Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for November 9

Storm warnings are posted in a wide variety of relationships as the red planet Mars opposes Vesta (2:12AM PST). Arm-twisting maneuvers and bullying tactics on the investment front won’t increase your financial resources.  If you are awake and alert when the Moon forms a supportive, 60-degree rapport with the Sun (3:58AM PST), utilize this solar-lunar alliance to accomplish some of the tasks from today’s to-do list.  Tensions are back in the driver’s seat when the Moon squares off with Mars (4:28PM PST) — an abrasive sky pattern that also starts a 9-hour void time-span that lasts until 1:36AM PST tomorrow when the Moon enters airy, sociable Libra.  Love bonds may lose some of their luster as Venus makes a frictional, 135-degree contact with Neptune (7:50PM PST). Since Neptune is often considered a higher-octave, guardian planet to Venus, you might want to meditate on ways to improve the quality of your primary partnerships. Stop worrying about things you can’t change.