Did You Know…….

Did you know…

From Wikipedia’s newest content:

A large Portland stone cenotaph draped in flags, bearing inscription, 'The Glorious Dead'

  • … that The Cenotaph, Whitehall (pictured) replaced a wood-and-plaster cenotaph erected in 1919 for the Allied Victory Parade?
  • … that Collins H. Johnston, halfback on the first Michigan football team in 1879, later published papers on eclampsia, tuberculosis, cardiac murmurs, and pulmonary abscess?
  • … that the only loss of life recorded in the 70-year history of the Union Steamship Company of British Columbia was as a result of the sinking of the steamship Cheslakee?
  • … that Carl Legien organized a massive general strike in Germany to counter the right-wing Kapp-Putsch of March 1920?
  • … that according to violinist Gidon Kremer, the Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival in Austria philosophically resembles the Marlboro Music Festival in Vermont, US?
  • … that when Jeff Mellinger, the last active-duty draftee in the U.S. Army from the Vietnam War era, received his draft papers, he thought that they were written to him by then-President Richard Nixon?
  • … that Holby City character Oliver Valentine has been described as “a doctor with the blue eyes of Fonda and the medical competence of fondue”?