Magickal Correspondence for Summer Solstice 2012

Your Magickal Correspondence for Summer Solstice 2012

Incense – Frankincense, myrrh, rose, pine, vanilla, lemon

Herbs and plants – Lavender, carnation, chamomile, mugwort, honeysuckle, oak, fern, yarrow, wild thyme, daisy, sage, mint, heather, St. John’s Wort, pine, rose

Gemstones – Lapis Lazuli, diamonds, all green gemstones, especially emeralds

Traditional foods – Seasonal fruits and vegetables, corn cakes, honey cakes, honey. Other foods depend on a person’s tradition or individual tastes.

Deities – Mother aspect of the Goddess such as Isis, Athena, Brigid, Epona, Juno, Freya and Hestia.  Consort aspect of the God such as Mercury, Thor, Ra, Zeus and Apollo.

Colors – Yellow, gold, orange, blue, green and red


Calendar of the Sun for June 13th

13 Lithemonath

Feast of Epona

Colors: White, black, brown, grey.
Element: Fire
Altar: Set upon a green cloth many figures of horses, iron horseshoes, and a burning candle.
Offerings: A basket of hay and apples.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian. Horse-shaped cookies.

Invocation to Epona

Hail, Mother of horses!
Hail, Lady whose children
Are the embodiment of the wind
And come like fire and thunder
Across field and plain.
Carry us, Lady,
As you carried our ancestors
Across rivers and continents,
As you carry our dreams
And nightmares,
Carry our wishes and hopes,
Bear us to adventure
And safely back home again,
And may we never stop running
Toward the far horizon
Of possibility.

Song: Song for the Horse Goddess

(The ritual for this day consists entirely of a drum circle, which can go on until the end of Sponde. The drums invoke the horses’ hooves. Those who do not wish to drum can circle-dance around the drummers.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Finding Dragons

Finding Dragons

Dragons live deep underground in caverns, usually with many passages and inner caves where the treasure is kept.
Some areas, like Wales or the Catalan region around Barcelona, have strong fire-dragon traditions.
Visit places with dragon or drake names such as Dragon Hill near Uffingham on the Berkshire/Oxfordshire borders, close to the huge chalk horse symbol of the Celtic horse goddess Epona.
Go also to those spots where there are dragons legends, such as Krakow in Poland where the dragon lived in a cave beneath Wawel Hill under the castle. You can be sure people in times past experienced dragon energies there and so wove the legends. Enter ‘dragon’ in the regional website of the place you intend to visit.
Explore dry, rocky, sandy regions, like Almeria in the south east of Spain. Visit also the bush lands of Australia and the Midwest of America and New Mexico, where European and Scandinavian settlers from the Old World carried the dragon mythology and the absorbed energies to join with the indigenous myths.
Explore the sacred sites of the creatrix rainbow serpent in Australia. In American, Serpent Mound in Ohio, just east of Cincinnati, which was used for worship by the Adena Indians, somewhere between 800 BCE and CE 100, is another perfect dragon location.
Most deep forests also have their share of dragon legends, especially in Germany. Visit different cavernous or rocky areas and feel for your dragon.
You may even find friendly fire-dragon energies near seaside caves in sandy coves (watch for tides). Western dragons traditionally live alone except for mating.
Collect the legends and your own impressions in your Book of Shadows.