Daily Feng Shui TIp for Dec. 11th – ‘International Mountain Day’

Are you looking to scale new heights of victory, support and success in your personal or professional pursuits? Then what better day than this ‘International Mountain Day’ to do just that, as this tip gives you a shortcut to the top. Place any image, picture, painting or photograph of a mountain behind you at work or in the ‘Knowledge’ arena of your bedroom. When positioned anywhere behind your desk chair at work, this image is said to stimulate what’s called ‘the tortoise hill’ in back of you while activating energies of networking and authoritarian support that push you to the forefront. This symbology additionally stimulates support for your ideas, plans and projects while bringing protection and well-deserved recognition. In fact, this secret cure promises that same support to come all the way from the ‘top’ as it blankets you with vital support leading to critical success. When an image of a mountain is placed in the ‘Knowledge’ area of the bedroom, those same promises of support and success will translate to your personal life as well. I’ve learned that having a clear view of the mountain will better engage these outstanding energies. No clouds or water should be seen, and there should be no indication of anyone hiking up the mountain, since this symbolizes an uphill climb. Many Feng Shui masters will recommend using images of the Himalayas, Mount Shasta or even Mount Meru in order to add something extra to your trek! This adjustment works so quickly and so well that you just might need a sherpa to carry all your accolades and rewards!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com