Calendar of the Sun for October 27th

Calendar of the Sun

27 Winterfyllith

Nekhebet’s Day

Colors: Red, Blue and Gold
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of red, blue and gold, place two red candles on either side of a figure of Nekhebet, along with a bowl of chopped meat and grain.
Offerings: Beer, barley, millet.
Daily Meal: Beer, barley, millet, lentils, flatbread.

Ancient Lady of Upper Egypt,
Wearer of the White Crown,
Great White Cow of Nekhb,
Wife of the rolling Nile river,
Vulture Goddess whose outstretched wings
Hover over the royal child,
Protecting him from harm, seeing him safe to adulthood,
Help us to know what it is to eat rot
And turn it again into nourishment,
Cleaning and purifying the earth
With the transmuting power of our bodies.
Lady who protects the rulers, the crowned ones,
Protect those of us
Who must take on responsibility
And whose hands work for the lives of many.
Nourish them with your attention
That they may not burn out like a candle.
Guide them with your wisdom
That they may always remember
The nourishment of their people,
Of the body, the mind, the soul.
Protect the sleeping infant child of our hopes
And goals, and future,
And see it safely to fruition.
Spread your wings over us, O Nekhebet,
And may your watch keep us ever safe.

Nekhebet Shen
Nekhebet Shen
Nebty Mamissi Shen

[Pagan Book of Hours]


Calendar of the Sun for Jan. 26th

Calendar of the Sun
26 Wolfmonath

Enki’s Day

Colors: Blue and white
Elements: Air and water
Altar: Upon cloth of blue and white place many small knives, a smoking censer, a bowl of millet, a cup of wine and a cup of river water.
Offerings: Millet and wine.
Daily Meal: Millet, wine, and beef.

Invocation to Enki

Hear now the words of Enki the Great, Lord of Sweet waters!
“My father, the king of the universe, brought me into existence.
My ancestor, the king of all the lands,
Gathered together all the, me,
Placed the me in my hand.
From the Ekur, the house of Enlil,
I brought craftsmanship to my Abzu of Eridu.
I am the fecund seed engendered by the great wild ox,
I am the first born son of An,
I am the hurricane who goes forth out of the great below,
I am the gugal of the chieftains,
I am the father of all the lands,
I am the elder brother of the gods,
I am he who brings full prosperity,
I am the record keeper of heaven and earth,
I am he who directs justice with the king An on An’s dais.
At my command the stalls have been built, the sheepfolds have been enclosed,
When I approached heaven a rain of prosperity poured down from heaven,
When I approached the earth, there was a high flood,
When I approached its green meadows,
The heaps and mounds were piled up at my word.”
Hail Enki, Lord of Sweet Waters,
Keeper of all the me!

(The millet, the wine, and the river water is poured out as a libation. The remainder of the hour should be taken up with a discussion of the me of the household, that is, the proper and mindful way to do each thing.)