Crystal of the Day for Feb. 7th – Sunstone

Crystal of the Day – Sunstone



Yellow, Orange, Red-Brown



Source: Canada, Greece, India, Norway, United States
Availability: Easily obtained from Specialist Shops
Energy: Projective
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Chakra: Sacral and Solar Plexus

Spiritual Uses: Clears the chakras and allows the life-force to flow freely throughout the body. Facilitates self-empowerment.
Emotional Uses: Used to rid depression and alleviate stress, anxiety and phobias.
Physical Uses: Harmonises the organs, good for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Can be gridded around the body to relieve general aches and pains.
Folklore: In ancient Greece, Sunstone was used to represent the Sun God, Helios (or Apollo). Ancient Greeks believed Sunstone invigorated and greatly improved the state of the physical body and the spirit, bringing renewed strength and good health to both.
Magickal Properties: Protection, Energy, Health, Sexual Energy, Love, Power, Happiness, Courage


Earth Witch Lore – Trolls

Earth Witch Lore – Trolls


Trolls, or trows as they are sometimes called, are often thought to live under bridges. They are said to be ugly little creatures, but there are some old myths that claim that trows could pass for human. Some of the myths infer that trows are nocturnal and can only move about at night, while others say they are invisible and therefore simply unseen. Folklore from the Shetland Islands in Scotland lays claim to one distinguishing character trait carried by trolls; they walk backwards. Trolls has a distinct hatred for locked doors and are known to sneak into people’s homes at night if the occupants have locked the door before retiring.

While the tales of the trolls feature in folklore contain both gruesome and nonsensical elements there is little doubt that the troll relates to and falls under the rule of earth. Trolls were known to have magical powers. It was said that they could fly and enchant the wind and were masters of mixing healing potions, ointments and elixirs.

I Am Called Woman

I Am Called Woman

I am called WOMAN
Not because I’m feminine but
For who I am, have been thru, and aspire to be

Not because I’ve failed or lost but
Because I’ve tried, persevered, endured
Kept trying, cried…
Sometimes bitterly!

When the future seemed bare and fallow
The path under my feet
Rough, dry, empty, scorched

I dug deep, very deep… far deep
Where rabbits and moles live
Hide, play, escape

I have tasted the earth
Mud, sand, dryness, moisture
Manure, drought, death, haa-aah

I plunge downwards like a seabird
Grabbing what’s left of hope,
Gripping it tightly, remembering my bond
My word

Then like an eagle I rise
Clutching the unreachable,
Beholding yesterday from my loft
The skies

Finally… battle won!
Now I own the dream, enjoy the grandeur
For this reason I proudly stand
And am called WOMAN!

Copyright © 2010 Sophia Harvey-Manning