash smells great and is good for clearing your house of negativity.

I am fairly haphazard about what herbs I use, and end up relying on what I have on hand. I will occasionally seek out specific herbs for specific purposes, but usually rely on the herbs I use in cooking. I recommend getting a good book on herbs and their correspondences, such as Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs. That way you can choose from a long list of herbs based from what you have at hand.

For a Loving Home – Wash and Spray

Boil a large pot of water. You can use tap water or you can use rainwater if you prefer. [Soapbox moment: Since we try to practice stewardship to the earth, you may want to avoid using multiple small bottles of spring water as the plastic from these small bottles really does harm the planet. If you feel you must use spring water for this and do not have access to a spring, try to buy a large jug of water so that you have plenty of water and not plenty of plastic bottles. However, since you are boiling the water into a tea, tap water usually works just fine.]

You will want to charge the herbs with your intention. A good way to do this is hold the herbs in your hands and flow energy, in this case loving energy, into each herb. Visualize your hands with a bright light filling and flowing through them and powering the herbs. Flow energy into the spice/herb until it feels ready to you.

If you forgot this step, you can also flow energy into the entire mixture by placing your hands over the pot (not while it is boiling!) and flowing energy into the entire mixture.

Mix in a tablespoon each of cinnamon, basil, and lavender (any combination of herbs for love and harmony will work well, I like basil and lavender for the additional good luck properties and cinnamon for the smell) and let steep in water for at around 5-10 minutes to make a tea.

Drain water through a sieve or coffee filter to remove herbs.
Add tea to a spray bottle and/or the bucket you are using to clean the floors.

The above recipe can be used for anything you would like to bless your house with as long your intention and the herbs correspond. My favorites for this are protection, luck, peace and harmony. Sometimes I want to infuse my house with motivation, and then I generally use bay leaves with essential oils for lemon, orange or grapefruit. The citrus really makes me want to move. It is important to experiment and find what works best for you.

I have a friend who will boil herbs in a pot throughout the day because the steam infuses the house with the smell and properties of the herbs. It is wonderful to come home to a fantastic smelling house. I will say that this approach would work for me really well in the winter when it is dry, but in the summer my house is very humid, so I try not to add to the humidity. However, you can use this method for a quick house cleansing when you are busy doing other things. Sometimes our time is short, so shortcuts help.

Incense/Smudging – Burning incense or smudging with sage is a classic way to cleanse a home. Just burning incense in your house can really help lift spirits and bless and cleanse.

The most common house cleansing is to get a wrap of dried sage and then to go through the house clearing the energy with the sage. The best approach is to start at your front door, and walk the perimeter of your house clearing the energy with the sage bundle and flow energy through your hands. The sage clears away negativity and the energy you flow – both through your free hand and the sage bundle – helps replace negative energy with your energy. Some people like to chant as they do this to help with focus. Such as “I bless you and clear you, I bless you and clear you…” If you are following the sage up with holy water, you can say “I bless and clear this space with fire and air” or “Air and fire cleanses and blesses…” Really whatever you like as the point is to clear negativity and maintain focus. If you are really in the zone, you can even chant yourself into a trance state!

Holy Water – There are many different takes on holy water, but what I like is the simple water with sea salt. Mix together until salt has dissolved completely in the water. As with the herbs, a little goes a long way so a tablespoon should be plenty. Charge the water with cleansing properties by holding your hands over the water and flowing energy into the water. You may even ask the Goddess to help you charge the water, if that feels comfortable to you. I used to leave the water in a chalice and kind of sprinkle the water throughout my home, but have found that this leaves salt-water droplets everywhere. Instead, I now use a spray bottle that will mist the solution through the home. It works better for me, but as with all things, find what works best for you.

If you were doing a thorough house cleansing, I would use sage as well as holy water. As you walk through the house, starting and finishing at the front door, use the sage to clear away unpleasant energy. I use my arms and hands as a kind of energetic broom to sweep away the negative energy as I go. Then when I finish at the front door, I open the door and push the unpleasant energy outside. I’m lucky enough to have two big trees in front of my house and I usually take this energy and give it to the ground in front of the trees. Energy that I find unpleasant becomes neutralized in the ground and helps the trees. Then go through the house with holy water doing the same as I did with the sage, including shooing the unpleasant energy out the front door and grounding it in the earth.

After you have finished cleansing your house with Air and Fire (the sage or incense) and Earth and Water (the salt and water) , you can then place protective wards or shields around your home. There are many, many ways to accomplish this, from the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram to simply visualizing your home as surrounded in a dome of protective light. I prefer to place specific wards around my home, while my husband uses a protective energy dome around the home.

Thread Bottle – I forgot where I first read about a thread bottle, but I do know that spell this was found in a book somewhere. The idea is a bottle full of odds and ends of thread that tangle up anyone who tries to do you harm. My husband loves this particular spell as he hates to throw anything away. Because we add to it any time we sew or knit or just have an odd piece of string or thread or yarn from somewhere, which means that something that might have been thrown out is used to help keep our home safe.

You can use any kind of glass bottle you like. We first had a very pretty bottle I purchased from Hobby Lobby for this purpose, but when this bottle broke, my husband just switched to using an empty bottle of vodka we were getting ready to recycle. He was pleased as punch to be able to reuse the vodka bottle for something and we just transferred the thread bits from one container to another. Part of the great thing about this spell is that everyone in the house can contribute their energy to it, as they add bits of loose thread to the bottle.

Witch’s Ball – This is a very simple little ward you can place around your house. Most of the ones I have seen are terribly expensive, hand-blown glass affairs that I could never afford. Therefore, I never really thought much about getting one. I am also rough on delicate objects, so a pretty glass thing seemed like asking for trouble. My then High Priestess, who is terribly crafty in all of the ways that I am not, said that you could use Christmas tree ornaments. The local hobby shop sells, year round, clear glass bulb ornaments, usually for under $5 for a set of them.

You can then place herbs inside of the ornaments and hang them around your house. Our hobby shop sells them in a variety of sizes from small to extremely large. Our crafty HP said that you could also paint them different colors to correspond to the elements, or use food coloring and Elmer’s glue to make the bulbs different colors. I tried the food coloring with Elmer’s glue, but I apparently go crazy with food coloring and used too much so it didn’t turn out well. It was interesting in a Look at That Gloppy Mess That Won’t Dry kind of way, but not very useful. I think a lighter touch is needed if you go the Elmer’s glue route.

I placed protective herbs inside my ornaments and then put them up in the four quarters. One of the nice things about these types of wards is that they are an excellent indicator of when someone is wishing you ill. When your wards explode inexplicably, that is a major indicator of bad news! We had one just destruct without anyone being near it, and from there we went on to discover that someone was not too pleased with us. When that happens, you just replace the ward and move on, while maybe doubling up on the protection detail.

Witch’s Bottle – I’ve never made one of these myself, but hear that they are really affective. Basically, you take a bottle, like a mason jar, and you place sharp pointy things inside it. If they are rusty and twisted, then that is good too. I’ve heard very specific instructions for this and very loose instructions for this. Basically, you want nails, razor blades, staples, tacks, screws and other implements of that nature in the bottle. In addition, you then add your own urine to the bottle. You bury this bottle on your property and it protects you from any harm thrown your way. Some say you should include a parchment paper with your name on it, or that you should smear it with menstrual blood or semen, but I’m not too big on the use of bodily fluids. The version I’ve heard most is rusty, sharp things, urine, then bury it. Some people say bury it on a full moon, others say the dark of the moon. As with all things, do what seems right to you.

Wards – Wards can be placed over doors and windows. A ward is very simple and consists of nothing more than your energy. Using an athame, wand, or your finger, draw banishing pentacle over the door or window. Visualize protective, blue white light drawing the banishing pentagram and sealing your door or window. Do this to all of the openings in your house. Some people take protection oil and physically draw the circle on the door or window, which is a way to do it that works well, but for me, I just don’t like having oil on my windows so I visualize instead. Do what works best for you.

Braids – One of the earliest spells of blessing I performed was one for a good marriage. I took three different colored ribbons, choosing the colors to correspond with what I wanted to bless my marriage with. Then I knotted the three ribbons together on one end and braided them together while chanting and flowing energy into the spell. The chant I used was merely what each color represented, “Peace, love, happiness”. Once the ribbons were braided together, I then knotted the other end of the ribbons and tied the two ends together forming a circle. As ribbons braided together are relatively thin, you could double up the magic on your home by hanging up a witch ball with the braided ribbon. Protection and blessing working together.

Another use for these braided ribbons is to place them over the tops of the windows and doorways in your home. If I am doing that with the braids, I will often chant more specifically, such as “Let only friends pass through this door” or “Goddess bless and protect all who enter” or something of that nature. After the braid is completed, it can be added to the top of the window or doorway.

Problem Areas

A lot of the above information focuses on doorways and windows mainly because those are the entryways into our home. When cleansing an area or protecting an area, you want to pay special attention to those areas where energy can come in and set up camp. By warding the doorways and windows, you are keeping unwanted energy out.

Another problem area is the corner. When going through my house to cleanse, the ceiling corners often have the biggest buildup of energy. It is a good practice to clear the energy out when you can, as you don’t want it hanging around.

Clutter is an area where energy can collect. Clutter is something that seems to follow me around, but when I do a cleansing, if I can’t clean/organize/remove the clutter, I will make sure to spend extra time cleansing it and clearing it of unpleasant energy.

There are many different ways to cleanse, bless, and protect your home. The above is just a list of simple but effective things you can do to start out. I recommend to anyone practicing magic cleansing and blessing your home much as you would your ritual tools. One of the most effective protections out there is the goddesses and gods, so don’t forget to ask them for their blessings and protection of your home. These cleansings and blessings should be done on a regular basis, at least once a month if not once a week, and ALWAYS before you move into a new place. Magical hygiene is like regular hygiene – the more often you do it, the cleaner and clearer you are.

As a side note, you should cleanse and bless any area you are working magic in, praying in or doing a ritual in before each magical act but especially before ritual.




Finding and Blessing Your Home

Finding and Blessing Your Home


by Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson

Spring is in the air, and the nesting urge has begun. Here is a light-hearted and airy house-finding and house-blessing ritual for people who know in their bones that it’s time to seek out a home of their own. You’ve long outgrown your parents’ nest and passed the nomadic apartment dweller phase. The new you longs for stability and a place to call home. You want your name on a mailbox, invitations to homeowners’ association meetings. You covet a mantel on which to display Grandma Madison’s china or Grandpa Rossman’s musket. You yearn for trees you can get to know over many seasons and neighbors you can count on, and you have your resources all in a row. This springtime ritual can help sharpen the focus and bring your dream house into the land of manifest reality.

Do your mundane homework first. Check the listings and property values, and listen up for real estate agents that are real wizards at cinching a deal and taking your priorities to heart. Then enter the magickal realms…

House-Hunting Ritual

For the house-hunting ritual, you will need:

  • A bird’s nest (Warning: shakest thou not the nests from the trees, but go ye into craft stores instead, where such things await in great bounty!)
  • A hollowed-out and dried egg that you can write on with a fine-point marking pen
  • A gold candle
  • A house representation
  • A piece of parchment paper
  • A small fire laid of straw and twigs

Make a simple altar outdoors, with those things important to your tradition. For your house representation, many possibilities exist. Do you own a Monopoly game? Pluck a green plastic house from the box. Have a Yule decoration shaped like a gingerbread house? That will do fine. You can also simply draw a house outline on the parchment paper, leaving room for your list of specs. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Love and the universe will make it so. On the egg, write “My new home.” You can add your name, date and runes or other magickal sigils if you want.

Now comes your shopping list. Be as specific as you can, while keeping a healthy amount of realism in play. Where should the house be, in conjunction to work, school, culture, family, etc? Envision your ideal floor plan, describing it in words. Is there a yard? A garden space? Is the place environmentally friendly? How big is the garage? What would you like to be within strolling distance of? For price range, you might want to give two figures — the first being what you’d prefer to pay, and the second being the most you can go.

When you are done, roll up your parchment paper so that it’s a thin enough scroll to be inserted through the open ends of the hollowed-out egg. Where else would a dream house hatch? Cast the circle in your way, lastly lighting the gold candle and invoke your patron deity, or whomever you feel most likely to help you in this rite. You may wish to call upon the Goddess in her guise as bird goddess, ancient mother of us all, from whom the egg of the world was laid. Other hearthfire keepers might include Juno, Vesta, Brigit or Hestia. Nordic types may turn to Frigga as queen mother of Asgard, or even to good friend Thor, said to gladly bless a new home and to party with the best. A suggested invocation might be:

By the spark within Your breast,
Feel my longing for my nest.
Grant that I, contented, dwell
By sacred words and ancient spell.
So mote it be!

Holding the egg cupped in your hands, and speak aloud your dearest wishes and desires for your home, including the timeframe in which you hope to find it. Kiss the egg gently and lay it in the nest, thanking Deity for making it hatch with its otherworldly, all-knowing magick. Lay the nest atop the twigs and straw you will use to kindle the fire, then light the spark. As the nest, egg, and your vision burn, know that your mental blueprints are rising to the heavens where your Hallowed House Hunter is seeing them clearly and already beginning to discern where your perfect home might be.

Close the circle in your way, but allow the gold candle to burn out. If that is not possible all in one night, pinch it out and relight it for the next several nights until the candle is gone.

Get yourself a cardboard box and pack some unneeded things away. This signals the universe that you are becoming mobile and can take occupancy of your new home as soon as the closing documents are signed.

House-Blessing Ritual

Huzzah! The Old Ones and your banker have coming shining through! You dance a wild jig, sign a million papers and are petrified and exhilarated. You are now a homeowner! For this house-blessing ritual, you will need:

  • A white taper candle
  • Blessing oil (your choice of scent)
  • Sage or incense
  • A crystal dish or clear bowl
  • Bells

The first New Moon after you have keys in hand and have unpacked enough things to live sanely from day to day, invite friends over to bless your new home. Ask each to bring you a coin from the happiest place they have visited recently — so that your home might be blessed with happiness and prosperity — and a bell to ring for mirth and to summon the fey folk forth.

Light the candle, and trace an invoking pentagram at every entrance, asking that truth, benevolence and harmony enter in. You may wish to add an extra wish for great sex, creativity, personal growth and new opportunities, or other heart’s desires. Hand your favorite blessing oil to a special friend, and have him or her bless each reflective surface by drawing the same invoking pentagram in oil and expressing the same wish. Burn some sage or your favorite magickal incense, inviting all unseen creatures of goodly heart and helpful hands to come and dwell herein.

After this is accomplished, guests may deposit their coins one by one into the dish, telling of the happy place in which the coin made its way into their pockets. Never spend these coins, but rather look upon this hoard as treasure of the heart and a certain guarantee that you will never be destitute.

Now those guests who have bells should go merrily ringing and dancing through the place, proclaiming lighthearted wishes for you as they do so: “I wish for your cat to love it here! I wish you incredible sexual romps! May nothing you cook in this kitchen ever burn! May there always be wine in your fridge!” Let unbounded imagination bring forth creative, graphic, heartfelt and humorous wishes. Well-wishers may shout “huzzah!” or “so mote it be!”

Now it is time to sing to the house itself, blessing it with your hopes and praise. What better tune than the 1980s classic rock tune, “Our House,” by Graham Nash? Here are some magickally-modified lyrics, penned by yours truly, to serenade your new home:

Oh my/your house is a very, very, very fine house!
With friends in every chair
And love beyond compare.
Yes my/your house is a very, very, very fine house!

Oh my/your house is a very, very, very fine house!
Prosperity abounds
And hearty laughter sounds.
Oh my/your house is a very, very, very fine house!

Oh my/your house is a very, very, very fine house!
Health, wealth, good fortune too.
All blessings come to you.
For my/hour house is a very, very, very fine house!

This would be the perfect time for a toast, to you, to the God/dess, to your new home, and to many years of happiness together.

Happy Wednesday, dear friends!

Hello dear friends! I hope everyone is having a lovely day so far. The sun is shining here and it looks like it is going to be an awesome day. I started another post a little bit ago. But I deleted it. The reason I deleted it is because I got to thinking about the old group I use to have. Some of the people in it and some of the things that went on (without my approval and done behind my back). Thinking about these things put me in a very serious mood to say the least. I wanted to talk to you about protecting yourself and also your home. When you are on the internet, you never know who you are dealing with. I had people in that group sending demons after each other, yes, demons.  Now do you see why you need to protect yourself. I am not trying to scare you. I have seen things done that I don’t even want to talk about. But I want to forewarn as many people as possible. This stuff can be prevented and guarded against. First, you need to know how to shield yourself. I think I have something on the blog about how to do this. If I don’t I will post it. Next, it is a good idea to put a shield around your home especially when you are in it. While we are in your house, put up wards. They help immensely and are easily done. Next, I have added my own little ritual here, I take blessed sea salt and put it in all four corners of my home. Doesn’t hurt. Next you can smudge your house with sage. Some recommend white sage but if you can’t get that regular old sage works just fine. That’s what I use anyway.  Good thing I got up to get more coffee or else I would have forgotten this tip. We had spiders super bad and to top it off, one of the women made a remark about my husband that I took very personal. So I got a fresh bottle of Bay Leaves from the supermarket and put them in all four corners of each room in my house. The Bay not only protects your house, it also gets rid of spiders. I have a schedule I try to stick to and certain phases of the Moon help keep me on track. The Full Moon rolls around, it is time to bless the outside of the house. I have about a pint size plastic container that I put sea salt in. Then I take it outside and meditate and pray for a little bit. Should add, you must put the salt where moonbeams will hit it. After the salt has been blessed, I start my house blessing. Stop at all four corner, you can say a chant or prayer. Then as you move from corner to corner, sprinkle salt along the way. Be sure to get your thresholds good.  I know what you must be thinking, my goodness what does her house look like? Normal as yours. Everything is done discreetly. The Bay Leaves in the corners, I am the only one that knows their there. The salt in the corners, the same thing I only know it’s there. You can have a magickally protected home and no one knows it but you. The outside house blessing can be done as needed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be done at the Full Moon that’s my schedule. I also do it when Kiki starts acting crazy. She is super sensitive to spirits and she knows the minute something shows up that isn’t suppose to be there. If you have a familiar that is like that, then you know it is time to do a house blessing.

You will hear me talk about using salt and sage quite a bit. Salt is a super protective item. People take old BOS and seal them with sea salt. I have a Quija Board that I have sealed in salt. If salt is powerful enough to contain evil, then it is fine to bless your home with.  Sage, Bay leaves and Lavender are some of my favorite herbs to work with. I haven’t mentioned the Lavender before, so I will shed a little light on it. Lavender to me, represent peace, calm and serenity. So when I spring clean, I will take Lavender incense and waft it into the four corners of the room. If I have cones, I will leave one burning in that room also. But it just feels so good when you do these things. Your home feels so peaceful and you are so relaxed. It is just an awesome feeling. If nothing else, buy you a pack of Lavender incense and see if they don’t make a difference in your house. Almost forgot, you can buy those Airwick or Glade plug-in fans with the scent attachment. I hope you know what I am talking about, but they have a lavender scent to them. I have those in the kitchen and the minute everyone walks in they feel so relaxed. You can watch the expression on their face change. The problem is, once they get here, they don’t won’t to leave, lol! My daughter went she was dating would get so pissed at here dates. They would come in and sit down in the living room and wait for her. We have two huge windows in the living room that looks out to the pond and they would sit down on the love seat and ask her if they really had to go.  I would laugh my butt off and I would get a steer “MOTHER” from her, lol!

But seriously though, try some of these ideas for your home. A witch has a very strong  aura and this can be sensed by many people, animals and other critters. I forgot that “critter” psychic vampires, yes they do exist. They sense you and they will hone in and try to suck all your energy. I am not trying to scare you, I just want you to take precautions. I don’t want you to be as stupid as I was when I first got on the internet. I admit it I grew up in the sticks and Witchcraft was present everyday but no one sent demons after another. That wasn’t heard of. So when I got on the net, I had a very rude awakening. None of them bothered me because they said they knew I was a very powerful witch, that they could feel my energy and presence. Now if that’s true I don’t know. But what they were doing to each other. We are supposed to be brothers and sisters in the Craft. I would tell them we have enough obstacles out there to overcome, don’t be fighting each other. But please protect yourself, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made. The Craft is a wonderful and beautiful Religion. There are still a few that give it a bad name. But there are more and more of us coming together to stomp out the evil and negativity that is in our midst, in order to show the world what we are truly all about. I know that is my mission. I believe very strongly in my Religion and I do not want anything to tarnish it. We have come to far to let that happen. If you need any help with anything I have posted here, let me know and I will gladly help you. Or if you need help at anytime, feel free to let me know. Till then………..

Blessings to you and yours.