Your Daily Tarot Card for November 10th is The Devil

The Devil

What has traditionally been known as the Devil card expresses the realm of the Taboo, the culturally rejected wildness and undigested shadow side that each of us carries in our subconscious. This shadow is actually at the core of our being, which we cannot get rid of and will never succeed in taming. From its earliest versions, which portrayed a vampire-demon, this card evoked the Church-fueled fear that a person could “lose their soul” to wild and passionate forces.

The image which emerged in the mid-1700′s gives us a more sophisticated rendition — that of the “scapegoated Goddess,” whose esoteric name is Baphomet. Volcanic reserves of passion and primal desire empower her efforts to overcome the pressure of stereotyped roles and experience true freedom of soul. Tavaglione’s highly evolved image (Stella deck) portrays the magical formula for harnessing and transmuting primal and obsessive emotions into transformative energies. As a part of the Gnostic message of Tarot, this fearsome passion and power must be reintegrated into the personality, to fuel the soul’s passage from mortal to immortal.


Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for November 10th

When numerous alignments occur within one 24-hour time-period, many changes are in the process of manifesting. Your job is steer clear of confusion and chaos. This issue is made more pertinent today because Neptune at 1 degree of Pisces ends five months of retrograde motion by halting its forward progress and beginning to move direct (11:53PM PST). Because this official station and turnaround occurs at the end of the day, all of this Saturday falls into a high-uncertainty category.  Here’s the gauntlet of aspects you need to run through and past in order to stay grounded and mentally clear. Mercury makes an off-kilter, 150-degree link to Ceres (12:39AM PST) while Venus parallels Chiron (1:14AM PST). The first sky pattern may reduce your all-around productivity while the second link-up is a boost for healing treatments. However, the Moon in Virgo is still void until 1:36AM PST as the lunar orb enters Libra for the next two days.  Productivity is still wavering as the Sun forms a dicey, 135-degree tie to Ceres (1:45AM PST). Better vibrations enter the astro-psychic scene a few hours later when the Moon parallels Chiron (4:01AM PST) and Venus (4:18AM PST). It is possible to utilize this double lunar parallel to reinforce romantic ties and primary partnership bonds that may have been fraying at the edges in recent days.  Another reason to cheer about improved relationship ties is that Venus in Libra makes a supportive, 60-degree alliance with Juno in Sagittarius (7:17PM PST). Both of these celestial bodies, in an upbeat and favorable alignment, can superbly enhance feminine interests and offer emotional empowerment during a shaky evening when Neptune is motionless.  With Neptune extra potent — due to its lack of motion from the Earth’s vantage point — focus your attention on its principal themes such as psychic sensitivity, creative imagination, artistic innovation, idealism, universal love-wisdom, religious beliefs, dreams and visions, music and dance, film and video work, photography, nebulosity, mental and emotional uncertainty, fanaticism, addictive behavior, con-artists and lying.

Calendar of the Moon for November 10th

Calendar of the Moon


Reed Month


Element: Water
Altar: Upon cloth of blue-green place a vase of reeds, a single blue-green candle, a great bowl of water floating with wetlands plant leaves, and a knife.
Offering: Recycle something useless into something useful.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian soup and sandwiches. Only water or herbal tea to drink.

Ngetal Invocation

Call: Now is the time of the bleak cold.
Response: Now the reeds whisper in the swamp.
Call: Now is the time when we see the growing dark.
Response: Now is the time when we begin to shiver.
Call: Now is the time of bare trees.
Response: Now is the time of rain and wind.
Call: Now the rain fills the wetlands to overflowing.
Response: Now the swamp overflows into our lives.
Call: We feel our feet dragged down into the cold waters.
Response: Yet the wetland is the source of greatest life!
Call: We feel ourselves pulled into the unfamiliar.
Response: Unfamiliar to us, but no less of value.
Call: The damp cold begins to reach our bones.
Response: We must welcome its touch.
Call: We must keep it far away with fire’s warmth!
Response: We must welcome its touch.
Call: Why should we not ban it from our lives?
Response: For this, too, is a Mystery of water.
Call: Not the deep mystery of the Ocean…
Response: Not the running flow of the river…
Call: Not the crystal of snow and ice…
Response: But the secrets of the still waters.
Call: From the still waters springs the greatest number of lives!
Response: And it is this that we must honor.
Call: Welcome into ourselves the song of the whispering reeds!
Response: Welcome into ourselves the oncoming winter.


Cold as stone
Marshes heart
We will own
What is apart



[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for November 10th

Calendar of the Sun


Ancestor Day


Black and grey
Element: Earth
Altar: Spread a black cloth, and lay it with photographs, paintings, and other depictions of our ancestors. Add also symbols of their old tools, and statues of ancestral deities, a bowl of seeds for the future garden, pots of soil, a pitcher of water, and many candles of black and white and grey.
Offerings: Things they would have liked to eat, drink, smoke, or smell. Tend a cemetery and clean up the graves.
Daily Meal: Food from an earlier era, using authentic recipes.

Invocation to the Ancestors

Our ancestors got up at dawn,
Slaved in the dirt,
Sweated in the sun,
Chilled in the cold,
Numbed in the snow,
Scattering each seed with a prayer:
Pray that there be enough,
That no one starve this winter.
Pray that no bird nor beast
Steal the food I have struggled for.
And most of all,
Pray that each seed I save
Of this harvest
Shall next year
Bring forth a hundred more.
We live today
Because they worked
Because they sowed
Because they harvested
Because they prayed.


Those who came before
We are your children
Those who came before
We honor your names

(Each person takes seeds from the bowl and plants them in the pots of soil, speaking the name of one of their ancestors as they do so, as in: “In honor of _______.” The pots are watered, and the candles put out one by one.)



[Pagan Book of Hours]

The Witches Magick for Nov. 10th: A Spell To Gain Energy

The Witches Magick for November 10th


Materials: A bright red or orange candle, a spicy incense, a glass of clear pure cold water, and a bowl of sea salt. If is sunny out you may want to start the spell by going outside for a few minutes and breathing in some fresh air. Sit in front of the candle and say:
“Give me energy to happily complete the task I have been given to do.
I will feel better for having done it. The completion of the task will be my reward.”
Sprinkle the sea salt around the candle and say,
“Give me strength, O sacred Earth.”
Pass your hand near the candle and say
“Give me strength O sacred Fire.”
Pass your hand through the smoke of the incense and say,
“Give me strength, O sacred Air.”
Drink the water down and say
“Give me strength O sacred water.”
Now immediately get up and go do your task.


The Witches Correspondence for Saturday, November 10th

The Witches Correspondence for Saturday, November 10th


Magickal Intentions: Spirit Communications, Meditation, Psychic Attack or Defense, Locating Lost Things and Missing Persons, Building, Life, Doctrine, Protection, Knowledge, Authority, Limitations, Boundaries, Time and Death
Incense: Black Poppy Seed and Myrrh
Planet: Saturn
Sign: Capricorn and Aquarius
Angel: Cassel
Colors: Black, Grey and Indigo
Herbs/Plants: Myrrh, Moss, Hemlock, Wolfsbane, Coltsfoot, Nightshade and Fir
Stones: Jet, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian, Lava, Pumice
Oil: (Saturn) Cypress, Mimosa, Myrrh, Patchouli

Saturn lends its energies to the last day of the week. Because Saturn is the planet of karma, this day is an excellent time for spellwork involving reincarnation, karmic lessons, the Mysteries, wisdom, and long-term projects. It is also a good time to being efforts that deal with the elderly, death, or the eradication of pests and disease.



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The Witches Almanac for Saturday, November 10th

The Witches Almanac for *Saturday, November 10th

*Saturday (Saturn): Longevity, exorcism, endings, homes and houses.

Martin Luther’s Birthday


Moon Sign: *Virgo

*Virgo: Favors accomplishment of details and commands from higher up. Focuses on health, hygiene and daily schedules.

*Waning Moon

*The Waning Moon is a time for study, meditation, and little magickal work (except magick designed to banish harmful energies).

Moon enters *Libra 4:35 am

*Libra: Favors cooperation, social activities, beautification of surroundings, balance and partnership.

Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter

Incense: Sage

Color Blue

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