Good Thursday Morning Dearies!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday so far. I am Spring Cleaning. I know it is a little late for Spring Cleaning but it is 105 outside. I just hate to see July and August if the temperatures are already like this. Alaska here I come! I started outside this morning. I went and bought a new water hose and also Round-Up. I was going strong at 5:30 a.m. I had to dodge two wildcats every time I made a move.


I mentioned wildcats. I don’t know if you heard it on TV last night or not. But if you live in a wooded area were wildcats are known to roam, you need to be aware of this. There is a tick that lives on the wildcats. The ticks fall off the wildcats and gets on our indoor cats (only if you let them out). The ticks get on the indoor cats when they go outside. And give them “wildcat fever,” this is a fatal disease and there is no known cure for it. They said the cats get sick and they don’t know what it is till they do blood work. Then they find out the cats has “wildcat fever,” and it is too late, just a matter of time before the cat dies. They said the best way to avoid this is to keep your cats inside.

I caught hell last night for playing with two of my wildcats. But I don’t figure Stinker is in any danger. He is not close to them or around them. I am the one around them and I have always made it a practice to check myself for ticks.

Then I get throwed in my face perhaps I caught something from them. Remember when I had all the knots suddenly appearing on my head. Nobody knew what was causing the knots. Who knows I still have them popping out and (knock on wood) they haven’t killed me yet.

I love how this goes from me working my butt off to wildcat fever, Gee! Well I am going to go get me some more Cranberry juice (I have got to the point I crave this stuff, weird, huh?) and start posting. I hope everyone have a lovely day. Remember to keep your cats inside. Give’em a hug and kiss for me!

One more thing, you will notice there is a new post on the blog today, “Saint of the Day.” I have been asked by several Practitioners if I would include this daily and I said yes.  So “Saint of the Day” will become a regular feature now. If you have anything you would like to see or request, just let me know and I will get it on here for you.


Happy Sunday My Blog Friends!

Good Sunday Morning, my friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. Mine, I haven’t been up that long. I stayed up late last night playing with all my critters. It turned off cold here and I was putting on my long johns and a jacket. My husband came through and started to ask me, “where I was going?” But he stopped in mid-sentence and said, “never mind you are going to play with the critters.” He’s good, lol! I look like a pack mule taking all the bags of food outside. Anyway got all the “hogs” fed. I was leaned up against the porch and the old, old, mean wildcat walked over to me and just sit down. I started loving him and he just ate it up. I had a strange thought while I was rubbing his belly and tickling under his ear. I was the first person to ever do this. I had a tie that goes to my house coat. I pulled it out and started dangling it over him. He started smacking at it and playing like a young kitten. Another reason I am amazed at him, he is old and he has battle scars from all the battles he has fought. And yet, he has enough kitten in him he wants to play and be loved. Animals are truly a gift from the Goddess.

While I was sitting outside last night with my critters, the people who had stolen two of the kittens came home. I didn’t think nothing about it. I just don’t care if I ever speak to them again. Anyway back to the story, their daughter came running out of the garage screaming and crying. Well of course I had to sit up and take notice. Well the kid was on the porch crying, here came Momma and let her in. Then here comes Momma back to the garage. She was chewing her husband out so bad, I am surprised y’all didn’t hear her. What had happened was the kittens are big enough to get out of whatever they have them in. Old Pop’s there ran over one of them in their garage. It made me so angry. They stole something that was never meant to be there and the poor kittens are the one to have to suffer for it. I have thought on it and thought on it, the minute they all get in the car and go somewhere. I am going to the local kitten shoppe. I told my hubby what had happened. He was surprised and angier than I imagined he would be. He told me not to go over there by myself. He is going with me.  May I look at thing differently from others but those kittens should never had to suffer because of those people. I told hubby when we first moved out here I liked them. But now it’s a different story (and it has nothing to do with the kitten incident either).  They act like they are entitled to whatever they want. They don’t care if it belongs to someone or not, if they want they should have it. I don’t know if you know of any people like that are not. I know one thing, they test your patience. My poor patience have been stretched to their limit.

Well I guess I better run for now. I hope everyone has a great day and thank you for listening me to vent. Hopefully I won’t have to do that very often. But I have to admit I feel better now. While I got this warm and fuzzy feeling going on, I am going to run……..

Lady A

Wishing You A Very Blessed & Happy Saturday!

Good Afternoon my dearies! I know it is late in the afternoon but I am going to do things a little different today. I am going to just put on the horoscopes, tarot, I Ching and Runes. Then after that I am actually going to put on some interesting and useful info. That’ll be a first, lol! If you can’t poke fun at yourself, then no one can.

Hadn’t talked to everyone in a while, so I thought I would give you all a quick up-date. You know when I asked for your prayers for my son, his family and everyone else suffering from the flooding??? The water stopped 2 foot from getting into his house. I don’t want to toot your horn to soon because we had rain yesterday and it is also raining now. But I do have faith in you that as long as you continue to pray for him and everyone else, we will make it. May I ask you one more thing, there is a little boy who is in one of our hospitals about to die. The reason, his mother let him play in this nasty water, while she cleaned up some. I wish I knew the child’s name but I am not even suppose to know about this. So please pray for him and also pray for these parents around here that they exercise good judgement. The CDC came through here and tested the toxic levels in this nasty stuff. All the levels were off the chart. I believe if I had a kid right now about 5 or 6 and I had cleaning to do, I would nail him to the wall  by his drawers.

But the water is starting to receded slowly but surely and I am sure life will return to normal. Now for my fun around here and oh, brother, has it been fun! NOT!  Should I start with the idiot that is killing cats or the other idiots shooting coyote? Hmmmm……whatever is a Lady to do??? Let’s start with the cats. I had two cats that I was obviously crazy about. Either one of them were afraid of humans and now I wish they were and had never met me. I feel responsible because they lost their fear of humans. If they had just been kept wild then no one could have ever hurt them. The one that was pregnant was found dead in the field this morning. She had given birth to the kits several weeks ago and I was scared to death they would harm the momma cat. Sure enough, when they didn’t need her anymore they killed her. The big one that I wanted to keep so bad he was found dead in the field also, shot. I know who is doing it. I heard them talking one night while I was outside brushing KiKi. But hubby says without proof we can’t do anything. I don’t know what kind of proof I need? Get my camera and follow them out into the field. Then ask them to smile for the camera? That wouldn’t work at all. I would want to beat the hell out of them, then they would call the Law. But having dumped so many animals, I am sure they wouldn’t call the Law at all. I might end up like one of those animals out in the field.  Now on to the people shooting coyotes. They move a trailer way out in the middle of the field. Right in the middle of every animals’ path you can imagine. Well I have been going out in the afternoon and looking at the coyotes with my field binoculars. (Yes, I hunt.) On the horizon, I saw pups a playing. It was hard to tell if they were coyote or wolf. Momma Whatever would never come up to see her babies play and check on them. But she wasn’t too far away, they all took off in a hurry. I asked the man who was doing the coyote hunting if he ran across a den of young coyotes/wolves, to let me know. I also asked him not to shoot all of them please. If it wasn’t too much trouble for him to bring me one. He did one better and made my day. He told me if they ran across a den he would send his boy over to get me and I could go with them to the den. I asked if I could take all of the pups with me. He looked at me like, “Why?” I told him I knew of enough Rescues that would take the other. There was no need to kill them all. He agreed with me. He even asked me if I wanted to go out in the future and collect the pups (if any) and turn them over to a rescue. I love animals, so what could I say, lol! But that did make my day. The man doing the coyote hunts use to come over while Mocha was alive. She was more Wolf than dog and she was a beautiful animal. But she was very protective of me and when the man came over, he always wanted to pet Mocha. I would tell her it was ok and she would let him pet her. So he knows I miss her and why I would want a coyote or wolf pup. Kiki would have to get use to it.  Especially her not ruling the roost anymore, lol!

Have a great Saturday,

Lady A