Air Witch Lore – Dragons and Serpents

Air Witch Lore – Dragons and Serpents

The ancient Aztecs depicted the element of ai as a large feathered serpent who would “swim” across the skies. He was known as the god Quetzalcoatl. Curiously enough, such air creatures are found in many mythologies. The Japanese have a similar creature, without the feathers, in the Oriental dragon. Other beings of this sort are the rainbow snake (African) and the world snake (Egyptian).

Humans have documented sightings of these creatures since the year 793. The last recorded encounter with a sky serpent was as recent as November 29, 1983 in Maryland, and was witnessed by multiple people.

Sky serpents/dragons have shown themselves all over the world. In India, the primary home of colored rains, there is said to be a sky dragon whose urine will rot the skin of all it touches. Sky serpents are said to cluster around frankincense trees due to the pleasing aroma.

In China, sky dragons are seen s benevolent, wise and protective creatures. They live for thousands of years.


Air Witch Lore – Sylphs and Fairy Folk

Air Witch Lore – Sylphs and Fairy Folk

Sylphs are the nature spirits that inhabit air. They weave together the fabric of thoughts, dreams, communication, breathing, destruction and secrets. Thought to be offspring of the Sidhe, sylphs are small in stature, transparent, and winged and they move very quickly. Sylphs sometimes take on the form of birds and other times clouds. At one time they were believed to favor virgins with their kinship. It is thought that sylphs control the winds and weather.

The Banshee is a member of the fairy realm that particularly relates to ai. Described as a wailing shrouded figure with red eyes, the Banshee is thought to warn of impending death. Considered by some to be an aspect of the Morrigan, the Banshee is seen as a withered old crone with unkempt gray hair.

Italian folklore presents fairies that like to ride the noonday winds and steal kisses. Similar fairies appear as grasshoppers or as short gentlemen and women who are well dressed. Wind spirits are known to be playful and mischievous.

Modern society views almost all fairies as being of an airborne nature. Tinkerbell, the Disney character, is  manifestation of that view. Magick transports itself primarily through the vehicle of air, although in an etheric form, so the correspondence between the two is reasonable, if a bit misguided.

The Dark Side Of The Air Witch

The Dark Side Of The Air Witch

Do not threaten an Air Witch or what she holds dear, as she is fiercely protective. When she feels threatened, she goes into overdrive and absolutely will not rest until the threat is destroyed completely. She rarely practices defensive magick, preferring instead to allow those who dare to attack face their karmic backlash instead, as she is always willing to accept hers. She can be manipulative in this manner and may not even realize it.

Usually well versed in destructive magick, the Air Witch takes all acts of magick deadly seriously. She insists that a simple blessing carries the same power behind it as a two-hour ritual. When angered, the emotion simply has to run its course, and that course can be decidedly ugly. Just as air feeds fire, the Air Witch feeds her own inner fire when she is angry. She stews and will not move beyond her anger until she is ready. Once she is, it is much easier for her to simply remove the influence from her life entirely. She will cut people out of her life without a second thought.

The Path Of The Air Witch (Part 4)

The Path Of The Air Witch

(Part 4)

Water rules creation, earth rules rebirth, and air rules the cross over a threshold-in other words, the gates of death. The Air Witch has a decidedly dark side and a complex character. Her focus is more on the death side of nature, due to her realm, which includes death, along with sustaining life. You can only survive a few minutes without air, but if you breathe the wrong air, such as poisonous gas, you will die immediately. Air brings disease, death and destruction side by side with life.

The Air Witch is very insightful in the realm of past-life discovery, because time itself belongs to her element as well.

At the same time, air cannot create or re-create life on its own. An Air Witch needs her sister element earth to recycle her winds (through plant life) and water and fire to aid growth. Air Witches may have trouble in the areas relating to menstruation and reproduction. Other potential health problems include spinal conditions or a bad back, asthma, or hearing loss.

Air rules the mental processes and Air Witches often have a few problems in that area. They are frequently nervous, jittery types, prone to panic attacks. In nature, we find crosswinds, tornadoes and hurricanes it seems that wind itself has an insane pattern. The Air Witch is the same. When angered or hurt, she can easily cross the line into the realm of madness. She may entertain notions of revenge, but since she changes her mind constantly, she rarely sees them through. The windy Air Witch is easily depressed and is known to go into a funk over the smallest of things. However, she rarely stays down for long.

The winds are important to the element of air, but they are not the element itself. However, the two are inseparable. The element of air encircles the globe; it is the atmosphere. Every sunrise and sunset takes place in its domain. In this manner we discover how the Air Witch connects to the earthly elements-she incarnates the aura of them, the same way the atmosphere is the aura of the planet. Often, the Air Witch is the catalyst needed to create a change. She is mysterious nd unpredictable.

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“The Elemental Witch”

Author: Tammy Sullivan

The Path Of The Air Witch (Part 3)

The Path Of The Air Witch

(Part 3)

The Air Witch has a hard time showing the proper respect due to others in authoritative positions, because she does not see anyone as superior to her. She is strong and fiercely independent. Due to the placement of her element, she can also be very derisive in her humor when it is pointed at herself. She does not take herself too seriously and finds much to laugh about. Compliments thrill her, but expression of thanks tend to embarrass her. She is usually very social and has a wide network of friends. Happy and upbeat as a rule, she can allow herself to become depressed when she does not meet her goals. She is very hard on herself.

The Air Witch can be highly superstitious. She accepts that not all things exist within the scope of the human senses. Within the realm of air ie the keys to invisibility, sound, thinking, communication, creativity, weather, the dead, and ghosts, just to name a few. It is no wonder that the Air Witch seems to operate  on a different level-she does. Considering the multitude of things she hosts in her space, she is usually adept at reading signs and omens. The Air Witch is well schooled in sky divination and portents or harbingers of luck.

The Air Witch specializes magickally in spirits, ghosts, invisible beings, travel, inspiration, dreams, wishes, creativity and changes. She often has a special affinity for Quija, pendulums, and storm and weather magick. She tends to be unconventional and does things that are considered taboo among many Witches, such as blowing out her candles, using items that don’t biodegrade, and so on.

Whereas the Water Witch has a talent for divination and the intuitive arts, the Air Witch has a talent for necromancy and clairaudience. The Air Witch is usually well trained in aromatherapy, meditation and pain-management breathing techniques.

(continued at The Path Of The Air Witch, Part 4)

The Path Of The Air Witch (Part 2)

The Path Of The Air Witch

(Part 2)

If you are friends with an Air Witch, prepare to be inspired. She wants her friends and loved ones to achieve their desired level of success just as badly as they do. The Air Witch gives herself to her friends selflessly. However, once betrayed, she will never trust that person again. The Air Witch is all about movement and she refuses to get caught in other people’s hand-ups. She is not one to give second chances. Because of her willingness to please, and the fact that she strives to make all things just, she may actually say that she will grant someone a second chance and then try to, but rarely can she do it in her heart. Once trust is gone for her, it is gone. She moves on.

The Air Witch is optimistic and energetic. She always starts off strong, even if her efforts dwindle later. It is the same in all areas of her life. Her first magick is the strongest, and she usually instinctually knows her element instantly. The only part of her life where this factor does not enter into the equation is in the case of first love. Once a relationship is over for her, it is over. The Air Witch does not live in the past, but in the present. The love she has now is the only one that matters.

The Air Witch can maintain her stamina to complete a project if she perceives it to be a challenge. Telling an Air Witch that she can’t do something is a sure way to see to it that she does. However, if she guesses that she is being manipulated in this fashion, she will erupt into a tantrum. She despises manipulative games and tends to see through them quickly, due to her own manipulative nature.

Because the air blankets the Earth and water, the Air Witch frequently has a large ego. She sees herself as above others and counts on her sister elements  to keep this ego in check. A key lesson for the windy ones is learning that they are not the only creatures that count. However, this position also grants the Air Witch the ability to see all sides of a situation. She is very just.

(continued on The Path Of The Air Witch, Part 3)

The Path Of The Air Witch (Part 1)

The Path Of The Air Witch

The path of the Air Witch is one of constant mental stimulation and expression. As poets, writers, actors, and dreamers, Air Witches walk the line of creativity. The wind is the soliloquy of life; every thought and sound transports itself through the air.

Seen as flaky and airheaded by some, the strength of the Air Witch lies in her intelligence, not her common-sense. She walks around with her head in the clouds. Too often she suffers from “foot in mouth” disease. She seems to have an uncanny knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Uncomfortable with silence, the Air Witch is content to chatter on aimlessly. She is well-known for making people laugh and smile, even when she is on their last nerve.

A key strength of the master of the wind is her flexibility. The Air Witch always allows room to change her mind and to bend with the wind. She considers that she is never fully “done”; she is a work in progress. Just as you cannot capture the wind, you cannot pin down an  Air Witch to one viewpoint for too long. She refuses to stagnate by accepting anything to be true all of the time. She is inquisitive, bubbly, and bright, and can inspire others to reach higher, try harder, and give a goal their best shot. Air Witches make wonderful cheerleaders.

On the flip side, the happy-go-lucky Air Witch is not one you want to anger. Her fury rouses quickly, and she usually possesses a nasty temper. An Air Witch will not mince words with you-she will cut straight to the bone. Once her outburst is over, she is usually no longer mad. Five minutes after her tantrum, she has no idea why anyone is angry with her.

Due to her flighty nature, the Air Witch has an easy time letting go of the past. She can overcome the most tragic of life’s situations. She will be changed, but she will quickly move on. She is truly like the wind. Because of this, she tends to make bad judgments. She does not always think things through fully before taking action.

The Air Witch thrives on change and new beginnings. Nothing  will excite her more than moving to a new location, getting a new job, meeting new people, or going on a vacation. She often changes her style throughout her lifetime, including favorite colors, textures, and even foods.

Her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable and tends to get her in trouble. She keeps an open mind and is willing to see alternate viewpoints. The Air Witch is known to incorporate many different belief systems into her own personal view.

Among the many quirks of Air Witches, claustrophobia rates unusually high in their ranks. The Air Witch cannot stand the thought of being trapped in a place with limited air. Scuba diving or the like is a rare activity for an Air Witch, as she fears suffocation above all else.

The Air Witch’s home is normally very clean. She can be extremely picky about dirt and dust. However, when entering the home of an Air Witch, you are apt to find many projects in various stages just sitting around waiting for her to complete them. The windy Air Witch does not always have the stamina needed to complete what she starts. It makes perfect sense to her to do the laundry and then fold it and stack it, without ever putting it away. She is easily distracted.

The home of an Air Witch is usually neutral-toned and light, with many windows. She frequently will have an abundance of houseplants and overstocked cabinets filled with convenience foods and sugary junk. It’s no wonder Air Witches have weak teeth, as they usually have an inexhaustible sweet tooth.

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