Calendar of the Sun for November 11th

Calendar of the Sun

11 Blutmonath

Feast of the Fallen Warriors

Element: Fire
Altar: On a red cloth place a helmet over a skull. Set out four red candles and two crossed swords.
Offerings: Candles. Written names of fallen warriors of the past, especially in one’s family.
Daily Meal: Simple, plain food.

Invocation to the Fallen Warriors

Your blood lies spilled
Across all the lands of the world.
You stood and faced the enemy,
Whoever they were,
And perhaps you saw yourself
In his face,
And perhaps you did not.
Perhaps you fought
To save your kin and clan,
Perhaps for greed,
Perhaps for money,
Perhaps out of loyalty
To those you followed.
Whatever the reason,
You acquitted yourselves bravely
And did what you had to do
When it seemed right.
May your spirits rest peacefully,
And know we do not forget your glory.

(Chant in wordless harmonies as the swords are unsheathed, crossed in an arch over the altar, and resheathed again. All bow to the altar and extinguish the candles.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]



Another way to make candles which is easier and quicker is “Hippie Candles” as they were called in the ’60s. You need to first obtain the sand – either the beach, sandbox or you can make a box and fill it with sand just for this purpose. Size, of course will depend on how large your candle is and how many.

First, moisten the sand enough to where you can make holes in it without the sand falling back down into the hole. Then Dig your hole in the sand the shape you want it. The easiest to start with are tapers but pyramids and cauldron aren’t much harder. If you want legs on your candle – take a pencil (unsharpened) and poke hole for the legs in the sand.

When the shape is finished – hold a piece of wick over the approximate center and gently pour the wax into the hole, making sure the legs (if any) are filled.

Allow the wax to set, which can take a while. After testing wax to make sure it is ready, slip fingers into the sand under the candle and gently lift it out. Brush off any excess sand. If the legs are uneven, you can even them by sitting the candle in a hot frying pan. You are done!



When candles are molded into shapes, it is called sympathetic magic.

To assist in finding a familiar, burn a candle in the shape of the animal you desire

Fertility spells can be cast with a phallus-shaped or womb-shaped candle. Healing uses human-shaped candles or skull candles. White ones are for healing, black ones for reversing spells and warding off negativity. Different animal-shaped candles can be used for a specific purpose. Some examples are: dog – loyalty, cat – cleanliness, wolf – wisdom, bear – motherhood, rabbit – fertility.

Another type of candle magic uses pins. Stick a pin in as close to the top as you can without breaking the wax. As you insert it, say:
“When this candle burns to the pin,
The process of (name the desire) will begin.”
Insert a secont pin close to the first and say:
“When this candles burns to this pin
The process of (name the desire) will come to a successful completion and end.”
-This idea came from Silver RavenWolf

You can use birthday candles or very small candles for a spell that needs to be done quickly. You can also put drops of colored oil or food coloring into small tealite candles which also burn quickly.



Light all candles with a lighter or another candle. Never use matches, as the sulphur will disrupt magickal workings.

To extinguish a candle, use a candle snuffer, or wave your hand over the top of the candle to create enough draft to extinguish it.

If you plan to use it again, store it carefully. If the spell calls for a virgin candle, bury it off of your property for spells involving the movement of things away from you and on the property if you wish to draw something toward you.

Keep candle drippings from all rituals, except those where you are repelling. You can add drippings to healing pouches (if the spell was for healing). Remelt them on a talisman consecrated and empowered during the same ritual, or keep them simply in the bottom of a purse or coat pocket for good luck, fertility, romance and fortune.



Candles are usually dressed before they are used. I do not usually use this method, however and I have found that I get the same results by just rubbing the candle. Oils must be consecrated before they are used. Use oils to dress the candles by finding one that coincides with the spell you want to perform. Rub the candle with the oils. Later, if you like, you may roll the candle in herbs that also will help with the type of spell you wish to perform.


To draw something toward you, rub the candle in a downward motion from the top to the middle. Then rub from the bottom up to the middle as well.


To repel something, reverse by rubbing from the middle to the ends.


NEVER RUB IN A BACK AND FORTH MOTION: it negates the entire process.


When finished, dab some of the remaining oil on your third eye and then in the center of your breastbone. Speak words of power over the candle such as:

I cleanse and consecrate this taper in the name of the God and

Goddess. May it burn in strength in the service of light.

Continue by stating the purpose of the candle.


When inscribing a candle, use the same directional procedure. To bring things toward you, write from the top to the middle, then from the bottom to the middle. If you are repelling something, reverse the procedure. The athame is used to carve the inscription.

Calendar of the Sun for July 10

Calendar of the Sun

10 Haymonath

Hela’s Day

Colors: Black and White
Elements: Earth and Air
Altar: Upon black cloth to the right place four black candles, a skull, bones, a pot of earth, a pile of withered leaves, and a gravestone. Upon white cloth to the left place four white candles, incense, an ivory chalice of mead, a crystal sphere, and a bunch of dried roses. Veil the windows.
Offerings: Blood. Pain. Difficulty. Toil. An arduous task that will take all you have to give, and will benefit the generations yet to come.
Daily Meal: Meat stew and bread.

Invocation to Hela

Hail to Hel
Queen of Helheim
Wisest of Wights
Keeper of Secrets
Keeper of the hopes for tomorrow
Guardian of Souls
Implacable one of the frozen realm
Half the face of beauty
Half the face of Death.
You who feed the dead
At your meager table
Where everyone gets their fair share,
You who care not
About wealth or status,
About fame or fortune,
Who cares for the peasant
Equally with the ruler,
Teach us that Death is the great leveller
And that we need have no pride
When we reach your halls.
Lady who takes away
Yet holds always promise,
Teach us to praise loss and death
And the passing of all things,
For from this flux
We know your blessings flow.

(Blow out the candles, bow to the altar, and pour out the libation of mead. The roses should be placed outside to rot in the garden.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Candles As Tools of Magick


Select four candles in colors representing the four elements.  Try using red for

Fire, green for Earth, blue for Water and yellow for Air. Anoint the candles

with oil.  Decide on your goal or request and which candle is best for

represents the need.  (ie money, business, material objects, grounding matters

would be Earth.  Matters of sex, breaking habits, purification, protection,

strength would be Fire.  Matters of love, psychic awareness, healing,

friendships, beauty, spirituality, meditation would be Water.  Matters of

movement, travel, communication, teachings would be Air.)  Place three candles

in a triangle and put the assigned candle in the center.

Meditate on your desire as you light all four candles.  Visualize the outcome,

concentrating carefully on that which you wish to happen. Let all candles burn

go out by themselves.

For best results, do this candle burning during the hour of the day that will

aide you and during the correct Moon phases.  The Waning Moon is good for

banishing, the Waxing will help things grow.

Above all use extreme care when doing ANY form of Magick that entails the use of Fire.

My relationship with Yemayá

She Moves in Mysterious Ways

My relationship with Yemayá

by Iris WaterStar

The first time that I saw an image of Yemayá, two thoughts ran through my head; the first one was “Oh, that’s me,” quickly followed by the second one, which ran along the lines of  “What an odd thing to be thinking about a picture on a candle.” This was about two and a half years ago; the candle was one that I saw in a shop on Capitol Hill called Three Furies. I was there looking around with a friend, and this picture seemed to jump out at me. I had absolutely no idea who in the world this was, but I knew that she was wonderful, and so familiar.

It felt like seeing myself, or some part of myself, a part that I wanted to unfold somehow. This candle was one of the tall cylindrical kind; it was green and had a color painting on it. The picture is of a beautiful woman, standing on the waves of a green ocean surrounded by white blossoms. The stars are out in the twilight sky above her; the crescent moon is off to one side. She has long, dark flowing hair and is wearing a long white gown with her arms outstretched. From her hands, golden stars are falling. She has a thin aura above her head and another bright five-pointed star above her head. She is neither smiling or frowning, she simply is as she is.

I had never experienced a candle calling to me like this one did. I picked it up and put it down several times. Each time, I put it down I was aware of the feeling she was meant to go with me. I finally asked the man who ran the store “Who is this?” He wasn’t sure; he said he thought that it was some ocean-type goddess or something, but that some people had come in recently and told him her name. He couldn’t remember it but it was something like… and he pronounced something that I promptly forgot.

He also told me that these people who knew of her said that he had the candle color all wrong, and that it should be blue and not green. I bought the green candle anyway because I didn’t want to wait the couple of weeks it would take to make another candle.

I took the candle home and promptly set up an altar, with the candle as a centerpiece. I had always had shrines but never one that was dedicated to a specific persona. I had some cobalt-blue glass that I put around it, and shells (I am a Pisces so these weren’t hard to come by ); I had an incense burner, and I bought some moon incense. I had seawater and flowers and white candles.

These things just seemed right and felt like what would be appropriate for an ocean goddess. I remember looking at her and being a little in awe of the energy that seemed to be somehow associated with her. At times, I was a little afraid, but then I immediately would get this sense that she had chosen to come home to be with me and so fear wasn’t needed. I still kept a healthy respect for this energy, as well as a growing fondness.

I later went back to the store and purchased another candle with a beautiful turquoise-blue background. I added that to the altar as well. I did a winter solstice ritual in my apartment that year in solitary fashion. I am used to working with spirit guides, as I have worked as a psychic and spiritual teacher for a number of years, and so I wasn’t completely alone in my work that evening. But I was amazed just the same as I did my work and lit the incense and candles. I really felt her yet unnamed presence with me. It was a very powerful night.

It was a few months after this time that a woman came into my life who was soon to become one of my best friends. She came to visit my apartment, and in that visit, I first learned of who this goddess was who had decided to come into my life. Her name, my friend told me, was Yemayá. And I found out I had unknowingly set up my altar with many of her traditional things.

Yemayá has an amazing way of setting things up. I found myself signing up for a drumming class along with several good friends. I had never really been interested in taking a class in drumming, but my friends said that “afoshè,” the rhythm that we would be working with, was really hot. So I went to a couple of classes and found myself not only learning the afoshè beginning drumming technique. By “coincidence,” we also learned a chant in this class; it was one to call up a certain goddess in the Yoruba faith. Guess who? So I ended up learning a song/chant and a rhythm that is traditionally used to invoke Yemayá in the rituals where the orishas “ride” the participants. I had to laugh; how obvious can you get!

I have been aware of Yemayá in many different ways; she speaks to me, and I am aware of her when I meditate sometimes. She is very loving and powerful, and I have an incredible affinity for her. She also has been very respectful of my personal space. In my own private personal magic, I do things that might be considered on the edge. Sometimes my ritual journeying involves extreme sensation, and one such evening, it involved piercing. I had very clear visions and awareness of Yemayá during this session, and it was also somehow associated with my Venezuelan Indian descent. I won’t go into great detail here, since it was quite personal, but suffice it to say that she comes to me very strongly sometimes. Along with working with Yemayá, I have become very conscious of the power of my own blood time and have incorporated this into my rituals as well.

I find it a little odd that I tend to do these things and then find out later that they are already in line with traditional practices. I guess I just do things backwards sometimes. Perhaps it is just as well to not second-guess myself. But nontheless, I am finally gathering written information about her and her traditions.

I am also going through the rite of formally choosing her as the goddess to which I am dedicated. On my altar, these days I have added a lovely statue of her, a new candle with her picture on it, her name and the term “La Diosa del Mar” (the Goddess of the Sea).  I even have some Yemayá oil. I also have an amulet that my good friend made for me (the one who told me Yemayá’s name in the first place) that has many of the things sacred to her on it.

One of the most recent things I read called her the “Queen of the Ocean, First Mother of the World, Queen of Waters, owner of waters both sweet and sour. Mother of the children of the fishes, deliverer of her people.” It seems appropriate from this Piscean perspective.

I have since heard on more than one occasion that an orisha (which is what Yemayá is) tends to choose people, as opposed to people choosing the orisha. This certainly was true in my case. I didn’t know at the time I went into that store on Capitol Hill that I was going in to meet my goddess. And other than my actual experiences with her, nothing means as much to me as the original candles that I bought, when I didn’t know anything about her – just the feeling/thought that “Oh, that’s me, there I am.”

For Prosperity

For Prosperity
Rowan Moonstone

The following is a quarterly prosperity spell given to me by Angel and
Gracie, my first two FamTrad teachers. I have no idea where they got
it, but I can tell you that it DOES work. I”ve used it for years and
it never fails to bring me some unlooked for money. I find that I’ve
overpaid a bill, or an old debt which I had written off as uncollec-
tible gets repaid, I find a $20 on the sidewalk, etc. Try it, it

The spell is to begin at one minute past midnight SUN TIME (I HATE
daylight savings time when I do this. Means 1AM!) on the night of
April 30 (May 1), July 31 (Aug 1), Oct 31 (Nov. 1) and Jan 31 (Feb 1)
In other words, on the first minute of the cross quarter day.

You will need the following:

  • 1 gold candle
  • 6 green candles
  • 9 white candles
  • Pine oil for anointing candles
  • salt

All candles must be dressed with pine oil and then arranged as fol-

Gold candle in the center
Green candles in a circle around gold candle
White candles in a circle around green candles.

At one minute past midnight on the appointed day, trace a salt circle
around the outermost circle of candles, light the gold candle first,
then the green candles, moving deosil, then the white candles, moving
deosil. Circle the altar three times, chanting “Orbiting Jupiter
trine the sun, bring money on the run.” Do the chant 3 times also.
Sit quietly for a few minutes and visualize your monetary NEEDS.
(needs, not desires). Then SNUFF (do not blow or pinch) the candles in
reverse order.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it and it works beautifully.

Spell To Strengthen Your Psychic Shield


Spell To Strengthen Your Psychic Shield


Place the pot in the center with a red candle on the right side, a black candle on the left and a white candle in the back, but has not yet. Sprinkle a mixture of equal parts of larger flowers, oregano, mint and rue in a continuous circle around the cauldron. Set the sealed bottle into the pot and leave until the full moon. In the middle of the moonless night, taking a bath and cleaned with a white dress. Bring a good protection or purification incense through every room in the house. Make sure that the drift of smoke in cabinets. Take the dagger or sword. To greet this way, only keep the tip of the sword up in front of you. Say: “By the power of the rising sun, all the evil in my life is over. Turn to the south, commends, and saying: blackout at night, my shield is strong, my armor set. Turn north, greet, say, in full moon in the dark sky, I am not alone. My help is at hand. Begonia and four dirty minds are allowed here. I mean, I I’m not afraid. I’m free. You have power over me. Before the altar and take the vial of oil. Put a drop of oil on the fingers and to anoint the forehead, heart, solar plexus, wrists and ankles. When you do, visualize a bright blue suit of armor in your body slowly until you are fully protected. Thanks to the Powers for their help and extinguish the candles. Apply oil and repeat songs when I feel l ‘armor is being lost.