Dream Oil (Air Magick)

Dream Oil

(Air Magick)


Bay leaves

4 drops spearmint extract

Almond base oil

3 Marigold petals

A few moonstone chips

Crush together equal amounts of rosemary and bay leaves. Add four drops of spearmint extract and blend into an almond base oil. Add three marigold petals and a few moonstone chips. Allow the oil to settle for thirty days in a dark place before use. Anoint pulse points or pillow. This oil promotes dreaming and helps you remember your dreams.


The Magick Sex Pentacle (Storm Moon)

The Magick Sex Pentacle

(Storm Moon)
You will need romantic music, a sheet of clean paper, a red felt pen, ten drops of your favorite scented oil or perfume, your lover, five white tea candles, your magick want and a soft warm bed.
First, turn on the romantic music before you make this pentacle with five sexy steps you can enjoy with your lover. Do this by drawing a large five-pointed star on the sheet of paper with the red felt pen. In the head, arms, and legs of the pentacle, write in the five sexy steps you would like to explore with your beloved, one per area. Set the sheet in front of you.
Put a drop of the oil on each of your lover’s ankles, each of your lover’s wrists and lastly a drop on your lover’s forehead. Using the other five drops of oil, have your lover anoint you with the oil in the same way.
Create a space where you can safely place the five tea candles around the drawn pentacles in front of you: two at the bottom, two at the sides and one on top, representing the ankles, wrists and forehead. Light each candle, and dedicate it to the Goddess of lust and love by saying:
“Oh wondrous Lady of lust and love,
Empower this pentacle with your magick.”
Holding your lover close to you, use your wand to connect the five points of light in a clockwise motion into a pentacle of love. Merge with the pentacle and imagine your wildest sexual fantasies. Use the soft warm bed to realize these fantasies with your beloved and make your dreams come true. You can also do this pentacle solo.

Using Oils

Oils are used in  innumerable ways in magick. Remember: Always use oils with visualization and with power.

Most often, they’re rubbed onto candles which are then burned in ritual. The magickal goal determines the types of oil and the color of the candle used. The oil’s powers mix with that of the color and the candle flame. All these energies are further boosted by the Practitioner’s personal power and are sped toward the magickal goal through visualization.

Oils are also simply used to anoint the body to bring their energies within. Thus, rubbing a Love oil onto the wrists, the neck, and over the heart infuses the Practitioner with love-attracting energies. Courage Oil similarly imbues her or him with the strength to forge ahead in the face of adversity.

A simple bath can be transformed into a ritual by adding several drops of oil to the water. Slipping into it and inhaling the fragrance, the Practitioner once again brings the oil’s energies inside.

Talismans and amulets (Often termed “charms” or “sachets”) may be anointed with a few drops of the appropriate mixed oil. This is done, of course, with the specific magickal goal in mind.

Quartz crystals and other stones are also rubbed with oils to boost their energies during spells and rituals. The stones are then worn, carried or placed in mystic patterns to bring about specific magickal goals.

Other ritual uses of oils will become apparent once you start using them.