Let’s Walk Together

Let’s Walk Together

Let’s walk on the path together
Hand in hand, some memories to gather
Let’s walk through the rest together

Some hilly curves to climb, some downhill to go
Sometimes roads will have arid leaves, at times covered with snow
But the basket of love will embrace it all, no matter
Let’s walk through the rest together

Some clouds of doubt may hover; a rain of obstacle may fall in
The draught of relief may come, when tough period calls in
But the rock of our trust will flout all these weathers
Let’s walk through the rest together

Our love is so strong; it can stand any pain
It’s caress so soothing; want to have it all over again
It’s passion, it’s charisma, it’s craving,… feels like ether
Let’s walk through the rest together
Let’s walk through the rest together

Copyright © 2008 Nisha Grace


Walk Your Own Walk

Walk Your Own Walk

You have to walk your own walk in this life. And as you are traveling down your road, don’t look down at your feet. Keep your head up and your eyes focused on what you know to be true. Be neither a follower nor a leader. You are not forsaken; you are forgiven, and when shadows exist simply find higher ground to tread upon. If you come across an obstacle or an impasse, pay mind to it but don’t focus on it for too long or your feet may sink into the quicksand that surrounds it. Find the courage to surmount it and continue on your journey.

Offer your hand to those you come across who are stuck in their own personal sand traps, but do not point them in the direction you feel they must go, that has to be their decision. Only imply to them that they are never alone, and they will eventually find their way. When you get to where you are going and you look back, it is your own footprints you are going to want to see, not someone else’s. The importance of your trials and tribulations is a gift to be beholden, for that is how you will learn whom you truly are.

Copyright © 2005 Diane Gresham