Protection from The Evil Eye

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Protection from The Evil Eye

Wear a blue eye bead for constant personal protection. Hang one from the rearview mirror of your car, as well.


Anti-Evil Eye Conjure Bag (1)

Anti-Evil Eye recommendations from India suggest filling a red bag with some or all of the following:

  • Crocodile teeth
  • Pottery shards or bits of terracotta pottery found in a cemetery
  • Protective verses and sacred texts
  • Chili peppers, lemons or limes, to be replaced with fresh ones weekly or as needed.

Wear or carry the bag with you.

Magickal Intentions – Protection

From the overwhelming number of herbs used for this purpose it is obvious that protection is (and has been) of the utmost concern for many people. Most of the protective herbs are  general in their effects; they guard their bearer against physical and psychic attacks; injury; accidents, poison, snake bite, lightning strikes, wicked spirits, the evil eye and so on. In other words they are protective in a general way.

Naturally they won’t do you much good once something  has happened–protective herbs should be a preventative. This doesn’t mean that if you wear a protective root or carry a sachet you’ll breeze through life unfettered with annoyances. But carrying some of those herbs will certainly help screen out potential harmful situation.

In today’s world we should guard ourselves with every available means. Protective herbs are one of these.  They create a type of force field around your home, possessions, or self. When carried they also increase the effectiveness of your body’s natural defenses.

An ounce of prevention, after all, is worth a pound of cure.

Your Charm for April 26 is The Bulla

Your Charm for Today
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The Bulla
Today’s Meaning:
You are distracted from this aspect by other areas of your life you feel are more pressing. This aspect is suffering from this lack of attention. You must ask yourself how much more you can let it suffer before you give it due attention.General Description:
From remote times the terrors of the arts of fascination have been dreaded, and by wearing this charm, which contained a written invocation to their gods, it was believed that full protection was obtained. The Bulla was popular in Rome from a very early period. It was worn on a necklace, or upon the girdle. The Gorgons head, with hair of writhing snakes, was believed to terrify and drive away the power of the bewitcher. Even today in many countries, the magic power of the evil eye is still believed in.

Your Charm for 4/1

Your Charm for Today

The Axe Head
Today’s Meaning:
As an axe comes to a complete stop when it hits the tree so you have grown motionless. You now must draw back, step away from this quadrant of your life and begin again. Set a new path into motion.General Description:
This Chinese incised jade Axe head was suspended round the neck, and worn as an amulet to protect the wearer from illness, accidents, and injuries, also as a charm against witchcraft. The Chinese had great faith in the supposed medicinal powers of jade, which was recommended and prescribed by their physicians. The Axe head was always considered to be an emblem of strength and pwer among primitive races; even today small axe heads are still regarded as effective talismans against disease in many countries, and great faith is placed in their supposed supernatural powers of healing.