Riding To The Stars (Wolf Moon)

Riding To The Stars

Wolf Moon
Stars are like horses. When you wish upon a star, it carries your wish like a winged horse flying across the sky. Ride like a dreamer into the morning light and in the light of a new day your wishes will come true.
About an hour before dark, think about and decide what you would like to wish for. Be clear what you want. Go outside this evening and wait for the first star to appear in the sky. As you wait, go over your wish.

Upon seeing the first star, recite the following verse:
“Starlight, star-bright
First star I see tonight,
May I ride the magick carpet of your light,
Floating to the stars like fireflies,
Rising to that place where dreams come true,
When I’m blessed in all things I do.
By the light of the first star, so be it!
Later when going to sleep, envision the first star that you saw in the evening sky. Imagine yourself moving into the star and riding it across the sky. At the other side, see an image in your mind of your dream becoming reality. See it. Touch it. Hear it. Smell it. Taste it. Be it.