Happy Saturday, dear readers!

This is about the way I feel today. I was up till 4:00 this morning on a four-wheeler looking for one of the male wildcats. We have had a momma wildcat hanging around, she is about ready to give birth any day now. I don’t know why but this one male has taken up with her. It’s a toss-up on which one I am going to shot first (just kidding, I am an animal lover).  After trampling through everything imaginable, we still didn’t see the little bast*&d! I know baby, baby wildcats when they are first-born, a grown male will rip the throats out of the male babies. I am sure this one is too big for that but he is still a kit and couldn’t defend himself against a grown male. So I was a little frantic to find him. But we didn’t. I got up this morning and guess what? Here comes the little basta*d just a’running. Ran up and fell out in my lap. He was pooped but he was fine and that was all that mattered to me.

Now have a little patience with me this morning. I am going to try some different. I am going to type up a quick article on Astral Projection, so hang with me. Ok? ok!

Love you guys,

Lady A