Sunshine Brew

This amazing formula has many uses! The liquid can be added to soaps and floor washes and the dried herbs can be included in your own incense recipes or burned alone on an incense charcoal tab. I created the formula to vibrate to good health, wealth, and success. Be sure to empower the finished brew with your magickal bell. (tuning forks) and your own special prayer.

2    tablespoons dried chamomile

2    tablespoons dried bergamot

2    tablespoons dried ginger

2    tablespoons dried rosemary

Mortar and pestle

1    up distilled water

1    paper coffee filter

1    clear glass bottle or jar

Grind the herbs with mortar and pestle just enough to break them up and release their aroma, not enough to pulverize them. Boil one cup of distilled water. Take one half of your herbal mixture and place to center of a paper coffee filter. Twist filter tightly. Place filter in the cup of hot water. Remove after one hour; throw soaked herbs away. Refrigerate sunshine brew and be sure to label DO NOT DRINK. To use, empower at sunrise or at noon. Add a crystal to the brew for more power.


Herb Vinegars and Oils

Combine your favorite herbs and spices in a delicious herb vinegar or oil to flavor salads, vegetables, pastas, and marinades. Add six two-inch sprigs or one tablespoon of fresh leaves to every cup of heated vinegar or oil. Cool, cover, and store in a glass bottle in a cool, dark place up to one year. Reuse the vinegar bottles to store herb vinegar. When adding garlic, chilies, or chives, use one for every cup of vinegar.

Joy & Fun Oil

Joy & Fun Oil

Need some fun in your life? Try this oil for an added boost of enjoyment.

2. Let the HERBS soak for 3 DAYS.
3. Strain the OIL.
4. Bottle the OIL in a dark glass bottle w/lid.
5. Before you leave the house, apply the OIL behind your knees, elbows, ears and wrists.