Candle Burning for Specific Intentions

Simply lighting a candle can be a magickal ritual unto  itself. You might like to burn a candle to help with any number of intentions, including but not limited to intentions regarding any of the following:







Intuition/Psychic Abilities






Once you’ve chosen your intention, you’re ready to begin preparing for your candle ritual.

1.  Clarify

Write down your intention in one sentence, as if it’s already happened. For example, you might write “I am wealthy beyond my fondest dreams” or “I am vibrantly healthy in every way.”

2.  Select a Scent or Scents

Look at a list of oils and choose a scent or scents to help manifest your intention. Write down you selection.

3.  Select a Color

Here are some color ideas:

Black:  banishing, releasing, dissolving

Deep Blue:  intuition, psychic, abilities, success, harmony, peace

Green:  health, healing, wealth, heart opening

Lavender:  physical beauty, spirituality, harmony

Orange:  harmony, warmth, harvest, fruition, sexuality

Red:  passion, fame, strength, courage, success, vibrant health, victory, connection with the Earth.

Robin’s Egg Blue:  communication, joy, lightness, self-expression

Violet/Purple: spirituality, inner beauty, magick

White:  purity, protection, manifestation, healing

Yellow:  energy, clarity, joy, courage, personal power

4.  Obtain Your Candle

Choose or make a soy or other vegetable wax candle.

If you make it, color it and scent it with your chosen color and scent(s). If you purchase it, you can either find a candle with your chosen color and scent or just a candle with you chosen color. You can then anoint your candle with your chosen scents later.

As an alternative to getting a colored candle, you can get a white or off-white candle and place it in a colored glass jar or candleholder.

5.  Prepare Your Candle

Carve the words of your intention into the candle with a pencil, mail or something else that works. You can use the entire sentence or you can just choose a word that summarizes your intention, such as “romance,” “wealth,” “release,” or “health.” If you’re going to anoint your candle with essential oil, put a few (or more, according to your preference) drops of your chosen oil(s)in a carrier oil such as sunflower or olive oil. Then  lightly smooth this oil over the entire surface of the candle (except the bottom and the wick) with your fingers. Alternatively, use a paper towel to apply the oil if you’re not sure if the essential oils will irritate your skin.

6.  Empower Your Candle

Use one of the following two ways (a) hold it in both hands and visualize and/or feel your intended outcome as if it has already manifested, then mentally direct the energy generated by this visualization into the candle, or (b) use the three secrets empowerment.

7.  Light Your Candle

If you’re burning the candle to manifest something, burn it during the waxing moon. If you’re burning it to release or banish something, burn it during the waning moon. Once you extinguish it, you can just burn it casually whenever you’re home and feel like having some candlelight. Or, if you’d like to speed its magick, burn it whenever you’re home until it burns all the way down. Every time you light it, say a quick prayer or do a quick visualization of your intended outcome.