7 Ways to Make Your Living Space Smell Nice

7 Ways to Make Your Living Space Smell Nice

by Megan, selected from Intent.com

Rather than spraying chemical-laden air fresheners, choose one of these seven  natural ways to make your living space smell a little nicer.

1. Invest in houseplants. Have your favorite plants and  herbs growing in your kitchen, living room and bathroom in small pots. The  presence of green plants will help reduce indoor air pollution and keep clean  air circulating in your space.

2. Save your citrus fruit skins. Save the peels of oranges,  lemons, limes and other citrus- fruits. You can place them in boiling water to  have a fresh scent in the kitchen, or run them in your garbage disposal with  boiling water. Lastly, put some citrus skins in your vacuum bag the next time  you vacuum your carpet.

3. Dilute essential oil with water in a spray bottle. You  can spray your furniture and carpet to make the whole room smell a specific  scent. To diversify, you can have different scents for different areas of your  home. For example: lavender for the living room, sandalwood for your bedroom and  peppermint for the bathroom.

4. Place bowls of white vinegar in corners of the room. The  vinegar will neutralize and absorb any offending odors.

5. Place fabric softener in your shoes and closet. It will  take away any stale clothing smells. For another closet air freshener, place a  cedar block at the bottom of your closet. Use sandpaper for a new layer once a  year.

6. Light soy candles instead of regular candles. Soy candles  are longer-lasting, better for the environment and have a more robust smell.  (They are also safer than carcinogen-emitting candles.)

7. Bake bread or cook your own meals. Few things are as  welcoming as the smell of freshly baked bread or the herbs of a home-cooked  dinner.


Citrus Unblocking Spell

  1. Collect as many types of citrus fruits, emphasizing the sour ones. There can’t be too much fruit in this bath.
  2. Quarter each fruit, squeeze the juice into a tub of bath water then toss in the rind.
  3. Add a bottle of orange blossom water or hydrosol.
  4. Enter the bath, rub yourself with the fruit, envision your blocks cleansed away and then allow yourself to air-dry. )Depending on the quantity of fruit used, you may be sticky. Leave the fruit residue on for as long as possible before showering it off.)