The Path Of The Air Witch (Part 3)

The Path Of The Air Witch

(Part 3)

The Air Witch has a hard time showing the proper respect due to others in authoritative positions, because she does not see anyone as superior to her. She is strong and fiercely independent. Due to the placement of her element, she can also be very derisive in her humor when it is pointed at herself. She does not take herself too seriously and finds much to laugh about. Compliments thrill her, but expression of thanks tend to embarrass her. She is usually very social and has a wide network of friends. Happy and upbeat as a rule, she can allow herself to become depressed when she does not meet her goals. She is very hard on herself.

The Air Witch can be highly superstitious. She accepts that not all things exist within the scope of the human senses. Within the realm of air ie the keys to invisibility, sound, thinking, communication, creativity, weather, the dead, and ghosts, just to name a few. It is no wonder that the Air Witch seems to operate  on a different level-she does. Considering the multitude of things she hosts in her space, she is usually adept at reading signs and omens. The Air Witch is well schooled in sky divination and portents or harbingers of luck.

The Air Witch specializes magickally in spirits, ghosts, invisible beings, travel, inspiration, dreams, wishes, creativity and changes. She often has a special affinity for Quija, pendulums, and storm and weather magick. She tends to be unconventional and does things that are considered taboo among many Witches, such as blowing out her candles, using items that don’t biodegrade, and so on.

Whereas the Water Witch has a talent for divination and the intuitive arts, the Air Witch has a talent for necromancy and clairaudience. The Air Witch is usually well trained in aromatherapy, meditation and pain-management breathing techniques.

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