AQUARIUS, Jan 20 – Feb 18

Zodiac Comments 

AQUARIUS, Jan 20 – Feb 18
RULER: Uranus …
SYMBOL: The Water Bearer
ATTRACTED TO: … Gemini … Libra
LUCKY NUMBERS: 17, 11, 30 …
TAROT CARD: Queen of Pentacles

You are a charitable and public minded person who is ambitious, energetic, determined, dedicated, but can be opinionated and strongly affected by outside events that are unexpected or out of their hands. You are usually very honest and forthright. Your word is your bond. Once given, you stand by your word and your decisions. You do not have a problem with other people’s right to their own beliefs and you think everyone is entitled to their own approach in life. You are very considerate of others. You are very independent. You are an individualist. You find it hard to team up with others and tend to go your own way. You have an active imagination, sometimes letting it run away with you. You are usually 50 years ahead of your time. You have high Morals and values, and are compassionate and friendly. You are happiest in work like teaching, writing, painting, inventing.

~Magickal Graphics~


Elementals: Sylphs
Elemental Ruler: Paralda
Direction: East
Color: Yellow
Season: Spring
Time of day: Dawn
Symbols: Feather, Incense, Wand, Oils
Some things associated with the element of Air: Memory, Thoughts, New beginnings, Finding Lost items, truth, justice, logic, intellect
Some Herbs Associated with the element of Air: clover, lavender mistletoe, meadowsweet, sage
Type of energy: Masculine
Wind: East wind
Zodiac signs ruled by Air: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius
Power of magus: Nocere, To Know

Symbols and Association of Air

Symbols and Association of Air
Air has the qualities of coolness and dryness and association with breath, life and communication. In astrology, Air rules the Zodiac signs Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. People born under the Air signs think, communicate, analyze, and theorize. They love freedom, truth and justice, and have the ability to change circumstances with amazing speed. As thinkers, they rely on rationality rather than on intuition or emotions. Their philosophical approach to any situation allows them to endure hardships. Air signs can tolerate almost any circumstances, as long as there is a rational explanation for it. They have great leadership capabilities, with a reputation of being fair. Interested in almost everything, they are lifelong students.
The Element of Air becomes a negative one when Air folks require family and friends to uphold the same standards they live by. Air people cannot understand why everyone does not think and act as they do. When they make a mistake they tend to rationalize instead of using the situation as a learning experience. They are devoted to abstract ideas and have difficulty making decision, making them sometimes exasperating to work with. In addition, they tend to procrastinate.

Basic Overview of the Month to Come, May

May Horoscope 2011

by Jeff Jawer

Feel Your Senses Come Alive


Earthy Taurus is highly activated this month as May begins with the Sun in a sign that awakens us to our senses and the physical delights of our planet. Taste, touch, smell, sight and sound enrich us with comforting experiences to please our bodies. There is, though, more than a dash of stubbornness in Taurus that is likely to reduce flexibility until the solar shift into adaptable Gemini on May 21.

Physical Mars enters the sign of the Bull on May 11 to slow the pace of activity. Yet persistence and patience can make us even more productive. Traditional astrology considers Taurus to be a difficult place for fiery Mars as this fixed earth sign inhibits the adventurousness and ability to take bold action associated with this planet.

On May 15 mental Mercury and loving Venus enter Taurus, adding reason and caution. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, suggesting a greater degree of common sense and values that help us appreciate the gifts we have and to recognize the true worth of people and things.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 2 forms a harmonious 120-degree trine with transformational Pluto, adding power and deeper perceptions that make it easier to eliminate waste and focus on essential details. A conjunction of active Mars and expansive Jupiter in Aries adds a dash of enthusiasm for new experiences that are likely to produce tangible results thanks to Taurean resourcefulness and pragmatism. On May 17 the Full Moon in emotionally complex Scorpio opposes the simple Taurus Sun, forcing relationship and financial issues into the foreground. Scorpionic desires and fears could become dramatic as discontent pushes emotional buttons.

The atmosphere grows lighter with the Sun’s entry into airy Gemini on May 21, quickly followed by a solar square with Neptune on May 22. This strong 90-degree angle with the planet of dreams inspires faith and fantasies. Compassion and creativity are among its gifts but evasions of reality could cause confusion, weaken authority and diffuse focus. Still, a sexy Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus on May 23 lures us back into our bodies as we enjoy tastes and touches that have a perfect balance of comfort and stimulation.