Calendar of the Sun for June 13th

13 Lithemonath

Feast of Epona

Colors: White, black, brown, grey.
Element: Fire
Altar: Set upon a green cloth many figures of horses, iron horseshoes, and a burning candle.
Offerings: A basket of hay and apples.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian. Horse-shaped cookies.

Invocation to Epona

Hail, Mother of horses!
Hail, Lady whose children
Are the embodiment of the wind
And come like fire and thunder
Across field and plain.
Carry us, Lady,
As you carried our ancestors
Across rivers and continents,
As you carry our dreams
And nightmares,
Carry our wishes and hopes,
Bear us to adventure
And safely back home again,
And may we never stop running
Toward the far horizon
Of possibility.

Song: Song for the Horse Goddess

(The ritual for this day consists entirely of a drum circle, which can go on until the end of Sponde. The drums invoke the horses’ hooves. Those who do not wish to drum can circle-dance around the drummers.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]


Calendar of the Sun for Januaury 17th

Calendar of the Sun
17 Wolfmonath

Ogoun’s Day

Colors: Green and black
Element: Earth
Altar: On cloth of green and black set many tools and weapons of iron and steel, an anvil, large green candles, and the figure of a leopard.
Offerings: Red meat from four-legged animals. Work hard and focused at a difficult task.
Daily Meal: Red meat from four-legged animals.

Invocation to Ogoun

Papa Ogoun
You of the unflinching leopard stare
You whose eyes bore into us
As you look up from the work
You are doomed to do eternally.
You know the darknesses within us,
The beasts caged by such flimsy bars;
The silent round of toil,
The dedication,
The rhythm of hammer on anvil
Forging one’s own chains
To free the hands of others.
Hunt our laziness down like
Frightened antelope
And do not rest
Until you have borne us to the ground
Which is where we belong.

(The Ogoun chant should be accompanied with a drum circle. It is wordless harmonies sung over the pounding drums. Each person who is not drumming should take a turn pounding on the anvil with a metal hammer, in honor of Ogoun the smith.)