I Am Called Woman

I Am Called Woman

I am called WOMAN
Not because I’m feminine but
For who I am, have been thru, and aspire to be

Not because I’ve failed or lost but
Because I’ve tried, persevered, endured
Kept trying, cried…
Sometimes bitterly!

When the future seemed bare and fallow
The path under my feet
Rough, dry, empty, scorched

I dug deep, very deep… far deep
Where rabbits and moles live
Hide, play, escape

I have tasted the earth
Mud, sand, dryness, moisture
Manure, drought, death, haa-aah

I plunge downwards like a seabird
Grabbing what’s left of hope,
Gripping it tightly, remembering my bond
My word

Then like an eagle I rise
Clutching the unreachable,
Beholding yesterday from my loft
The skies

Finally… battle won!
Now I own the dream, enjoy the grandeur
For this reason I proudly stand
And am called WOMAN!

Copyright © 2010 Sophia Harvey-Manning