Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for Feb. 11th

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Today’s Affirmation for Saturday, February 11

“I am spacious yet full of loving kindness; full of compassion, yet serene. I live like the strings of a fine instrument – not to taut but not too loose.”


Thought of the Day for Saturday, February 11

Our lives are like tapestries – each one of us unique and distinct, yet woven from common threads. The presence of these threads in all of us enables us to know each other as ourselves – and therefore to show compassion.


Meditation of the Day for Saturday, February 11

When people harm others, it is tempting to condemn them for their actions, little realizing that this response is harmful to ourselves. Use meditation to evoke compassion. First bring to mind someone who wishes to harm others. Reflect that it is not them but their actions that are wrong. Understand that these actions are born out of their own inner pain. Feel compassion for their sufferings and visualize a healing light around their soul. You are healed in th process