Ten Commandments of Witches

I know there is always an argument when it comes to Witches having Laws or Commandments.  When you get right down to it Witches don’t have anyone at all to answer too. They answer to theirselves and no one else. But there are little Guidelines, Laws, Commandment and so on, that give Witches the ideas how they are supposed to conduct theirselves. White witches follow these types of Commandments almost to the tee. Everyone occasionally strays that is just part of being human.

I would like to point out something. I don’t want anyone thinking that the witch that answers to no one but herself is a bad witch. That is the furthest from the true. A witch like this has been practicing magick a long time. She knows she contains the power within herself. She also know deep down right from wrong. She is very knowledgeable, very skilled, very sure of herself  and will always try to do right. 

If you are new to Witchcraft, you will soon learn  there are lines that we walk every day. There are three of them: First one is white, the middle one is gray, and the last one is black. These lines determine what kind of witch you will be. You decide to be a White Witch (which I do), you will walk the white line. Choose the black line, you will be a black witch.  Are you can do as my friends and I do walk the gray line. Gray witches are not bad witches at all. Being a gray witch I look at this way, I am ready for any magickal havoc that may arise. I can also slip for side to side if need be. I don’t like to slip to the black side but if a friend needs help or there is a problem I will. I think most witches become gray is because they can add any intent they would like to their spells and rituals. Remember intent makes the magick. Also remember a true Witch answers to no one but their self.

Well enough of that, I have intentions of personally going over the Gray, White, and Black issues in Witchcraft. But let’s get to those Commandments (oh if you have a printer you might want to print them out for your Journal or BOS)……..

Ten Commandment of Witchcraft

  1.  Always ensure that no other person will be harmed as a result of your magickTo call yourself a witch means that you will always endeavor to do the right thing and send out only love and kindness. Think about The Wizard of Oz and strive to be like the Good Witch of the North Glinda managed it, and so can you!

  2. Keep your thoughts free of negativity — remember the rebound effect. Keep in mind that every thought you send out can just as easily bounce off the receiver and be hurled back at you at the speed of light. You created the negative fog, so it belongs to you!

  3. Never cast a spell when you are upset or unhealthy. Funny as it may seem, our thoughts projections can go haywire if we are cross, unhappy or sick. Spells may fail to work or the results may be confusing. Therefore it’s imperative that we be in the right frame of mind and physically healing before we begin any magick.

  4. Think positively. If you smile, then you are more likely to be happy. Every time a miserable thought pops into your head, shake it away and try to think about something nice. Your aura is a magnetic energy field and if it’s drab or gloomy you will attract disruptive and depressing situations.

  5. Create a peaceful, calm environment for your spell casting. Make your space as lovely as possible with candles, soft music, and lots of salt at hand to ward old negativity. Keep your home free of clutter and clean house regularly.

  6. Call upon your Angels/Guides to assist you. Your angels/guides are never far away, and they will gladly help and support you when you are trying to change  a situation.  Before casting your spell, say a silent prayer to the to the angelic forces for protection and you’ll ge sure to envelop yourself in their influence.

  7. Respect everything. There is no need to be obsessive, especially if you are feeling the financial pinch, but try as hard as you can to eat all the right foods.  Food is fuel and it affects your aura, so be as organic as you can. Eat badly and you’ll feel bad. Bear in mind that every animal, vegetable, and leaf has a spirit, so treat everything with the respect it deserves.

  8. Wish for money by be careful of greed. If you need to cast spells for material gain, then make sure that when you receive money as a result of magick, you give a little away to keep the cycle of good fortune going. A dollar in a charity box is quite enough; as long as you spread the wealth, your karma will stay positive.

  9. Never influence a person’s mind with magick.  Everyone deserves the right to free will, so never cast a spell to influence a person’s decisions. Doing so has drastic consequences. You could indirectly take that person off the path they are destined to travel and deprive them of lessons they need to learn. If you cast a spell to win back an ex, for example,  it may ge that you’ve derailed their fated union with somebody else in the future. If you’ve reeled them back  in, you have interfered with their karma, and you could get your karmic wrist slapped when you eventually pass over into spirit.

  10. Believe in yourself. No amount of magick will  work unless you have faith in yourself, so make sure that  you truly believe in your spells. Then success will be yours.


Today’s I Ching Hexagram for July 3rd is 17: Following

17: Following

Hexagram 17

General Meaning: Following brings supreme success. You may not be able to change the direction of the wind, but by frequently adjusting your sails, you can arrive at your destination.

Those who would acquire a following must speak the language of their followers. Those who would be loved must become the envisioned lover of their beloved. Those who would prosper must bend with natural forces and the pressures of society. In matters of principle, stand firm; in matters of style and taste, swim with the current.

In all human affairs, change is constant. In order to stay fresh, old ideas and patterns must continually be discarded in favor of new ones. Only by being adaptable to the demands of the time can the highest good emerge. Only by adjusting to changing circumstances can you prosper. Remain flexible, and you will gain the confidence of those around you. Bend and you shall not break.

Your Daily Number for July 3rd: 6

A financial opportunity may surface today. It’s a great day to fearlessly exercise your negotiation skills. On the personal front, a relationship may become more serious as commitment issues are placed on the table.

Fast Facts

About the Number 6

Theme: Family and Social Responsibility, Service, Healing
Astro Association: Gemini
Tarot Association: Lovers

Today’s Tarot Card for July 3rd for The Empress

The Empress

This Tarot Deck: Tarot of the Spirit

General Meaning: Traditionally entitled “Empress,” this major arcana or “trump” card portrays the energy of the Great Mother. She is Nature, around us but also within us, the ever-unfolding Source of life-giving power. She is often pictured as a pre-Christian Goddess, as the one whom the High Priestess is channeling down to earth for the rest of us.

In medieval Europe, the Empress card was painted to represent whatever Queen currently ruled the land, probably to satisfy the Inquisitors. But the scholars of the Renaissance and beyond had no doubt of her true identity, although she could not be fully revealed on Tarot cards as the “woman clothed with the sun” until after the French Revolution.

This supreme archetype of femininity also symbolizes fertility. It is She who provides us nourishment and security. She is also sometimes seen as delighting us with flowers and fruit. A potentially terrifying aspect of this archetype manifests itself whenever karmic mood swings wipe out our plans, like a storm that has come upon us. Whatever happens, the Empress is the Source of our Embodiment and of Natural Law. She might even be called “the Great Recycler.”

Your Daily Horoscopes for Sunday, July 3rd

We may feel as if a weight has been lifted from our shoulders now that the heavy Sun-Saturn square is beginning to wane. Nevertheless, unfulfilled responsibilities can nag at us until we live up to our commitments. Positive aspects from the playful Leo Moon can add to the upbeat energy of the day. However, we might be very distracted because this is the last day of attractive Venus’ visit to curious Gemini before she slips into emotional Cancer.


Aries Horoscope
Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You may feel lucky today and appear capable of turning nearly any situation into a good time. You don’t even have to do anything special; just showing up seems to make others smile. The biggest danger now can come from being overconfident since your positive attitude is not able to cure everything. Acknowledging your limitations upfront can prevent that embarrassing moment when you might have to admit that you’re really human, after all.

Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

You prefer to keep your life simple yet you don’t want to give up on your long-term goals. Unfortunately, you could exhaust yourself attempting to resolve your conflict about which path you should be following. You really don’t like being pulled simultaneously in different directions, because it makes it tough to go along with the flow. Standing back from your dilemma enables you to find a solution.

Gemini Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

There is an uneasy dynamic between your anticipation of what’s next and your desire to hold on to the past. You could be moving faster than ever, but still cannot keep up with all the changes in your life. Nonetheless, even if you’re a bit overwhelmed, you might be okay with the uncertainty. Retreating from your hectic schedule is a wise strategy; you’ll be more effective if you wait a few days before pushing your agenda ahead again.



Cancer Horoscope
Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

You may be experiencing the proverbial calm before the storm today, yet your fear of what could happen next might be more ominous than anything happening in your immediate future. This weekend can be a turning point, and your recent efforts should finally start to bear fruit. Be practical and prepare for the next round of change that is on the horizon.


Leo Horoscope
Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Your life becomes more complicated because you’re able to see the truth today, even if someone is trying to hide it from you. Your intuition makes it nearly impossible for you to be involved in superficial interactions now. You’re not interested in what others think of your ideas; they aren’t up for negotiation. But there’s no need to act self-righteously since it’s easier to get along with your friends if you acknowledge that there are many ways to look at a situation.



Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Acting brilliantly may be a lot simpler than you think today. Even if you can feel the pressure, there’s no need to jump through hoops to demonstrate your reliability. All you’re required to do now is to show up with your common sense intact. Let your intelligence shine through, but don’t try to solve every little problem that pops up.



Libra Horoscope
Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Although you might not have reached your destination yet, you are, nonetheless, at the end of a road. Your current position is challenging because your sense of falling short may leave you feeling frustrated today. Thankfully, you can ease the tension by simply shifting your perspective. The emotional landscape has already started to change, yet there will be plenty of time to reach your goals once the path in front of you clears again.



Scorpio Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You have run out of patience when it comes to anything that isn’t already on your radar today. However, you still might become distracted if something interesting catches your eye. You could be annoyed with yourself if you succumb to following your whim instead of your schedule. Paradoxically, if you keep yourself on track, you still might wonder what you missed. In the long run, it’s more important to keep moving forward than wasting time worrying about which route to choose.


Sagittarius Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

The fiery Leo Moon increases your vitality today, but having more stamina doesn’t mean that you’re invincible. Although you might believe that you have an inexhaustible energy supply, it’s not smart to take on more than you should. Unfortunately, looking to others won’t produce the clarity you seek; you’ll have to make decisions about what you can and cannot do on your own. If you overextend now, you’ll likely run into problems next week. Save your strength for next week when you will need it.



Capricorn Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Today you may be expected to manage a complex issue that involves a financial transaction, or you might just be feeling pressure from the lack of clarity in a business relationship. Either way, resolution will probably be delayed because you need more information. Nevertheless, you are enticed to make a decision before your time runs out. Don’t make an impulsive choice just because everyone thinks you should have already made up your mind. Wait until next week when you have more data at your disposal.



Aquarius Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

A friend expresses feelings that catch you off guard, complicating your relationship more than you want. You prefer keeping everything casual and on a rational basis because the energy is simpler to handle. But you can’t go back to the way things were unless you take a path of denial. Unfortunately, avoiding issues only makes them more difficult to handle. You can try downplaying the drama, but actively engaging in a constructive dialogue should help to reduce the complexity.



Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

It’s challenging to distinguish the separate threads of truth now, for they have already been woven with a believable blend of fact and fiction. This complex tapestry entangles your imagination if you overanalyze the situation. Be careful, for your false sense of accuracy can trick you into making a decision based on an incorrect assumption. Instead of forcing the issue, just appreciate the moment. It should be easier to sort yourself out in a few days.

New Moon Report for July 3 – Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer

Sunday, July 3, 9:17 pm PDT, Monday, July 4, 12:17 am EDT

Love’s leading planet grows tender and self-protective in cuddly Cancer. The urge to return to familiar sources of comfort is an understandable reaction to outside pressure and internal insecurities. However, during the next nine days, Venus will follow the Sun’s rocky road of tense connections with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn to shake up relationships and self-worth. Finances could prove tricky, requiring innovation and flexibility since standing still or retreating might be even more costly.