Special Kitty of the Day for February 13th

Lucky, the Cat of the Day
Name: Lucky
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Weisbach, Germany
Lucky is a very lovely cat, but three years ago Lucky has a bad time. When he was born, Lucky’s mum had left him and so I gave him potatoes and milk until we could get kitten food. Lucky is grey and black (he looks like a tiger). He loves to play with me, with other cats and to sleep in his basket. When I come home from school, Lucky waits for me and he picks me up from the bus. He is so special because he is simply unique and cuddly.

I love Lucky very much!


Happy Sunday Afternoon All!

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you are having a great Sunday. After the last couple of days of sadness, I have to admit today was brighter. After I brought the kitten in the house, by the way the kitten’s name is Razputin. For short, he occasionally gets called “Raz.” I have no idea why I named him after a Russian mystic but I did. And it didn’t really dawn on me that Razputin was a mystic till I looked up how to spell the name on Google. Razputin had always fascinated me in history. But when I named the kitten, it just blurted out.

Anyway this morning, I felt something bouncing up and down on me at 6:00 a.m. It was Raz, of course. He is so cute and every time I look at him I smile. But I still miss the other two and see pieces of them in him. But today, he acts like he owns the place. I have made him, his own little bed. He has a set of Stinker’s old ear plugs he is playing with. When my husband would go to work he would bring home a set of ear plugs everyday for Stinker. He would keep them in his lunch box and Stinker figured out how to get in there and get the ear plugs out. But Raz has chased them all over the place. Stinker has stopped hissing at him. Now they are smelling of each other. Raz is still young enough, you can’t tell if he is a boy or girl.  I am betting on a boy, if he is a girl then I will call him “Razzy.” I will have to get something close to his name now because he already knows his name. But I had forgotten how sweet kittens are. I took him once to the litter box to see if he had to use it and ever since he has been running in there by himself. It is amazing how smart he is and how fast he catches on. He was jumping last night because of the noise from the TV. Today he jumped once or twice and I told him it was the TV and he laid down and went back to sleep. Kiki and him had a run in. I was getting ready to run to the store. I looked in the bedroom and they were sitting side by side on the bed. Then all hell broke loose. Raz made a drive for her paw playing and she run him off the bed. He got up on the chest at the end of the bed and just sit and looked at her. He wants to be friends with them so bad. It breaks my heart when I stop to think about the poor little thing having no one. Just depending on the mercy of the world, I got to thinking it is a good thing their mother made their home here. It just made me think how cruel the world can be, especially nature. All three of those little kittens should be outside right now, playing not having a care in the world. Running to momma to clean them up or feed them. But unfortunately fate didn’t have that in store for them. Just a harsh reminder how quickly life can be snuffed out. Don’t take your love ones for granted. Tell them everyday you love them.

*I need to re-phrase myself before you all think I am a total idoit, lol (that might not be funny!). What I meant about naming the kitten Razputin and being fascinating with him in history. But not knowing until now he was a mystic. I totally misspoke. I knew Razputin was a mystic from history but it just dawned on me that I had named a kitten after a great mystic. I hope I made that clear, lol!*

Happy Saturday to all my Readers!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am so sorry I am running late today. Today is not really a good day for me at all. I have been crying off and on since yesterday afternoon. I had a real good tear jerker this morning and then I took a nap. I know someone once said I whined alot. Today that person would be right. I know everyone knows I had three wildcats. I also had three little precious kittens and a mother cat. I went out yesterday morning and I generally holler, “where are my babies?” and the kittens come a running. I feed them, pet them and love the devil out of them. When I went outside yesterday to feed them, I hollered and nothing came. My pentagram flipped over. I knew them something was horribly wrong. I walked around the porch and I saw where the lattice had been crashed thru. This is where the momma cat and kittens stayed. There was nothing there except fur, fur everywhere. I started to cry. Then I got up and walked around the porch and found one of the wildcats dead. This like to have killed me. I picked him up and cried and cried. Then I heard a faint cry. I got up to find it. It was one of the other wildcats and he was hurt. Something had tried to kill him by get at his jugular vein. He had bites all over him. I called the vet and I rushed him to the vet. The vet did emergency surgery on him and he is going to be fine. The other wildcat I checked out before we left. He was in the barn covered in blood. I washed him off and he was all right. I have one little kitten left and two wildcats. We were talking to some of our neighbors and they have had animals that are being killed too. They decided that late in the afternoons they were going hunting. In the late afternoon is when the coyotes and the coyodogs are most active. I know I probably didn’t spell coyodog right. A coyodog is an animal that mother or father was a dog and the mother or father was a coyote.  This animals are meaner than a coyote. These creatures will attack humans and anything else that sticks its head out.

The poor little kitten that managed to escape the killings, I found him yesterday afternoon. I had walked these grounds and hollered for him. Nothing! Then late yesterday, I got the idea to get a can of food and pop the top. I popped the top and here he came. He wasn’t running, he was staggering and looked very dazed. I picked him up and brought him in the house. I believe the poor kitten was in shock. Today he is doing much better. He is took up with me in my bedroom. My husband says he looks like my other cat. I don’t see it but he does. I want to keep him but my husband doesn’t want anymore cat after Stinker is gone. But I honestly believe he is leaning toward me keeping him. At least, I know he will make his mind up that way, lol! But I just wanted to tell you why it is not a good day for me. I have lost two momma cats, two kittens and a wildcat. It is a very sad day for me.

I am going to post spells today. Something I don’t never seem to have time to do during the week day. If some of them turn out to be geared toward the nasty side, now you know why.

I love you all and have a very blessed weekend,

Lady A


Happy Sunday My Blog Friends!

Good Sunday Morning, my friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. Mine, I haven’t been up that long. I stayed up late last night playing with all my critters. It turned off cold here and I was putting on my long johns and a jacket. My husband came through and started to ask me, “where I was going?” But he stopped in mid-sentence and said, “never mind you are going to play with the critters.” He’s good, lol! I look like a pack mule taking all the bags of food outside. Anyway got all the “hogs” fed. I was leaned up against the porch and the old, old, mean wildcat walked over to me and just sit down. I started loving him and he just ate it up. I had a strange thought while I was rubbing his belly and tickling under his ear. I was the first person to ever do this. I had a tie that goes to my house coat. I pulled it out and started dangling it over him. He started smacking at it and playing like a young kitten. Another reason I am amazed at him, he is old and he has battle scars from all the battles he has fought. And yet, he has enough kitten in him he wants to play and be loved. Animals are truly a gift from the Goddess.

While I was sitting outside last night with my critters, the people who had stolen two of the kittens came home. I didn’t think nothing about it. I just don’t care if I ever speak to them again. Anyway back to the story, their daughter came running out of the garage screaming and crying. Well of course I had to sit up and take notice. Well the kid was on the porch crying, here came Momma and let her in. Then here comes Momma back to the garage. She was chewing her husband out so bad, I am surprised y’all didn’t hear her. What had happened was the kittens are big enough to get out of whatever they have them in. Old Pop’s there ran over one of them in their garage. It made me so angry. They stole something that was never meant to be there and the poor kittens are the one to have to suffer for it. I have thought on it and thought on it, the minute they all get in the car and go somewhere. I am going to the local kitten shoppe. I told my hubby what had happened. He was surprised and angier than I imagined he would be. He told me not to go over there by myself. He is going with me.  May I look at thing differently from others but those kittens should never had to suffer because of those people. I told hubby when we first moved out here I liked them. But now it’s a different story (and it has nothing to do with the kitten incident either).  They act like they are entitled to whatever they want. They don’t care if it belongs to someone or not, if they want they should have it. I don’t know if you know of any people like that are not. I know one thing, they test your patience. My poor patience have been stretched to their limit.

Well I guess I better run for now. I hope everyone has a great day and thank you for listening me to vent. Hopefully I won’t have to do that very often. But I have to admit I feel better now. While I got this warm and fuzzy feeling going on, I am going to run……..

Lady A