Venus Direct in Gemini

Venus Direct in Gemini

Jeff Jawer                Jeff Jawer on the topics of blogs
Sweet Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, art, beauty and self-worth, has been backpedaling in non-committal (or is it multi-committal) Gemini since May 15, and it finally turns forward on June 27.
We may have been spinning our wheels in relationships during this period, as finding traction to put a current alliance on track or to find a new one is often difficult during Venus Retrograde. The slipperiness of this cycle was greased even more in the adaptable sign of the Twins. Making serious choices in matters of the heart has been a confusing process.

Venus also relates to attraction, including money, making this another area of complexity since mid-May. Expenses and income may fluctuate wildly or, for those in more stable financial situations, attitudes about material resources may have been shifting from hope to doubt and back to hope again. One’s sense of self-worth, another Venusian subject, was probably also on a ferris wheel of ups and downs for the past six weeks or so.

There is a purpose, though, to retrograde periods. They provide a second chance to address matters that require further consideration. Experiencing a wide gamut of thoughts and feelings about relationships and resources may not appear to settle these questions at first, but it can broaden the range of inquiry, leading to better educated decisions later. Sometimes circling a serious issue several times is what it takes to see the whole picture before we’re able to make a meaningful choice.

Sociable Venus will be skittering along in Gemini — which is great for flirting — until August 6, when she enters cuddly, caring and self-protective Cancer. Until then, though, it’s worthwhile to taste various flavors of fun, explore entertaining ideas and start playing with diverse approaches to love. While these may still feel more like meanderings than meaningful activities, we’re expanding the number of ways in which pleasure and partnership can satisfying, even temporarily, our needs.

Choice is a particularly important subject now because philosophical Jupiter entered Gemini last month and will reside in this bubbly sign for a year. Usually, truth-seeking Jupiter prefers one overarching belief system or philosophy to answer life’s biggest questions. But now that it’s in the butterfly sign of the Twins, the road to wisdom is likely to branch off in numerous directions.

The downside of this is mealy-mouthed politicians and coy corporate shills, whose truths vary from moment to moment as suits their needs. Yet while we may mock them for the superficiality, it is a similar lightness that will help us discover new aspects of ourselves and ways to find love and purpose.