Daily Cosmic Calendar for Saturday, July 7th

If your feelings and emotions are tugging at your heart-strings, you are definitely tuning into the cosmic vibes right now. The Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces are a feast for the senses – especially since the lunar orb is uniting with Neptune (2:41AM PDT) as well as Chiron (2:38PM PDT).  Read more widely in the fields of astrology, metaphysics and space travel. Interest grows in pyramid power, psychic sensitivity, meditation, affirmations, yoga, UFOs and ETS. Deja vu experiences and telepathic communications are not as far out as they used to be.  Antique hunters can have a field day picking up old treasures having to do with oceanic scenes and nautical history. Weather-permitting, water sports magnetically draw millions to water resorts.  Learn more about advances on the cutting edge of holistic healing as Venus squares off with Chiron (6:51PM PDT). However, leaping into an alternative medical treatment or heavy-duty pharmaceutical drugs without serious review and reflection is not advised. Assimilate as many facts and testimonials as possible before becoming a human guinea pig.  The good news is that dancing the night away is in the cards as Pisces Moon gives you happy feet.