A Hex

A Hex

Thrice the sun hath set and rose
Thrice and once the moon has glow’d
The stars call an end to woes

Step widdershins ’round the cauldron black
In it goes the poisoned sack
With bitter nettle and stinging thorn
Ninety days ago was born
That was raised in moonlight’s silver glow
In salted water it go

To brew a hex and make it so strong
Ccurse the one who did me wrong
In the pot will the Sowthistle boil
Triple my foe’s work and toil

Stalk of swamp laurel, bitter root seed
Alectra, spotted knapweed
Nodding thistle and Lady’s-Thumb pink
In the brew as black as ink

Hoary Allysym, Hoary Cress ‘ere
Night-flowering Catchfly hair
Hound’s-tongue toss’d into the mix with gorse
Yellow dodder and seahorse

Milky juice of skeletonweed’s head
Baby’s-breath and Pigweed red
Delivered by a night’s edge fairy
Witchgrass last, soft and hairy

Let my foe’s troubles be one plus two
Stir with gold this noxious brew
I praise Thee Hecate of the Roads
She appears in darkened robes
The taste of vengence is sour and sweet
Haunt my foe where three roads meet

So Mote It Be


Happy Saturday, dear readers!

This is about the way I feel today. I was up till 4:00 this morning on a four-wheeler looking for one of the male wildcats. We have had a momma wildcat hanging around, she is about ready to give birth any day now. I don’t know why but this one male has taken up with her. It’s a toss-up on which one I am going to shot first (just kidding, I am an animal lover).  After trampling through everything imaginable, we still didn’t see the little bast*&d! I know baby, baby wildcats when they are first-born, a grown male will rip the throats out of the male babies. I am sure this one is too big for that but he is still a kit and couldn’t defend himself against a grown male. So I was a little frantic to find him. But we didn’t. I got up this morning and guess what? Here comes the little basta*d just a’running. Ran up and fell out in my lap. He was pooped but he was fine and that was all that mattered to me.

Now have a little patience with me this morning. I am going to try some different. I am going to type up a quick article on Astral Projection, so hang with me. Ok? ok!

Love you guys,

Lady A