Calendar of the Moon For January 15th

Calendar of the Moon
15 Beth Poseideion

Dionysia Agrous I: Phallikon

Color: Purple
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a purple cloth set a five purple candles, a wreath of grapevines, a jar of wine, a basket of raisins, the figure of a goat, and the figure of an erect phallus, wound with ivy.
Offerings: Wine libations. Ritual sex is appropriate on this day.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian, with wine and cheese.

Phallikon Invocation

Hail the Phallus of Earth,
Living even beneath the cold ground!
May its joy and excitement spring forth
In all of us, male and female,
May we remember that even
When we are closed to the fire of the loins
It is still the fire that brings forth life,
Sustains life,
Embodies life,
And so we also need that life.
Help us to revere that force,
O Dionysius who sacrificed yours
That the vines might grow,
That fruit might spring from the trees.
Even when the fruit is withered,
It still sustains us.
Even when your manhood was taken,
It still sustains us.
Even when the fire of life is diverted,
It still sustains us.
May we never forget the leaping flame,
The leaping phallus of Earth,
The leaping joy of Life.

Chant: Io Dionysos Io Dionysos

(The basket of raisins is passed, and eaten. The jug of wine is passed, and toasts made to Dionysos. The rest is poured out one by one in libations.)